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Ann Smarty is community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas and owner of MyBlogGuest.com. Follow her on Google+ and Twitter.

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What makes a good landing page?

This is a common question that most start-ups find themselves asking when preparing to launch their site. Because they are small businesses with limited funds and resources, there are no expert marketing [...]

I use microblogging a great deal, and Twitter is my biggest obsession. I love it, from letting people know of interesting things that happen to me throughout the day, to sharing links I have found. [...]

Have you noticed the sudden rise in social commerce apps? If not, you must have had your eyes closed, because they are everywhere, and every marketing blog seems to be writing about social commerce almost constantly. Even Mark [...]

No matter how much we can be frustrated with Digg nonexistent customer support and powered-by-few story selection, we can’t ignore the site.

Why? If you are an Internet marketer, you need to know what’s hot online. If you [...]

Twitter is recognized as one of the best viral marketing tools. So if you have a good post you think might go viral, Twitter is your best bet to attract people’s and ‘linkers’ attention to it.

One of [...]

What makes image search different from text search is that people searching for images are most often looking for some entertainment rather than business-related or informative content.

What else differentiates image search is that image content is often [...]

If you are an avid Twitterer, you must be using some third-party application to send and receive Tweets. However this doesn’t mean you don’t ever enter Twitter web interface. The following Twitter Greasemonkey plugins will encourage you to [...]

Love it or hate it, Wikipedia is a valuable resource of useful information. It may be argued if the information provided is reliable (as it is added by non-experts), but what is for sure, the site stores the [...]

Do you remember how Facebook started? When Myspace had been around for a while, Facebook popped up as a clean, clutter-free alternative that cared for their users’ privacy and security. Naturally, with growing popularity Facebook lost many of [...]