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Most Dangerous Animals in the World

Before we get to our original list of some of the most dangerous animals in the world, let’s look at a few new additions. These are creatures we didn’t include in our first list, but they all have been known to be rather deadly to humans.

Box Jellyfish

The box jellyfish is one of the most venomous animals you could come into contact with. Fortunately “box jellyfish” actually encompass several species — around 30 of them according to the National Science Foundation (NSF) — and most won’t kill you if they sting you.

Unfortunately for Australians, one of the most dangerous varieties frequents their waters (as is another variety more recently identified in Japan). These, the Chironex fleckeri, can kill a human in just a few minutes after being stung. According to the NSF, this jellyfish in particular kills at least one Australian each year, although they suspect other deaths being attributed to heart failure from Irukandji syndrome might also be a result of jellyfish. The Foundation also reports that box jellyfish as a whole kill 20 – 40 people each year just in the Philippines.

box jellyfish
Box Jelly Fish — Credit: Peter Southwood (via Wikimedia)


If you’re anything like me, seeing a bee buzzing around you makes you a bit uncomfortable. You might even flinch or try to run from it (okay, maybe that’s just me being a baby about it). But really, who would want to be stung? Certainly not those who are allergic to their venom (around one or two people out of every 1000 of us).

Allergic reactions to bee stings can result in anything from simple hives to death. The Boston Children’s Hospital estimates that approximately 100 people die from bee stings each year, and that’s in the United States alone.

Even if you’re not allergic, another issue is receiving a large number of stings from a swarm all at once. While your body might be able to process the venom of one, thousands could still be deadly. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average adult could withstand around 1100 stings. But they also note that 500 stings can be enough to kill an average child. Those most at risk (other than those with allergies) would be individuals with heart problems, as the venom can affect them more quickly.

Bee — Credit: Treesha Duncan (via Flickr)

Poison Dart Frog

Even if you’re the type of person who thinks frogs are cute and potentially pet-worthy creatures, there are some frogs you just shouldn’t touch. It could kill you. Literally.

The tiny colorful poison dart frog might be pretty. But carries a poison on its skin, with some varieties carrying enough venom to kill ten grown men. According to National Geographic, the frogs might develop this venom after interacting with plants and insects, as those raised in captivity away from these parts of their natural habitat never create venom in the first place. Not all poison dart frogs are created equal though. There are more than 100 different species of them.

poison dart frog
Poison Dart Frog — Credit: Cliff1066 (via Flickr)

Dangerous Animals Next Door?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking dangerous animals are always of the exotic variety. You don’t have to go on safari or deep sea diving to come across creatures that can cause some serious damage.

You might even see and interact with dangerous animals on a regular basis. Remember, being dangerous isn’t always about being vicious. An animal can hurt you due to its sheer size, out of fear, or due to your own actions. Dog bites, being thrown from horses, and even being in car crashes with deer kill people every year. So exercise caution before interacting with animals that are unfamiliar to you.

Now let’s look at our original list of some of the most dangerous animals in the world.

Any animal can be dangerous at some point so it’s hard to determine the only one factor that would help us to define which animals are the most dangerous. I can consider even my own cat dangerous but in no way it can be compared to some beast like a bear. Today we’ll be speaking about mammals and in the next posts we’ll also research the most dangerous animals of other types as well as insects and will make a summary of the most dangerous animals in the world.

Animals can get angry when protecting their kids or territory or they can be hungry, or they they can be simply aggressive by nature. The bigger the animal is, the more dangerous it is and this combination with aggression is the factor what we’ll consider one of the main in the post today. Of course, we’re also taking into account the fatality statistics that sometimes as we’ll see does not depend on the the size of the animal at all.

The Wild Boar

Lives in: all around the world

Responsible for: no definite stats

Wild boars live in groups containing around 20 animals. They eat almost anything they come across, including grass, nuts, berries, carrion, roots, tubers, refuse, insects, small reptiles and even young deer and lambs. The animals are pretty big and can weight around 150-200 kg.

If surprised or cornered, a boar can and will defend itself and its young with intense vigor. The male lowers its head, charges and then slashes upward with his tusks. The female, whose tusks are not visible, charges with her head up, mouth wide, and bites. Such attacks are not often fatal to humans, but may result in severe trauma, dismemberment, or blood loss. The roars get very aggressive only when wounded and then they are most likely to kill.

Photo credit




The bear

Lives in: North America, Canada, North Pole, Russia.

Responsible for: an estimated 5-10 fatalities a year.

We all have seen bears on the pics but meeting them in real and on their territory can lead to the death, the polar, black and grizzly varieties are deadliest. Bears are big animals that can swim, run fast ( up to 50 km/h), climb the trees and they eat everything from berries to meat. Though usually they are afraid of people, they can become very aggressive if being hunted, protecting their kids and just coming to your camp to get food.

If you faced the bear this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll attack you. Sometimes it can just demonstrate that it’s attacking but if you see the bear running to you and there’s no place to hide or there’s no the tree to climb, don’t turn away to run and don’t show you’re scared. Look at his eyes as long as you can, the bear may turn away at the last moment. You can shout and if you have a gun you can shoot into the air. Don’t shoot the bear if you are not sure this will kill him. The wounded bear is much more dangerous and the animal becomes fearless.

Photo credit




The Rhino

Lives in: Africa and India

Responsible for: an estimated 12-14 fatalities a year.

Rhinos are big, heavy, non predictable and not very peaceful animals. They can easily trample or gore any creature around that they consider dangerous or annoying. Being very strong and heavy (up to 3.5 tones) they can cause serious destructions. Back in 1928 a mature rhino collided 2 wagons from the rails and disappeared to the bushes without any injuries. Rhinos are pretty quick and can speed up to 30 km/h

If you see the rhino, try not no annoy him. In most cases it will sidestep and let you go without paying any additional attention to you. The rhinos are pretty blind and male rhinos can take your car for a female, so if you see the rhino running to your car drive away as fast as you can.

Photo credit




The hippopotamus

Lives in: Lakes, rivers, wallows – in fact any water – in Africa.

Responsible for: an estimated 100-150 fatalities a year.

At the first glance hippos look clumsy, awkward and lazy but that’s not the case. These animals are considered among most dangerous in the world. They weight about 3-4 tones and their bodies are about 3.5 meters long. If you wounded them or occasionally turned out to be on their territory next to them and there’s a hippo baby, most likely you’ll be killed. They can trample the invader or cause fatal wounds with their massive tusks. They can turn over a small vessel or bite through the lining with their teeth. Hippos can run pretty quickly, about 35 km/h on the land so there’s no chances you can run away.

Photo credit




The Cape Buffalo

Lives in: Africa

Responsible for: an estimated 200 fatalities a year.

Also known as the African buffalo they are some of the most dangerous animals in Africa. They do not charge at humans for fun but they see the man as the predator and start fighting. According to stats, more hunters were killed by the buffalos than by lions so it’s a good point not to come close to the animals and let them feel safe for your own sake.

Photo credit




The Elephant

Lives in: Africa and India.

Responsible for: an estimated 300-500 fatalities a year.

Elephants are known as wise and friendly animals, but the true is that they kill an alarming amount of people every year. They are unpredictable creatures, and have been known to kill zookeepers who have been with them for as long as 15 years. Considering their huge size – the average elephant weighs over 6 tons – they trample and gore using their fearsome tusks and are capable of causing untold amounts of devastation.

If you think that you’ll be attacked by the animal, don’t startle at the beast. Make a loud noise or shout and see if there’s a big tree to climb around.

Photo credit




Big Cats

Lives in: Africa, North America and India

Responsible for: an estimated 800 fatalities a year.

Big cats such as lions and tigers will not usually attack the humans. But if they are very hungry and you are the only meat around, they can hunt you for food. Do not provoke the lion to attack and don’t show your fear. To avoid a heinous attack by a big cat, stare them in the eye and don’t look away. Don’t turn and run, you can’t overrun them in any case. If you have a coat, open it to appear larger as they are unlikely to attack a larger animal.

Old lions and tigers are extremely dangerous as they can’t hunt antelopes and other “quick food” while people are perfect and defenseless victims. The only way to stop the old animal from hunting people is to kill it. The history knows the case when 2 old lions killed 28 people that were building the railroad from Mombasa and Nairobi.

Photo credit





The Rat

Rat is the most dangerous mammal for humans, the potential killer of thousands of people. Rats are carrying more than 20 pathogens of various infections, including bubonic plague (Black Death), transmitted to humans by the bite, leptospirosis, relapsing fever, epidemic typhus etc.




Note: This post was originally published on June 15, 2009. It was updated, additional content was added, and it was re-published on its currently-listed publication date.

181 thoughts on “Most Dangerous Animals in the World

      1. Deer are only dangerous in that they are responsible for 1000s of car accidents each year in North America, some of which are fatal.

  1. Just to affirm N’s response.; homosapiens are undeniably the most dangerous animal by far to all species including their own.

    1. [Comment removed — as well as another from the same user — due to posting as several fake / anonymous users under multiple handles. 1. You may not post to insult others. 2. Posting under several names to back up your own points fraudulently may result in a ban on comments.]

  2. Although I found your article interesting there were a fair few grammatical/spelling errors as well as some major holes in some of your facts. One being the rat. The rat its self never spread the bubonic plague like some believed, it was actually the fleas on the rats that spread it as well as on birds and other animals. There are actually few diseases rats can pass onto humans and it very rarely occurs.

    “Wild rats living in good environments are typically healthy and robust animals. Wild rats living in cities may suffer from poor diets and internal parasites and mites, but do not generally spread disease to humans.”


    2. Using wikipedia as a source? My professors would slap you. What you said (about the fleas transmitting the disease) is true, but don’t think you’re impressing anyone by quoting wikipedia.

  3. Very dangerous animals indeed. But usually everybody is imagining dangerous animals as big ones. What about those small. What about bacterias and viruses. The flu killed millions of people, but the cause of flu is living organism too.

    1. yes, but bacteria are not animals and it is debatable whether or not viruses are even alive. Mosquitoes, on the other hand, are animals, and they are responsible for exponentially more deaths than the rat.

  4. I think this is about fights. Who would win between a tiger and a bear? sort-of-thing. So whilst the influenza virus in particular is a killer of millions it is an unseen assailant that has no intention of killing and therefore should not be entered into the arena. Rats too, as Sarah points out, are not killers per se, so should not be included either. My Dad told me when I was young that the meanest animal out there was the wolverine (especially when measured pound for pound). Don’t suppose it has killed many people though.

    1. Yep, but I don’t mean the home rats, I also used to have 2 of them and they were charming, but those living in garbage and sewerage. Let’s recall the facts of the Great Plague in London in 1665

  5. can i say, this is a website on dangerous animals. its not a spelling me.
    and the flu virus isnt an animal. this site has a lot of information to share and i personally find it very helpful

        1. *you’re
          not in this case; we are talking about animals, just animals. If we went by insects, there would be a wole lot of parasites to include

          1. And insects are an animal jesus christ really need to get better biology teachers in your area. Now if you said mammals or something fair enough but insects ARE a animal

  6. Also, maybe you should check again which areas are still home for bears. Romania has more bears than the whole rest of Europe. And I can tell you, there are a lot of bears in Romania. In some cities they come to search food in garbage bins.

  7. Ewww – I could never understand why anyone would ever want to own a rat. Thankfully I’m from Alberta where it’s rat free – or so they tell us!!

  8. to amila,

    it could be true but mosquito is an insect and this category is only for animals….

    as mentioned above, humans are by far the most dangerous animals…just to count: in Canada we kill thousands of seals each year…in Asia we skin animals while they’re alive until they die….we kill animals by shooting because it’s fun……we kill elephants in Africa and so on and on…..

      1. Exactly what i was thinking Good Sir. Biology clearly isn’t being taught very well anymore.

        All insects are under the Kingdom Animalia.

        Insects are a CLASS under the Phylum Arthropoda.

        1. insects are animals, but really desev a list of there own and should be seperated from the rest of the animal kingdom main reason there are sooo many.
          the mosqito also should not be on here as it does not really kill it self it uses non-living dieses,there are other insects, such as spider or scorpions that are just as deadly as a snake and there bites are less noticable.
          So simply insects are animals just shouldnt be thrown in a list with mamles, fish, and reptiles

  9. I believe that there are more dangerous animals than the ones mentioned in this section. For example, some sea creatures do put a man’s life in danger like a white shark.
    Not to mention the fact that snakes compared to rats or elephants definetly count more as dangerous animals.

    1. yes, i agree as even if the elephants have something wrong they will cause alot of trouble before they go down’

  10. First and foremost the photos are great. Super quality.

    Re: The Elephant — quote
    “If you think that you’ll be attacked by the animal, don’t startle at the beast. Make a loud noise or shout and see if there’s a big tree to climb around.”

    Wouldn’t making a loud noise or shouting, most likely, “startle” “the beast”?
    Are you saying DO do this or DON’T do this?

    Elephants are rather wise animals and most often a rampage will either relate to prolonged bad treatment, or bad treatment of a ‘realtive’ or partner, or perhaps may be influenced by being ‘in must’ (a sexual frenzy).

    Frankly none of these animals re likely to be danger to us (barring perhaps the rat that infests cities in great numbers and lives in unhygienic conditons so can spread disease) if we don’t go poking around trying to get close enough to take photos, don’t interrupt their natural life style, and avoid exploiting them…

    I get your point — BUT — at least animals are not vindictive, they do not kill for pleasure, they do not exploit and demean. They are simply doing what comes naturally… and having to put up with the vindictive, exploitative, mean and nasty ‘superior’ (!?) animal that happens to sit at the top of the pile thanks to its larger brain.

  11. Ill tell you what, yall are all over looking how scary that sasquatch can be during a feeding frenzy….could you imagine a hippo getting blind sided by a massive, hairy beast of a creature, i think yall should get a picture of sasquatch then shock the world with this “manamimal”!!!

  12. An excellent web site. Very interesting………Not so much with Sarah’s grammar lesson. I think she better get out her old text book. I counted seven errors in her reply!

  13. duncan was right about the elephants, but cats do kill for enjoyment. though their instinct tells them to kill a mouse, they do not necessarily eat it nor do they always do so because they are hungry. it can be quite a philosophical debate as to whether the cat actually enjoys toying with the mouse as it kills it…
    and male dolphins have been known to gang rape each females. i’ll never feel the same about them again.

  14. Great pictures. I think the critter pictured with the duck may be a muskrat though. A rodent to be sure but not quite the same rodent as the disease carrying vermin in your picture essay.

  15. I liked the list of wild animals. I have a cat and at times she can be very dangerous and other times she just loves to cuddle on the couch with me.
    By the way, most people seem to think that we humans are at the top of the food chain simply because we are……..human. Not so! We are at the top of the food chain partly because of our weapons and partly because of the structures that we have built and the cities that we live in. If we were living in the jungle or outdoors without any structures to protect us or decent weapons we would be struggling for survival just like all the other animals out there.
    People say it’s our brains that put us at the top of the food chain. Well, our brains make it possible to build weapons and structures to live in that help separate us from the beasts that live in the wild.
    Catwoman=^..^= & Mija (my furangel)

    1. Yes if we were living out in the jungle with the animals we would Also be struggling to survive. But our brain IS the reason we’re top of the food chain. if other animals were able to have the same brain and thought process as in depth and clear as humans. We’d be in trouble

  16. this was really cool and now i’m glad i know the most dangerous animals in the world. definetly dont want to come across with those animals!!!!!!!!!!

  17. We`re the most dangerous. We`re dangerous to all other animals and we are very good at killing each other, plus obviously we are the ones killing the planet. When I see yearly casualty by animal type, it makes me think that those figures can not even know it`s laughable.

  18. Informative page, and beautiful photos. But I agree with first post, humans trump all as the most dangerous. But I guess that’s so obvious that they are not included here.

  19. Great pics, and interesting however wrong in many respects.

    1). Snakes kill over 1000 people per year – where are they?

    2.) Mosquitos should be on there as it’s already been pointed out insects are animals.

    3.) Rats – kill noone – fleas can spead disease but even this nowdays isn’t a real killer.

    4.) What about cattle? Always trampling people to death… I realise cattle is very vague but no more so than “big cats”- would be interesting to know the breakdown of attacks/fatalities within the big cat-egory lol….

    5.) Stingrays kill more than buffalo – fact.

    5.) And finaly I notice the Germans are not on this list?

  20. Ugh… for crying out loud! The most dangerous animal on earth is obviously us HUMANS!

    They just had to forget the most obvious answer to this “question”…

  21. the most dangerous animal is the humans!! duh!! they kill lots of animals and even kill other humans!! if we dont stop this were destroying our own world… so stop poaching and deforestation!!

  22. Agreed 100% Man is destroying the earth by all their stupid ways of trying to make money! If we were not around the world would be a much better place for all. At least there will not be any stupid killings as such. Wild animals will be safe and they would not have to be extinct now, or nearing extinction.

  23. people, this is most deadliest MAMMALS.
    mosquitoes are not mammals.
    and i’m pretty sure rats do have the capacity to carry diseases.
    remember the plague? they didn’t know it was caused by rats
    and because they had such dodgy waste disposal and were very unhygienic
    rats were able to make sure the disease was widespread because they carried the ticks and fleas that had the illnesses that killed many, many people.
    nowadays, rats are more controlled and hopefully, everyone is more hygienic.
    so before you say any more silly comments about how this site isn’t what you wanted or how your favourite animal wasn’t mentioned. please, go back to your search engine and think carefully about what you are searching for, be more specific and use more controlled words.

  24. Why are we even talking about this. I’m not planning to meet a hippo or tiger face to face anytime soon. That’s why they invented long shot cameras for.

  25. Most African trees do not grow so big except for the baobab trees which climbing it makes it impossible when escaping the charging elephnat. In case you come accross the elephants esure you approach it from down wind and in case of the elephant noticing you stand still while observing its actions. In case it charges runaway jumping over fallen logs of big trees as the elephant will have to take the longer route to go over fallen logs while giving you chance to run away and disappear from its sight. Elephants are capable of bringing down big trees, however for buffaloes you can run for the big tree and escape its attack

  26. i like all the animals but do not put ugly animals on here. put only cute animals on here so more children can enjoy this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you i hope you enjoy my comment because if you dont its your fault cuz yall wanted us to comment so wat eva yall…………………. PEACE OUT SOUL PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”FBGUHGUERGHIDFGZFYIZSGEJKFGIRGUIERGOHN

  27. I think (even though it says “animals” in the title”) that the author was referring to mammals. Snakes are reptiles, mosquitos are insects… I’m not quite sure what stingrays are?

    Anyway, should’ve probably put mammals in the title instead of animals.

    It was a pretty good list, I thought. Thankfully, I will never have to face most of those animals. Though, my part of North America does get a LOT of bears… I was taught when I was real young, though, how to handle a possible bear mauling.

  28. And Wolverines should’ve been on the list. They might be small and might not have a very high kill count (boars don’t, either, though) but those suckers are very vicious.

  29. Very interesting information contains, but it can be more wide like why snake not added in most dangerous animals.
    also cant understand why anyone wanted to have RATS?…………..
    Thanks God never faced these dangerous animals

  30. Why would anyone yell to startle an other dangerous creature?! DON’T wave stuff in the air. They will attack. Once had a stick to fight off stray dogs, (shouting will work for SOME animals,including dogs) the herd of horses came to visit, and the leader gelding saw the stick – not even leaving the ground-and was preparing to show dominants. I dropped the stick, being safe from the dogs in the herd, and he just trotted to the front. I’m pretty sure other animals will do simaler things too. Havent seen an animal yet that wasnt provoked by a handheld object, even a jacket. for all you people its most dangerous MAMMALS

  31. i think this was a very nice site and gave plenty of good facts, that are true and these are the most deadliest animals.

    1. Well, a rat comes in your home rite? And you go to eat. Then, ya put it away. An the rat smells it. Maybe even take bites or walks in it. Rats are infecting with LOTS of diseases. Next, moring you go an finish that rat infested food and hav a 99% chance of gettin a disease and dying. Or if it bites you? Your finished! (dead) Havent u heard of the black death? basically rats can kill!

      1. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you simply uneducated rather than an internet troll.

        Rat bites are not inherently fatal, and the rat did not spread the plague — the church did. Remember all those witch trials? Remember how cats were thought to be witches’ familiars? Hysteria over alleged demon-consorting witches lead to the slaughter of a great number of cats and their owners, and with fewer cats to hunt rats, the rat population exploded. Furthermore, it was not the bite of the rat which spread the plague. Don’t you think people would notice if everyone bitten by a rat dropped dead of the same symptoms? It was the bite of an infected flea which caused the Bubonic Plague, and it was carried by mice and other small rodents as well.

  32. haha, funny how [insult removed] some people are… claiming that 1) humans can be classified as animals (despite those who many look and act like one) and 2) that mosquitos, which are insects, can also be counted as animals. go back to school kids before trying to sound smart.

    [Editor’s note: Insults removed. Johnny Boy — Maybe it’s time to “go back to school” and learn some manners. Future insults may result in a comment ban / deletion.]

    1. Humans are mammals ande therefore animals.

      Insects are animalias – animals. They belong to the class insecta (they ARE the class insecta, duh) and musquito belongs here. Maybe YOU should go back to school?

      Rat spread diseases, yet rare, but ain’t very dangerous themself as long as you are careful.

  33. I agree with most of these animals, but a few comments really hit a mark. For one, it’s not the rats or the mesquito(Yes, I know, I spelt that wrong) that kills, it’s the disease the carry. They’re not predators really, and have no intention of killing.

    Yes, humans are probably the worst, but technactly they aren’t animals. If a human and a bear faced off, and the human was weaponless, who do you think would win? The only thing that makes us deadly is our intelligence. And emotions.
    But, with no gun, bow, or knife, I’m pretty sure the bear would win.

    1. Pretty sure? I am very sure that a smallish bear could demolish the toughest of us within a minute. Unless we used our wits and spooked it somehow but we are talking about fights like in an arena aren’t we? Not death tolls.

  34. The information on bears is inaccurate and dangerously so. A grizzly will only continue to attack so long as it perceives a threat so playing dead might not be a bad idea. A black bear on the other hand rarely attacks but if it does, it plans on doing so until it thinks you’re dead. Fight for your life. I know nothing about polar bears so cannot comment.

  35. Did you just make this up with no research what so freaking ever? A rat? Seriously? Im pretty sure a shark is more dangerous. To be more specific, a bull shark. But it’s your website. Just do more research.

  36. The deadliest animal out there is the human: we are responsible for the deaths of millions of people every year. When provoked, or at war, we kill BILLIONS.

  37. i think it is not fair on those poor animals and i feel so bad for them it hunters who live there because they mite be killed and all the noise the animals make it mite wake them up from there sleep.

  38. i think it is FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Actually i can tell you, pound for pound the most dangerous animal. CHIMPANZEES. A 70 pound chimp has the strentgh of a full grown man, and given that their feet are as agile as their hands, basically you have a full grown man who can attack you with 4 hands. They are extremely moody and tempermental. The teeth are fairly sharp with a very strong bite. They have sharp thick finger nails that they use for gouging and ripping. They are highly intelligent and can easily adapt to using items they pick up as weapons. Wehn it comes to attacking, especially men, they attck the crotch and the eyes first because they know how to render humans useless. And to this day, there is ZERO cases where a chimp has lived out its life as a pet without turning either on its owner or another human or pet. There is no such thing as a tame or trained monkey. Eventually they ALL yearn for freedom from being captive. And man is not the most dangerous animal because we possess the ability to reason and choose. Animals do what they do out of instinct.

  40. the danger is on komodo island with the monster that holds 50 FREAKIN DISEASES IN ITS MOUTH.the komodo dragon can take down a freakin elephant and practically swallow any of us WHOLE ( besides, the dragon has a 3 mile smell and can knock down 10 foot diameter trees).

  41. Ok! Listen up….it is true that rats did not spread the plague. Yes it was the fleas. Anyone who hates rats has no clue about them. I have owned many pets and they are my favorite….loving smart and as far as biting….your more likely to get but by a goldfish.

  42. Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes
    I believe snakes kill more people than any animal on the planet, followed my bees, scorpions, and jellyfish. One note, the “movie making” killer animals like the anaconda, and the shark, are not even worth a mention. To Owner of 4 rats – still alive and Sarah, you two are correct, fleas (and the church if you are cerebral enough) kill people, the rats were just the ride.

  43. the most dangerous animal in the world is the megalodon shark its race has live for over 1.5 million years on earth there is now only one left that we know about it attacks anything on sight one tooth is measured 7.5 inches wide and 17 inches in length its total lengh of the shark was 30 meters long and its jaw was over 4 meters wide this is a picture of the sise compared to other sharks this shark is the top its brakefast was an average sized whale so this is the most deadlyest animal currently living

  44. hi de moment i opened da site i & my small kids enjoyed a lot infant going to zoo park in HYDERABAD waste of time spending money a lot but no animals in HYDERABAD ZOO PARK so i got an idea to open diz site and i keep on browsing for an hours and hours but i really enjoyed a lot by seeing animals and my small kidz are laufghting towards seeing animals but thanks to diz site ………………………..

    plz save da animals plz provide a shelter for animals love da animals…………………….

    dangerous animals are roaming on da roads =HUMANS
    silent animals are kept in zoo=living things…………………………….

  45. Humans are the most dangerous animal of all, they are able to destroy the entire world over one-hundred times with nuclear warfare!

  46. snakes are not on this list…also as above said by others rats are jst poor carriers

    dangerous in sense…dey r dangerous to humans…really funny in one sense
    as humans will come in the top spot if the list is made by these creatures 🙂

  47. Actually some microorganisms are animals you know… and i think the most dangerous animal is us human. We are like the biggest catastrophe for animals so no wonder they are dangerous to us its because we are more dangerous than them, we kill them and they think that we are going to hunt them down and kill their youngsters, and WE ARE DANGEROUS TO THEM>_<!

  48. Oh and to add the irukandji are also dangerous, they are small jelly fishes who are really dangerous they can sting you and cuse the irukandji syndrome.

  49. The piece of advice that stays “Look into a bear’s eyes for as long as possible” is wildly irresponsible advice, and will almost certainly get you killed if you follow this advice. Always avoid eye contact. Direct eye contact is considered a challenge by bears. The best thing you can do is make yourself seem as big as possible while speaking continuously, but not loud enough to actually alarm the bear, while backing away slowly. If the bear charges, do not run, as this will cause the bear to give chase. Stand your ground. It is common behavior for them to stop charging in these circumstances. If the bear attacks you anyway, protect your head and lay still. If it is clawing you, it will probably lose interest quickly. If it starts biting you, it has likely seen you as a food source due to starvation. At this point you could try hitting it on the nose to confuse it, but you’re probably screwed at that point.

  50. WHAT IS THE MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL IN THE WORLD???????????????????? CAN SOMEONE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. you are all benders the most dangerous animal is the honey badger especially if you are a male because it will attack your bollocks and their thick skin means they cant be killed by machetes or spears only by being shot with a gun in the head.

  52. hahahaha THEWASIFWAQUAR. “attack your bollocks”. no but seriously the most dangerous animal is the mosquito causes the most deaths than any other animal.

  53. No if you were in a 1 vs 1 fight against a mosquito you would crush it with a gay slap but a honeybadger would molest ur bollocks and then you would have your precious apples ripped off

  54. i mantain that the most dangerous animal is the mankind as ive been mugged twice, burgaled once, stabbed in the leg and raped intensively. But its expected living in south africa

  55. Trust me here in Somalia the pirates are worse, they gave me AIDS not to mention i lost my V-card definitely the most dangerous animal

  56. you havent been to Whales then, no sheep there has its anal virginity there. All because of horny homosapiens. HUMANS ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS ANIMAL!!! especially if your welsh.

  57. omg, humans are definatly the most dangerous animal, because i once saw a teenager down the canal kick a swan in the face.
    -but spiders are pretty scary

  58. Well i do realise that mosquito’s are in fact the deadliest animal, but i doubt it being the most dangerous, considering it would take a long time for a creature like it to kill in an instant… Crocodiles for example are more dangerous considering it’s large, quick and can kill a person within 3 minutes

  59. but..what is the only one..who can tell me what is the dangerous/deadliest animal in the world ……i thought the no.1 for me is the donkey.. that’s my classmate told me and the 2nd is the king cobra because i caught that in our news..because of it’s venum..!!! and the 3rd is the bald eagle..that’s my mom told me..even when they saw you they can use their sharp clause and specially their sharp hands. 🙂

    1. The black mamba is the most dangerous snake for your information call me snooty but I can’t help it if I’m destined to be more brainy than you lol!!!!!!!!!

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