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Laura Prepon

Celebrity Scientologists

Scientology is a religion created by L. Ron Hubbard, who was a science fiction writer beginning in 1952.  Since then it has garnered a large following.  In recent years it has become more well-known due to popular celebrity members having been publicized as being a part of it.  The following are some of the more…

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beauty pageant

10 Crazy College Courses

With the high costs of college you may think only serious academics are taking place. But that does not always seem to be the case. Many courses use pop culture and other interests of students to keep them focused. Though these classes may sound bizarre, students can gleam a lot of important information from them….

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business Android app

150+ Best Android Apps of 2014

While it seems like everyone and their mom owns an iPhone, the Android is intent on dethroning it. Google and Apple are locked in a death match, and the winners are the customers. Why? Because in the process, hundreds of great Apps have been produced. If you own an Android powered phone and are wondering…

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UFOs California

Hottest UFO Sighting Areas

All around the world people glimpse things in the night sky.  Some are asteroids, some are meteors, but some could be UFOs.  There are quite a few people who believe they’ve seen UFOs, but no one has been able to prove they exist yet. If you’d like to join in the search for evidence, here…

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