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10 Funniest (and Gross) Bathroom Gadgets

Therefore it’s cool if you have plenty of funny gadgets around your home interior: they may keep your family members and friends in a good mood throughout the day.

But sometimes you just want to say “Enough is enough”.

This post is all about that “extreme humor” that can be used to turn your daily bathroom procedures into real fun: 10 funniest and gross bathroom gadgets:

1. Electric bath duck

Please don’t use this one; only store to amuse your guests:

Electric bath duck

2. Serial Killer / Psycho shower curtain

If you are a fan of those scary movies where all most terrible things happen in the shower, this “psycho” shower curtain should appeal to you:

Serial Killer / Psycho shower curtain

3. Blood bath mat

A cool companion to the aforementioned shower curtain to create a most complete interior design:

Blood bath mat

4. Disgusting soap dispenser

Push on the nose, and you will get an opportunity to wash your hands with the green stuff that gets out of the nostrils:

Disgusting soap dispenser

5. Handsoap

Ever wanted to wash your hands with, well, hands? These would not look as odd to me, be it hands of an adult person… But babies!


6. Dog-end towel holder

If you think that stuffing a towel into this Dog-End butt is funny, this towel holder is right for you!

Dog-end towel holder

7. Excited man wall hook

Like the dog-end towel holder wasn’t enough! The both hooks will surely bring a whole lots of smiles for all members of your family and random friends who’ll come to visit.

Excited man wall hook

8. Face / Butt towels

If you want to remember which part of the towel rubbed which part of your body, this towel will be your favorite one:

Face / Butt towels

9. HELP! drain stopper

This drain stopper is a must-have if you plan to buy handsoap mentioned above:

HELP! drain stopper

10. Pet vomit toothpaste

These “Toothpaste Heads” claim to make teeth brushing more fun but I really doubt they do:

Pet vomit toothpaste

33 thoughts on “10 Funniest (and Gross) Bathroom Gadgets

  1. All the above worthless trinkets: Made in China for the greater glory of that Yuan! Thank-You America! We need the money to ruin you economically and re-balance the share of the world’s finite resources in our favor! Without your rabid consumerism we will fail, with your affuluenza we flourish, and repopulate the world in the pretty yellow tones of Asians! Please send us food for our asinine trinkets, and let us buy foreign oil with the cash, for our new enterprises! We have not felt a recession. In fact, even through all the grief we have caused the U.S.A. we have managed to profit and grow. Thank you, American consumer.

  2. It’s amazing how commentators even turn something like this into a political debate.
    One I wonder about is which hole nr. #8 is using to eat and whether his breath smells bad.

  3. That electric bath duck is actually quite safe as water itself is not an electrical conductor. Water does however lower human skin’s resistance to electricity. One would have come into contact with an exposed wire from the duck to be in any danger.

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