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Some of the Biggest Christmas Celebrations and Events Around The World

The Christmas holiday is celebrated around the world with great enthusiasm.  With beautiful lights, elaborate masses, colorful decorations, and huge Christmas trees, people love to celebrate. Here are some of the largest Christmas celebrations and events around the world if you’re looking for something new to do this holiday season. Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland is…

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Jiminy Cricket

7 Strange Disney Facts

It’s a name everyone’s heard of.  Just like Coca Cola, Nike and Apple. No matter whether you’re a die-hard fan of what they do or not, you’ll have heard of the name Disney. Formed as a company in October 1923, headed up by the famous Walt Disney and known primarily for their iconic Mickey Mouse…

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Most Controversial Movies Of All Time

What makes a movie controversial? By definition, controversial means to cause contention, strife, debate, or argument.  Movies that are controversial typically touch on topics that the general public finds socially unacceptable.  Typical topics usually include sex, religion, violence, and politics. Before we share our list of some of the most controversial movies of all time, let’s…

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