Most Beautiful Places In The World

Do you love the water?

Iguazu Waterfalls
Iguazu Waterfalls — Credit: Daniel Hardman (via Flickr)

Do you dream of climbing the world’s tallest mountains?

Mt. Everest
Mt. Everest — Credit: Sistak (via Flickr)

Or is it history that grabs a hold of your heart?

Great Pyramid
The Sphynx and the Great Pyramid of Giza — Credit: David Holt (via Flickr)

It’s difficult to narrow down the most beautiful places of the world, isn’t it? After all, we’re all at least a little bit biased towards the places where we live and the experience of what we’ve seen. It’s unlikely that any two people would choose exactly the same places as the most beautiful places in the world that surrounds them. But the world is filled with so many beautiful places, and there’s room for all of them.

In this post we examine just a small selection of some of the world’s most beautiful places. We hope to give you a broader perspective on what beauty is to different people in different parts of the world. And we hope to perhaps inspire you to explore more of the world that surrounds you. That’s one of the perks of living in such a connected world these days. We’re able to see and experience new things, even from home. Hopefully you’ll find something here that you like.

Before we get to our five new additions to our list of the most beautiful places in the world, here’s a  small taste of what you’ll find in our original list (which you can find toward the end of this article).

Shangrila Resort, Pakistan

Shangrila Resort, Pakistan — Credit: norbakshi world (via Flickr)

And now, here are five new additions to our list of some of the world’s most beautiful places, all suggested by our readers in the comments.

Mt. Everest, Bordering Tibet and Nepal

Mount Everest is the world’s highest mountain, with a peak that reaches more than 8800 meters above sea level. It is a part of the Himalayas, and is located on the border between Nepal and Tibet. More than 3000 people have climbed to the summit of Mt.Everest, and over 200 people are known to have died on the mountain.

Mt. Everest

Credit: Joe Hastings (via Flickr)

Mt. Everest

Credit: Gunther Hagleitner (via Flickr)

Mt. Everest

Credit: watchsmart (via Flickr)

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Lake Louise is a Canadian lake in the province of Alberta. It was formed by a glacier and is known for its blue-green color that results from mineral deposits that enter the lake from melting glaciers above.

Lake Louise

Credit: Samantha Marx (via Flickr)

Lake Louise

Credit: Marilyn Peddle (via Flickr)

Lake Louise

Credit: Harvey Barrison (via Flickr)

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska, United States

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is a protected area in the state of Alaska in the United States. It includes the bay itself as well as mountains and glaciers surrounding the bay. According to Wikipedia, it is “the largest protected water area park in the world.” Glacier Bay is a popular cruise ship destination for the area.

Glacier Bay

Credit: Kimberly Vardeman (via Flickr)

Glacier Bay

Credit: Kimberly Vardeman (via Flickr)

Glacier Bay

Credit: Glenn (via Flickr)

Sentani Lake, Indonesia

Sentani Lake is another beautiful location suggested by our readers. Lake Sentani is located near Jayapura, which is the capital of the Papua Province in Indonesia. The volcanic lake is surrounded by beautiful and lush greenery and contains several small islands.

Lake Sentani

Credit: Kiko Turteliny (via Flickr)


Lake Sentani

Credit: Edwin Yepese (via Flickr)

Lake Sentani

Credit: Edwin Yepese (via Flickr)

Killarney, Ireland

Killarney is a beautiful town in County Kerry, Ireland. In addition to the lovely historic buildings in town, you’ll find amazing natural views in the Killarney National Park. From the historic churches and castles to Killarney Lake and the rolling green hills Ireland is famous for, you’re bound to find something here that strikes your fancy.

Killarney, Ireland

Credit: mozzercork (via Flickr)

Killarney, Ireland

Credit: Meg Lessard (via Flickr)

Killarney, Ireland

Credit: Jack Newton (via Flickr)

Update: Don’t miss Part 2 of our Most Beautiful Places of the World series to see even more amazing and beautiful places. And don’t forget to share your ideas for the most beautiful places in the world with us in our comments. But for now, let’s get back to our original article with our previous top ten picks for some of the most beautiful places we’ve come across so far.

We live in a world blessed with sights beautiful beyond words. Each of us probably dreams of visiting at least one beautiful and special place. Mother Nature has so much to offer, as do some man-made beauties. And no matter where we live — from the biggest city to the smallest village — there’s bound to be some place that could yet take our breath away.

Look at the examples below and you will see beauty that fills the eye and warms the heart. It wouldn’t humanly possible for us to determine the best of the best when it comes to beautiful places in the world. After all, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” right? But what we can do is share these examples of some of those places that are among the most beautiful places of the world. And we hope that you’ll tell us about a beautiful place that touches your own heart in some way in the comments.

Skardu Valley – Pakistan



Skardu Valley is part of Baltistan in Pakistan. Baltistan is spread over an area of 26,000 square kilometers — right below the jagged and glaciated ramparts of the Karakoram. Once part of Laddakh, it was known as Tibet-i-Khurd, or Little Tibet. Archaeological exploration has proven that it was a part of the Silk Trade Route.

Shangrila – Pakistan


Shangrila Resort in Skardu is also known as “Heaven on Earth.” It is nestled among some of the world’s highest peaks, and it encircles the heart-shaped Kachura Lake. If you visit, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fruit-laden orchards and flower-filled gardens.

Lake Saiful Muluk – Pakistan

Photo by Fahd Murtaza


Lake Saiful Muluk is a lake located on the northern end of the Kaghan Valley, near Naran. A fairy tale called Saiful Muluk, written by the famous Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, is associated with this lake. That fairy tale is the story of a prince of Persia who fell in love with a fairy princess at the lake. The lake’s beauty has such an impact that some people believe fairies come to visit it in the full moon.

The Grand Canyon, United States




A steep gorge by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon has some truly enjoyable scenery. It is 277 miles long, varies from four to 18 miles wide in places, and reaches to about a mile deep. Scientists believe that the canyon was created by the Colorado River over a six million year period.



Native Americans built settlements in the caves within the canyon before the emigration of Europeans. It was also considered to be a site of pilgrimage by the Pueblo people. The first recorded visit to the Grand Canyon by Europeans was in 1869. Although it is not the deepest canyon in the world, it is known for its extremely large size and beautifully intricate landscape.

The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the earliest national parks in the United States, and it attracts more than five million visitors each year. Weather conditions in the Grand Canyon vary greatly between seasons as well as at different elevations. While winter snow is experienced by the higher forested rims, the inner gorge has more of a desert temperature because of its low elevation.

The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

One of the natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef off the east coast of Australia is the world’s largest coral reef. It has the distinction of being placed in the World Heritage as well as the National Heritage list.




With more than 600 islands and coral cays, the Great Barrier Reef covers more than 300,000 sq. km. Corals make up the reefs and cays and are responsible for a huge variety of sea life in the area. That includes green turtles, several varieties of whales and dolphins, the dugong, aroud 4000 types of mollusks, 1500 different species of fish, as well as at least 200 species of beautifully-colored birds.

The Great Reef Marine Park is a huge tourist attraction with millions of tourists visiting each year. Sporting activities include reef sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is aptly called “Heaven on earth.” This beautiful town at the tip of the African continent, with small roads surrounded by huge mountains, makes a person feel small. It shows just how marvelous and dominating nature can be.




The Cape Dutch style buildings depict the architectural heritage of the place. Beauty abounds in the black clouds that seem to pay homage to Table Mountain at all times.

Cape Point, Signal Hill, Chapman’s Peak Drive, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Robben Island, Rhodes Memorial, and the beaches are just some of the famous tourist attractions. Located on the shore of Table Bay, Cape Town is famous for its floral displays as well as its harbor. This town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa with its wine tasting day trips, whale watching, and dolphin watching.

Taj Mahal, India

The Taj Mahal in India is one of the wonders of the world and is one of the most beautiful mausoleums ever created. It was constructed by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, in memory of his favorite queen, Mumtaz Mahal. Located in Agra, white marble was used in the construction of this symbol of love, and the Taj Mahal is considered to be the pinnacle of Mughal architecture.




As the story goes, the emperor was grief-stricken when he lost his beloved third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It took thousands of craftsmen and artisans, and about twenty years to construct this structure in her honor.

The masons, stone cutters, carvers, inlayers, calligraphers, painters, and others were brought from throughout the entire empire as well as from Iran and Central Asia. Semi-precious stones were used for inlays and ornamentation. It later became the mausoleum of Shah Jahan too. This is a huge tourist attraction with one to two million tourists visiting it every year.

Canadian Rockies, Canada

The majestic Canadian Rockies are the Canadian segment of the North American Rocky Mountains. They are a visitor’s winter wonderland and Western Canada’s playground. They are older than the American Rockies and were formed as a result of over-thrusting.




The Canadian Rockies house five national parks, and four of those national parks (along with other provincial parks) combine to form a single UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of beautiful mountain landscapes, lakes, canyons, waterfalls, glaciers, peaks, limestone caves, and fossils. Mount Robson is the highest peak of the Canadian Rockies and climbing it is considered a challenge. These beautiful mountains are a haven for hikers and walkers alike.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu in Peru, which means “Old Peak,” is one of the most beautiful ancient sites in the world. According to legend, Machu Picchu was long ago considered to be a sacred place. The Inca people are credited with its creation. They erected many stone structures and turned the place into a work of art.




Two thousand feet above the Urubamba river, the ruins of Machu Picchu consist of baths, temples, palaces, and around 150 houses, all very well preserved. These gray granite structures, some of which weigh more than 50 tons, are so perfectly sculpted that they are nothing less than architectural masterpieces.

The ruins of Machu Picchu were rediscovered by a Yale archaeologist in 1911. The ethereal beauty, workmanship, and history of the place attracts millions of tourists each year.

The Pyramids, Egypt

The Egyptian pyramids are massive monuments with a square base and four triangular sides rising up to a point. There is still a lot of curiosity (and many theories) as to how the pyramids were actually built — with people crediting everyone from slave laborers to alien visitors.





It is generally believed that the Egyptians began constructing the pyramids after 2700 B.C. and that they were built as tombs for the pharaohs. The most well-known (and the largest) pyramids found in Egypt are the Pyramids at Giza which are said to be the largest ever built. It’s said that the Great Pyramid of Giza alone took 23 years to complete, using a work force of around 30,000 people. About 118 pyramids have been identified, and they are popular and intriguing to tourists and researchers alike.

Petra, Jordan

Described by UNESCO as “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage,” Petra is an archaeological site on the slope of Mount Hor. It is one of the new wonders of the world and is famous for its rock-cut architecture.





This site was kept hidden until 1812 when it was discovered by a Swiss explorer. It was said by some to have been prepared by God for the Jewish people. Petra once flourished under the Roman empire but it rapidly declined with Arabian trade being taken elsewhere. Then an earthquake caused a great deal of destruction. Tourists frequent the place to get a glimpse of the ruins of this beautiful city, although they’re doing more harm than good, with tourism becoming a threat to the preservation of Petra.

Great Wall of China, China

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China is a man-made structure that was constructed over two thousand years ago. It is estimated to have taken around 100 years to complete. You can truly witness man’s potential when you take in the beauty and vastness of the Great Wall.




The construction on the Great Wall of China started in the 5th Century B.C. It is actually not a single wall, but rather many walls put together. Combined, they stretch over 4,000 miles. This collection of walls was constructed to protect the Chinese empire from the Xiongnu people in the north. The wall was initially built of stone, grass, earth, and wood, but bricks were used also after production began. It is believed that around two to three million Chinese died during the construction of this wonder.

The Iguazu Waterfalls, Argentina-Brazil Border

Heralded by many as the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, the Iguazu Waterfalls are a true wonder of nature. They are located on the border of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. While the Argentinean side allows visitors to walk right around the water or explore the National Park, the Brazilian side is known for its panoramic views and splendor.






Former First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt, is believed to have exclaimed upon seeing these falls, “Poor Niagara!”

The area surrounding the falls provides ample opportunities for rock climbing as well as water sports. Iguazu has the greatest annual flow of water of all of the waterfalls in the world.

With all of these, and many more, beautiful places that exist in our world we are surrounded by choices. Which of the most beautiful places in the world will you visit? While some may love the tranquility of water, others may bury themselves deep in architectural miracles, ancient sites, or the serenity of a small town. In the end, all you can do is follow your heart.

Please leave a comment and share some more of the world’s most beautiful places with us and our readers.

Note: This post was originally published on January 16, 2009. It was updated with new content and republished on its currently-listed publication date. 

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    1. the places are very awesome, ilike them and i appreciate whoever made possible to be seen on the website. thanks alot

    2. I have been to 8 of these sites and have travelled throughout most of the world (including overland from Nepal to London via Afghanistan and Pakistan (when it was safe to do so). Whilst some of these ancient sites are indeed beautiful, places like China are now (unfortunately) so polluted and overcrowded that it is very rare that you can see anything through the ceaseless smog. However, the Yellow Mountain and Three Gorges areas of China are still spectacular. In my opinion, the Iguassu Falls in Brazil are, by far, is the most spectacular on earth (and infinitely superior to Niagara). Lake Sentani in New Guinea is also magnificent … it is almost impossible to compile such a list without offending someone! Having travelled the world and have lived in London, New York and Vancouver, I still believe that Sydney is the most beautiful, friendly and livable city on earth but, of course, I am biased!

      1. hey… i liked the information in your comments. But most of all i liked the fact that you are biased. that’s simply honest.

      2. you are so lucky that u have visited all these beautiful places ,and you have the beauty in ur sight too ,i would love to see these places,i wish to see the whole world the beauty of nature that has created by GLORIOUS GOD ALMIGHTY,BE HAPPY AND GOD BLESS YOU,BYE!

      3. even i never been of such beautiful places yet seing them now make me feel the essence of peace, love n joy…hope evryone of us know how to value, love n care our mother nature…i salute to the people who made possible to see ths beautifull places around the world…

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        I have only been to mexico and Canada, but I have seen nearly every where in the U.S. For I live in Mn I have to say I can’t wait to see some of the places you have mentioned! After I finish college I’m going to travel for a bit as a way to congratulate myself for completing my four year journey. My parents and reletives have been everywhere so I’m envious but patient as I can be!

      6. Yup..Even God has said in the Quran: ” I have also created man so that he may explore the world and find My identity in the beauty of nature”

      7. well, you are right by telling that everything that you will say or note down will have a different reply. it’s all in how people understand and appreciate it… just be thankful that we have these beautiful places… if we believe in Almighty God, Allah or whatever name of your God, we know how to appreciate beauty….

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    1. yes u r abssalutly right m dear Mnt.Everest is the beautifulest place but as picks shown above there tourist can reach easly and get the enjoy of area but Mnt Everest is a pick.if one have to go dre he have to physically strong and obvious a very good walker also.its very hard for the urbans peoples

    2. Beautiful photos and, I agree, to be included among the most beautiful places on earth. However, here are other places that are stunningly magnificent:

      * The Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Islands (French Polynesia) – the most beautiful island in the world!
      * The Blue Mountains (NSW, Australia);
      * Monument Valley, Utah, USA;
      * Eastern Fjords, Iceland;
      * Torres del Paine NP and Patagonia, Chile;
      * Sydney Harbour (Australia);
      * Santorini, Greece;
      * Queenstown, New Zealand;
      * Glacier Bay, Alaska;
      * Lake Louise, BC, Canada;

    3. ofcourse, these 10 places r so precious, among in these place generaly we can’t select to which one is the best, i m hapy by knowing such a heaven. But i think there is most important place is missing, which is NEPAL and Mt.EVEREST loceted in nepal, so why we r not going to consider it?

    4. yes not only mount everest of Nepal but Lumbini, NEpal (Birth place of lord Buddha)and Mt. Machapucchre (most beautiful mountin in this globe) should be in the list 🙂


  1. Rob! this ISRAEL thing was Ironical? or you are “seriously” tagging Israel Beautiful for all the killings?.. its involvement anywhere is itself very bad..

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    2. Israel Beautiful for all the killings?.. its involvement anywhere is itself very bad..
      force apply is not solution at all. Convening is the key to success.

  2. Those images are just so wow…

    As for Israel, it should only be included in the list of mass murders, terrorism and Zionism.

    1. no not at all m am wrking in tourism sector and as much knowledge i hv about Israel dt says u r wrong.Isreal hav DEAD SEA,JERUSALAM and most important its the bith place of JESUS CHRIST.and ya Israel technology is helpng whole world.but the main reason is that neighbour arabic countries they wnt their rule any wre eg.9/11.they r creating terrarsm in Israel nd yes Israel protectng himslf.we.ll also do same

    2. This is about photos, not politics or racism. Stop being a hate monger. No religion that has any merit would tolerate that.

    1. If mountain scenery is your thing, Nepal is hard to beat! The magnificent Annapurna ranges (in and around the gorgeous Pokhara) are jaw-droppingly spectacular! Also the beautiful Hindu Kush mountains (in Afghanistan) and the Kashmir Valley (northern India) are absolutely sensational!

    2. yes, ofcourse, Nepal also one of the beautiful place, you must add in your wave site himalayan range of Nepal, where you have to get many wonderful paradise.

      1. I am coming to Cairns in December can you please write to me and let me know the cheapest tour to Barrier reef like you mentioned $20 🙂 would love to hear back from you



  3. yes, i suppose israeli’s is not biased at all. besides who doesn’t like the desert?

    face it, israel is pretty much just another patch of land, there are lots of places way more beatiful, and i’m talking about regular places. nevermind the fact that is filled with human beings without nothing better to do than fight each other for it.

    taj mahal is actually a temple, it was sacked way before that emperor decided it was a good idea to turn it into a tomb.

  4. Nice photos. It’s too bad you fiddled with the aspect ratio, though, so they could all fit in the same square boxes. You would have been better off cropping the fourth photo from the Grand Canyon. It is obvious that the man in the photo is not really short and fat.

  5. While incredible, the pyramids are not beautiful. They are in ruins. the Peru setting is gorgeous, and that setting may overcome the ruins to remain beautiful. And what is so beautiful about the Great Wall of China? Incredible man-made structure, but beautiful? I think not. I think of the slave labor forced to build it. I think of a nation that was afraid of outsiders, or was it they were afraid Chinese would leave? I see the Wall as a prison fence – nothing more. Do not confuse beauty with achievements.

    1. Good point, Publius. I agree with your statement. There is a marked difference between natural beauty and the magnificent of man-made structures. Historical structures such as the gorgeous Taj Mahal, Petra and the Egyptian Pyramids should be reserved for another list.

  6. I definitely agree there are problems with this list. Worn-out ancient structures might be interesting to visit but they aren’t beautiful. I’ve seen the Pyramids and the Great Wall–I’m glad I’ve been to them but they aren’t things of beauty.

    Publius: The Great Wall was about keeping armies out, the threat was real. It wasn’t solid enough to keep people in–and besides, back then people rarely moved anyway.

    I’ve done 5 and a couple more have been on my want-to-do list for some time.

  7. The correct name os “The Iguazu Waterfals” is “The `Iguaçu` Waterfalls” and it is located in Brazil, not in Argentina.
    Please, correct the information.

    1. Seriously? If you don’t know your geography, could you at least read the article? The Iguazu falls touch Brasil, Argentina, AND Paraguay. I experienced the falls from the Argentine side and thought there was a lot to be said for their park. AMAZING!! I’ve heard great things about the views from Brasil as well, but many of the photos I took are from similar vantage points to those shown above.

      No correction is needed.

    2. Iguazu can be spelt alternatively: Iguacu (by Brazilians) or
      Iguazu (by Argentinians). These beautiful falls can be viewed from both sides (Brazilian and Argentinian sides). The Argentinian side provides the best closest view whereas the most panoramic views are seen from the Brazilian side. I’ve viewed these falls from both sides and, believe me, they are magnificent from any aspect!

  8. Hey! the most (better) part of “The Iguazu Waterfalls” are at the Brazil, and not Argentina.
    There is a real wonder of the nature.

      1. i agree with you, kashmir is also most beautiful place in the world. If you got the time come and see the beauty from your open eyes ^_^

        1. thats ok but if we talk about a perticulr area thre r so many places in surroundng.m from HIMACHAL PRADESH (kullu)soi explore kullu manali deeply nd kullu dist. hv so many wondrful nd amezing places

  9. The “Igauçú” Falls is Brazilian…just 30% is placed on Argentinian territory.The river´s source is also placed in Brazil.
    We know americans are completely negletic about the rest of the world´s geography but a Web site should be more carefull before issue some information like that knowing that there is almost 200.000.000 people in such a Gigantic south american country that reads and disagree with such a lack of care….

    Thank you.God bless you.And may God bless the United States of America…

    Best regards from Brazil.

    1. our country Pakistan is more beautiful than any other country.
      Only we Muslims want peace for the world but some people don’t like this.

    2. Iguazu/Iguaçu Falls.
      Reading these comments I HAVE TO SAY that most of you don’t know what are you talking about and I wander if you have ever been there! As the border between Argentina and Brazil, the waterfalls are located in both conuntries, but Two-thirds of the falls are within Argentine territory!!!!! So people, please study more geography before to make that kind of comments! Or if you are lazy to read, buy a ticket and visit the place (recomended to everyone), at the end, is a wonder of nature and anyone is the owner!

    1. No, you and Flavio are wrong – sorry. I have been there and will let you know that Iguacu can be viewed from the Argentinian OR Brazilian sides. Generally, it is considered that the best close-up view is from the Argentinian side.

  10. This list is amazing.
    Despite the mystake with the Iguaçu Falls, there are really good places ti visit there.
    Nobody as talked about Machu Picchu, but i’ve been there and i extremelly recomend. If Loren thinks that human made strctures can’t be beautiful, than i’m sure she has never been there..

  11. The Egyptian pyramids may be in ruins today but the rich heritage of Egypt and the timeless beauty of the pyramids is captured in our hearts and will always be cherished. The beauty of these magnificent pyramids lives on forever.

    Loved this article!!

  12. They are accessible from Foz do Iguacu, Parana in Brazil and from Puerto Iguazu, Misiones in Argentina. They are a major tourist attraction for both Brazil as well as Argentina. I’ve changed it to “Argentina-Brazil border.”

  13. The Great Wall of China is considered to be beautiful in its own way by many people. This man-made structure reveals the remarkable effort that has gone into its creation. However, I totally accept that we all have different views of what we consider beautiful, and this has taken its place on this list because it has a huge symbolic significance and is a masterpiece that fills with amazement anyone that visits the place.

    1. to all people, we are different from each other. and everbody got they own perspective. so please, grow UP. i believe every place in the globe got their own beauty. israel, i never been there, but i believe its beautifull. beside all the human error that we made. i do vote for everst, but i respect the admin for his own perspective. thx admin for great pictures, and of couse for God. im from Indonesia. and we got many beautifull places too. but who am i to judge which place more beautifull than others. haha, keep peace and love in our mind and heart.

  14. “Since two-thirds of the falls are within Argentine territory, we mentioned Argentina”

    What ?!? Plz for god, say you are joking!!!

  15. Corrected.
    Please accept our apologies for the unintentional mistakes and let us know if there is anything else that’s not correct.
    Thank you all of you.

  16. Rob,

    You are SO right. Israel is one of the most Beautiful spots on the planet. And I can’t wait for the day when the whole world will go there to worship God in the millennial Kingdom. Yes. And Amen!

  17. I wouldn’t call them ten of the MOST BEAUTIFUL apart from the Iguazu Waterfalls, perhaps top-ten tourist attractions of the world.

  18. Thanks for including the Canadian Rockies. I’ve had many opportunities, for much more money, to move down to the US including Silicon Valley, but the Rockies are why I stay here. I can wake up to that view every morning.

    Today looks like it will be especially brilliant.

    1. Yes, the Great Barrier Reef is gorgeous but did you know that there are hundreds and hundreds of beaches in Australia with water as clean and blue as this? Jervis Bay (in NSW) has beaches (such as Hyams Beach) that have sand like silicon – as pure and white as sugar. We are spoilt for choice!

  19. normally i never post anything on these types of arcticles, although the places where very cool. i read a few comment ( never again) and came across this one .

    # OrlandoGuy Says:
    January 16th, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    Those images are just so wow…

    “As for Israel, it should only be included in the list of mass murders, terrorism and Zionism.”

    if your enemies hide in schools and hospitals and use familes as shields then yes there will be horrific news headlines. For orlando to make that statement i hope he isnt of one of the allied nations ie America or britain, just look at whats going on in their campaigns.

  20. Yay Cape Town! In the last of the Cape Town photos just to the left of the office building is a German restaurant/ brewery called Paulaner Bräuhaus. There right now having a beer!

  21. Nice.
    The Iguassu Falls are located in Argentina and Brazil (for those saying it’s only in Brazil).
    Rio de Janeiro isnt that pretty, unless you like to see the favelas which are everywhere around that city.
    The Canadian Rockies do deserve to be on this list. Those mountains are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

  22. can you please include the pictures of these:
    1. Angel Falls in Venezuela
    2. Mt Everest in Nepal
    3. Ayers Rock (uluru) in Australia
    4. The village of Oios on the island of Santorini, Greece
    5. Dead Sea
    6. Mykonos Island, Greece
    7. Mount Sinai
    8. Mt. Kilimanjaro
    9. Blue Grotto Cave, Capri Italy
    10. Dorset Coast in West of England (consists of great coasts such as dancing ledge, purbeck and Lulworth)

  23. you people need to chill out…fantastic pictures…so what if there are a few mistakes…or you disagree with the selection…..get off your arse and do it yourselves if you arent happy

  24. Great list, although I don’t think ten is enough from all these people’s selections…

    Although if you want a really beautiful place, Google “Halong Bay” its in Vietnam 🙂

  25. “The Great Barrier Reef, Australia” it is amazing.
    This is the first time I saw it through these images…….
    Great collection!
    It seems we have visited all those places!

  26. I mean, are you serious?? how can a list of the world’s most beautiful places not include the walking paths over there by Lake Park? but keep up the good work here.. keep trying

  27. great..but..all these views could be gleaned from any school geograqphy book….does anyone have any new views cos i need new inspiration not old favourites…

    1. OK, Lezli, I am going to give you a link to one of my favourite places on earth, ie Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva (Marquesas Islands). I give this place a 9/10 for beauty – it is hard to beat! Enjoy! I recommend you visit the Marquesas Islands on board the Aranui3 – it is one of the most unusual and wonderful cruises around.

  28. Wow Yawn nothing I haven’t seen before and your readers are apparently a bunch of racist anti Islamic hicks. Nice effort though

  29. Wow… The world is such an amazing place. I know we’ve all seen pictures of these places a thousand times, but still, it’s all so wonderful and all thanks to God.

  30. Hej what does politics have to do with beauty?? Israel or the land of… is a sacred place for the most important religions in the world.It’s landscapes are special and amazing considering the fact it is such a small piece of land.From the golan to the red sea.
    Israeli people can not be generalized as more than 50 percent of the population is against the war and the other half was forced to think it is the only way to their survival due to circumstances.So please try to be regards.

  31. I agree with emanuel or perhaps the grand canyon should be taken out because of Bush’s recent war mongering and torturing or even the pyramids because of their slack laws on slavery.
    Keep your political opinions to yourselves you self righteous bunch of tossers!!!

  32. Pingback: Mokkoz
  33. Those Brasilian guys who protest about USA people being ignorant should look at themselves. Do they know wikipedia ? Do they see that it states clearly “marks the border between Argentina and Brazil. Two thirds of the falls are within Argentine territory”…
    stop thinking you are the center of the world as others 😉

    for the ignorants:

  34. great list, thanks for including cape town but i must just say that the sights you chose fall way way way short of showing just how beautiful cape town really is.

    1. The pictures of Cape Town displayed here are not representative of the natural beauty of the City. Lights at night could be seen in many cities. The view of Table mountain from the West Coast is world famous but not displayed. From the air and from the sea this sight of the mountain is breathtaking. The Hout Bay area is also amazing. Unless one has seen this oneself, no comment should be attempted. Yes, Cape Town has been voted by most international travel agencies as the most beautiful city in the world not necessarily the most beauiful place in the world.

  35. I wouldn’t say that these are the most beautiful places in the world. Stunning yes but deserts are not on my most beautiful list.

  36. These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen of landscapes. I could look at pictures like this all day. I would love to visit each site and see it for myself.


  38. i think that really beauty in the world. amazing and really good for our eyes to see that. that is goodd to see Ocean.

  39. Really people? If you want to debate politics go somewhere else. This isn’t “Top 10 points for heinous crimes” or “Debate the politics of Israel”. It is “Top 10 pretty places on earth”. I can see folks debating whether something should be added as a destination. However, this is his opinion. So if you wan to bash a nation write your senator, or at least on a blog or site that pertains to the discussion. Sheesh!


    1) author unjustly marks the most beautiful place in the world as Grand Canyon? Are you sure you are not biased american? A desert as most beautiful? C’mon.

    2) Non of these places are European.
    You included most of continents but non of them from Europe.


    biased & unjustful

  41. “me Says:
    March 8th, 2009 at 5:41 pm…”

    You’re calling somebody else biased when you post that?

    Besides, it’s not meant to be in order of most beautiful to least, so your opinion of what belongs first doesn’t really belong here. The Grand Canyon is an immensely beautiful place, why does it matter that it is in/near a desert? Many people find parts of deserts beautiful, especially those who come from one. Either way, not finding the Grand Canyon beautiful just defies all reason.

  42. there is a joke about Brazilians and Argentinians. The falls are in Argentina, but you need to come to Brazil to see it. The best view is in Brazil…

  43. These are some of the most beautiful pictures I have seen of landscapes. I could look at pictures like this all day. I would love to visit each site and see it for myself.


  44. “You are SO right. Israel is one of the most Beautiful spots on the planet. And I can’t wait for the day when the whole world will go there to worship God in the millennial Kingdom. Yes. And Amen!–Rob”

    Yes with the blood of Palestinians hidden under the cloak of Zion controlled media- you have to be beautifully addicted to deceipts and lies against Muslims who gave you sanctuary when you were persecuted the world over. UR a grateful lot. Hitler said that I am sparing some of the Zions for you to understand as to why I killed them.

    1. Stop using this site to spread your hateful, venomous, political statements! This is what makes Israel a very UNLIVABLE place to live, I wager!

  45. try to look and visit philippines and you would see the beauty of that country..
    there are many beautiful places and a breath taking scene that you would ever see only in the island of the philippines..

  46. dudeeee ur missing niagara falls! theyre amazing, even more than iguazu. ure also missing vancouver, the most beautiful city in the american continent. and tons of places in mexico.

  47. truly spectacular.some of the breathtaking places like grand canyon,great barrier reef,cape town and the canadian rockies.must watch for all!!!

  48. Ten beautiful places are very nice.But why don’t myanmar include?
    It would be greatful if it can include Myanmar.
    Best regards
    Ying Kham

  49. Foz Iguaccu. Simply Spectacular. I have spent many days there just wandering around, looking at the falls and the wildlife and thinking about how wonderful mature really is.

  50. God has made so many great wonders and some day I hope to take my wife (Jamie) and see all ten of these beautiful places.

  51. ya, The white taj is most beautiful mausoleums made by human, shahjaha also wanted to make a black taj of infront of it.

  52. I think all the annul income of Taj Mahal should goes to Afghanistan as was made by them by Maghoul, and the name to called to Afghanistan.

  53. Its all beautyful Places. But there is more in the world need to explore but the work have been done is Excellent…..

  54. FYI

    Foz Iguassu is located on the border of Brasil and Argentina. One side of the falls is in Argentina and the Devil’s Throat which is the highes part and also has the largest ammount of water is in Brasil. I have extensively travelled in this area as I live only a few hours away. When you cross the bridge over the river from Brasil you have to go through immigration and you are now in Argentina. A few km down river from the falls is another bridge that will take you into Paraguay. The river is the border between the three countries.

    THat being said, It should be a must see for anyone travelling in South Amerisa/

  55. Have you ever travelled around the globe to say such things, the most beautiful places in the world are in every culture and country around the small blue ball.

    beautiful pictures

  56. awesome places… Grand canyon ang Iguazu waterfalls simply breathtaking.. would be in the list of places I want to visit before I die….

  57. Hey ,,, TAJMAHAL photos are good,,,, but there is a small mistake in ur xplanation.. Shah jahan built it for Mumtaj and not for Mumtaj Mahal,,,,, in Hindi(indian language) MAHAL means Palace… so Mumtaj is his wife,,,

  58. I have tavelled to most of the places on the list. All have extreme beauty in thier own ways. Some people do not like them, Some love them. That is why we are idividuals. What I perceive as beauty, is to others plain ugly. I respect your choice but please, do not expect me to hate it just because you do and do not force your way of seeing things upon me. I make my own choices on what is beautiful and what is not.

    To all of the complainers as to what should and should be on this site. Title is “Ten of the most Beautiful Places of the World”, Not The Ten most Beautiful. Please be respectful of the choice of the webmaster., These are his choices, not yours. If you feel they are wrong, please feel free to start your own website, with YOUR choices on it and be prepared for all of the negative comments that others will have about it.

    And to the Webmaster of this site. Please keep up the good work, I love it.
    I have many more photos that you are free to use, Contact me


  60. Hi Everybody

    I feel very good without travelling these places i am able imagine the worlds beautiful places by sitting at one place. my sincier advice to all of you please see this and enjoy.

    good day.


  61. Remember, ” beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” We might also want to remember Creation is beautiful regardless of what men who are evil do to it or to one another. That does not remove the beauty that God established.

  62. someone also made this observation, but this list contains some beautiful places, but also some tourist attractions.
    There are some amazingly beautiful places, such as Piz Gloria (in Switzerland), Dubai, and Lake Como (in Italy).
    Cape Town is interesting, but is it one of the most beautiful places in the world? And the Canadian Rockies…

  63. all those places are breath taking, no one can deny…but can someone plz tell me y is the grand canyon included? its a nice place but it is ridiculous to call it ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACES IN THE WORLD. As usual, an American propaganda…I hope we ll find a cure for that one day

  64. Hi Every Body
    The sites are very beautiful but also one thing you not see all the world
    most of the world are beautiful you can comparison which Place is most beautiful i repeat sities are good

    Good day
    Salman asif

  65. These pictures are equally amazing as these places seem to be via pictures. Really Amazing… I like them very much especially Petra Jordan.

    1. GOD so good eart so bless to have beautifull places like on the picture…taj mahal means love hope 1 day i see personally this places…….i love it!!!

  66. God gave us so much to be thankful for, so much to love and be happy for. We need to be thankful and enjoy all the beauty he has given us. and protect and take care of it.

  67. you are all full of crap, please TREASURE THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD AND STOP ARGUING WHICH IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND WHICH IS NOT… have you all not learned anything from watching the news…… can we all not just get along or is that just too much for a human being to do, until its tooooo late

    1. i am completely agreed with you b4 declaring which is best and which is bad we should know to secure and mind these places by becoming one, we should not have anyt differance among each other than all the world will be beutifull…!

    1. yea very beautiful. one can forgot their all the problems by looking this pictures. what if they really visit then,,,,,wow can’t imagine

  68. i agree with Kellyg’s opinion that these sights are only ten among the world most beautifull places not the top ten….there are so many more gorgious places of nature to discover….whatever we know & see we are still ignorant…. be blessed

  69. These stu**d brazilians, cant stand loosing a dime for argentineans…

    BTW, the river flows from Brazil, but when it comes to the falls, the argentinean side is longer.

    It is correct what is was originally mentioned:

    “While the Argentinean side allows visitors to walk right around the water or explore the National Park; the Brazilian side is known for its panoramic views and splendor.”

  70. I request yall to add more places so that no one can complain. I appreciate the efforts who put to find these places get posted here. AWESOME!!!

  71. Yes, you missed Rio by night, the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico (grander that Giza), the west coast of Ireland the Cornish coast in England.

    Israel, you must be kidding A poster child for mans cruelty to man, greed and avarice.
    Bernie Madoff’s homeland.

  72. 10 Most beautiful places on earth is not enough since there are thousands of places and places like Angel Falls in Venezuela should definetely be published, the Venezuelan Andes, the Argentina-Chile Andes, the caribean islands and their beaches, the piramids in Mexico, and many many more.

  73. Perhaps two lists would be better – one for natural sites and one for man-made. But there will still be arguments – any list is only going to be one person’s opinion.

  74. Beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Almost all would agree these are beautiful places, with remarkable history. Are they THE most beautiful…if you had a thousand opinions, you would get almost as many answers. I am sure that these places would figure preeminently in the results. Remember this listing is for places…it does not include things such as newborns, sunrises, sunsets, etc.

  75. When ever i see this beautiful world i believe that ALLAH is founder of that beautiful things, if you think that creation of ALLAH is so beautiful than how much ALLAH is beautiful.


  77. Hey I think there are a few other places that you should look into? Bora Bora, Cancun Mexico, Zions National Park, Mount Everest, The Gateway Arch, British Colombia, Dubai, New Zealand, West Virginia, Park City Utah, Yellowstone National Park… and there is many more I just dont have time to type them. But good job on these place I have never even heard of some of these before. So I was really excited to see these. Thanks

  78. Great Collection….most are best appreciated from the air.
    Matthew such scenes of the Rockies can be seen in May ….best by the trans Canadian railway out of Jasper.

  79. Yes, loved these pictures. They truely are beautiful and awe-inspiring, but what about Hawaii? And the coastline of Northern California, some of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen.

  80. I am surprised that Switzerland was entirely ignored!
    Places such as the Bernese Oberland, the Jungfrau, the Alps in general are breathtaking (both literally and figuratively!) The blue ice of the glaciers, the edelweiss and the overall cleanliness and serenity are not to be missed!

  81. It would be interesting to see what people consider as ten of the ugliest places!
    I think that if you are in the right frame of mind, you can find beauty anywhere you look.
    A good place to start is your own home town!

  82. Include Israel in the most beautiful places? Hah! You gotta be joking…its a country full of sh**s! I’ve been to Israel and its definitely not a beauty…yeh comparing to country like yemen, iran or iraq..israel is paradise! So Rob..keep dreaming!

  83. To those of you with nasty comments, keep them to yourself!!!
    People are allowed to have different opinions! You might not agree with these places as being the “most beautiful” but they are still absolutely stunning, post you own if you think you can do better, but remember, that will be YOUR own opinion.

  84. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!


  85. Six down and four to go but then I have been to Bali three times and that did not make the list for some reason. Swimming at the Great Barrier Reef is awesome and in Brazil you get a bonus site – its wonderful harbor.

    Machu Picchu looks interesting but no more so that the Mayan ruins of Mexico or the Galapagos, which also shoule be on the list

  86. have you any picture of valley sawat most beautiful velly in the world you can see than decide about his beauty. geo pakistan.

  87. I mightn’t put Taj Mahal on the list. There are hundreds of other, more beautiful places in India. Kashmir, for example. Or even Darjeeling or Girnar or Sunderbans or the Kerala backwaters or Jaisalmer … just so many of them.

    A few days ago it rained well in Pune, and where I live, the buildings were covered in the clouds – lightning hitting the compound of the very building I live in, and the thunder echoing through everywhere at God-knows-how-many-thousands of watts! It was so eerily, romantically beautiful, and for that moment at 4:15 AM it was indeed the world’s most beautiful place.

    But no doubt, your’s is a good list of places to visit.

  88. please add the worldest great peack mounteverest i think so that if mt.everest is not added in the worlds beautiful picture i think all of people says that the there is not one thig this is mt.everest.please add the mt.everest and if your team was in holiday please come to visit nepal there is very beautiful thing if you are not agree you should ask about nepal who are visit in nepal.thanks

  89. after looking the beautiful places of the world i came to know that Our GOD had created a very beautiful world for us to live but we people are going to make it destroy this is not good. please visit pakistan and see the beauti of pakistan vallayies i hope that you will reliease that pakistan is one of the beautiful country on this earth

  90. Well…i think this guys never went to Argentina , Misiones.The best of Iguazú is in ARGENTINA , what´s the matter wuth brazilians?:S it´s a bad attitude, very bad my friends….And CATARATAS DE IGUAZU(Iguazú falls)are the most delicious place to visit.
    Credit is not only for Brazil…

  91. oh…im quite forget to say…Please visit in internet places like….Cerro Siete Colores(JUJUY),Mount Aconcagua(MENDOZA— 6.649metres), Córdoba (argentina), San Luis, , etc
    All BEATIFUL places in Argentina,Please met with this precious country and please let me know about yours countries, it´s a very interesting experience.THANKS A LOT

  92. Rick Lonnen you are an idiot. I stood in Argentina and looked into Devil’s Throat standing over top of it. Devil’s Throat is in Argentina…….you nit wit.

  93. I’ve been to Machu Pichu, The Grand Canyon and Iguazu Falls- Argentinian side. They are all beautiful…..but of those three Iguazu is first. It’s so beautiful there were times I really questioned whether it was real. Unbelievable…I took pictures and people swear the pictures are not real. Second is Machu Pichu. It’s stunning! The mountains are awesome. It’s like a Raider’s of the Ark movie set. The Grand Canyon is awesome too and is a close 3rd. I can’t believe the Brazilians on this website are trying to say Iguazu is totally in Brazil…what a bunch of losers.



  95. Just the Greatness of our God who Created us, He is really Almity and created incredible place specially natural place and of course gave the power to man kind to build something like Taj Mahel and others..

    We must love god

  96. your website is incomplete without Nepal and its beauty you have to see the pictures of nepal and most is you have missed the beauty of Mount Everest worlds highest mountain.You have to keep photo of mount everest….

  97. Well, I still say that you just can’t beat Joe’s Beanery at 5th & Summit in Hoboken, New Jersey. It’s not just great scenery, the beans will keep you fired up for a week!!

  98. hi….. Taj Mahal is one of the best ever seven wonders of the world. It was built by a king in memory of his beloved wife. It’s truly the symbole of love……. 3 cheers for India…….Great.

  99. I am from Germany and I agree with Danies, I went to the Iguazú falls (Argentinian side) is really beutifull, so, don´t speak if you don´t know, Iguazu falls are inn Argentina and Brazil, what´s the matter wuth brazilians?: You aren´t alone in this world!


  101. In a word the pictures are so beautiful & so nice.I am astonished that such beautiful places are in this world.

  102. Taj Mahal is one of the best ever seven wonders of the world. It was built by a king in memory of his beloved wife. It’s truly the symbole of love
    Taj mahal is shown here but u forget , about kashmir and kerala(god’s own country)

  103. Beautiful and mind blowing pictures. If Christ tarries in his coming, would love to visit some of these places before i die.

  104. I’ve been to Alaska and i think it tops most of these. Mt. McKinley, Denali, Prince William Sound, Mantanuska Valley. AMAZING!

  105. My GOD I cant think of it,what nice places does world have unbllievable I thought they were only pictures made by someone, not the real! especially the pictures of the Grand canyon wow!

  106. thenkyu for beautifoul places
    I ame from kosovo.
    end my conture have got beautiful places. please visit thet beautiful places in kosovo.
    nice toou mit you

  107. what a bunch of kids. you fags can’t even talk about how beautiful the world is without pointing fingers and calling names. probably be seeing you some day. ha ha ha…

  108. Thank you so much for posting these amazing photos. They are a gift! It’s too bad people feel they have to compete about where the most beautiful place is. They are just beautiful. Thank you,

  109. these beautiful sceneries are just magnificent i just wish i lived near one of them, i wolud be ever so proud. our world is a fabulous place with imaginable beauty. Ireland

  110. thank you so much for sharing those pictures i really appreciate it and i will treasure it,
    amazing…..God created all of those beautiful breath taking views and people should protect and conserve, and we should also thank God for it……

    Thank You.


  111. I am very sorry about Brazilians being so disapointed about Iguazu Waterfall but it is evidently that they never have been in GARGANTA DEL DIABLO;it is the Most important part of the waterfalls and it is located in argentina.We can literally WALK under the waterfall so please, try not to be too critical and learn a bit more about your own country.

  112. Everyone here has mentioned some incredibly beautiful places. In addition to many of the places mentioned here, one of these days I’d also love to visit Mauritius, Tahiti, and Bora Bora.

    Ahhhh… what a beautiful planet we all share!!!

    xoxo ~ hugs

  113. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!! Always love to see new and classic places I love….hope to visit some of these places one day.

  114. First offall thanks to JESUS coz this wonder places were created by him.
    which this places are chance less to go visit directly so another one thanks to google websit.

  115. If you saw Queenstown, New Zealand – you’ll be forever cursed to yawn at all these places and never be impressed again.. and I have seen all these places pictured, and yawned at all of them. Foz de Iguacu, yawn, rio.. yawn.. although the GC is still pretty cool.. had to stifle a yawn..

  116. what happen of Rice Terracess in Philippines or the Lions head that made of mountaneous rock in Baguio city,Philippines those are man made, so common now? explore the world, those places here they are old sights over and over, lets get new.

  117. Actually, Iguacu Falls are bordered by 3 countries, Brasil, Argentina and Bolivia. You can see the falls from any of these countries. It is amazing.

  118. Only God can make these views. Then we should make ourself to become near to God.To find all the secreat on all……

  119. Pretty wonder places of the world. I you send me ur contact/email, I will upload To you Pictures of more marvelous sites in eastern Nigeria, You cant resist making your list up to say 12 beautiful places of the world.

  120. How could anyone forget The TAJ MAHAL. It is infact the first wonder of the world. Have anyone heard heard about wonders of the world? just kidding. guys you should go and watch Tajmahal. It’s really enchanting or one can say that it is the real beauty at it’s best

  121. I feel that The Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx are the most beautiful monuments in the world.Especially, they are 7000 years old.wooooow, really great.


  123. I am very greatful those pepole who takes these photos.I think you have miss some photos in Nepal so please come on in Nepal and you can find which you want.

  124. In a single word its can’t explain. Wonderful, beautiful,nice,attractive,cute,glorious,magnificent,fascinating………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  125. just want to make a correction to what sundar has said:
    Sundar.V Says:
    October 30th, 2009 at 10:22 am
    First offall thanks to JESUS coz this wonder places were created by him.
    which this places are chance less to go visit directly so another one thanks to google websit.

    mate the world was not built by JESUS CHRIST(PEACE BE UPON HIM) he is the mightiest messenger of god.

  126. those who say that earth is heaven just imagine what heaven will look like when the god says that no eye’s have ever dreamt off no ears have ever heard off. amen

  127. Jeff Shrewsbury. The internet does not make you stupid. It just makes your stupidity available to more people. Your comment to Rick Lonnen is a classic example of this.. Check maps and Google Earth, Yes you can stand in Argentina and look down the Devil’s Throat or as it is known as Garganta del Diablo and yes you can stand in Brasil and look down the Devil’sThroat. You See the border of the two countries runs right up the middle of the river. It is in both countries. So Calling Rick an idiot only shows how stupid and uninformed you really are.

    By the Way, I live in Foz Iguacu.

  128. Laura Argentina. Please look at Google Earth and a map or two. The Brasil/Argentine border runs right up the middle of the Devil’s Throat. It is actually in both countries. Try not to be too critical of others when you do not have all of the facts.

    And I do live in Foz Iguacu, Parana, Brasil

  129. Publius,I don’t think you understand the great well. Thousands years ago,wars and killings were taken place all over the world. But such a man-made builds as the great world are not in other place. ITs not about being afraid or。。 IT‘s amazing,it’s one of the wonder of the world.

  130. This all about nature, here i must say that places are no doubt very beautiful but just imagine how much beautiful is its creater

  131. Jeff Shrewsbury, re blog 211 and 212 what a loser you are by not even getting the facts before calling someone an idiot. Most of Foz Iguacu are in Argentina but the Brasil/Argentina border runs right down the middle of the river and The devil’s throat is half in Brasil and half in Argentina. I have stood on both sides of the river and while most of the falls are in Argentina, the best viewing of these wonders is from the Brasil side. LOSER LOSER LOSER

  132. I agree with Marcos. The border is the center of the river and the Devils Throat is in both Brazil and Argentina. Jeff Shrewsbury (see 211) you are the loser. not Rick L

  133. The wall of china is just astonoshing, however it would not be complete without all the greenery which makes it all much more beautiful.

  134. To Jeff Shrewsbury post 211. Check the maps of the area and you will find that the border runs right up the middle of the Devil’s Throat. It is in Argentina and it is in Brasil. Now after calling Rick Lonnen an idiot in this forum, are you man enought to say you were wrong and apologize. I hope so.

    As well, learn to spell Iguaccu correctly. there is no “Z” in Iguaccu

    From a resident of Foz Iguaccu

  135. Hey Shrewsbury you IDIOT. You are the LOSER. The devil’s throat is in both Brazil and Argentina. Get your information straight before calling someone else and idiot and a loser. Why not do the world a favor and throw away your computer.

  136. to me the Dead Sea is the most beautiful place in the world. It is the deepest place on earth. The sea changes its colour during the day from gray to blue to purple to turquoise and you can see the mountains reflecting in it as well as the beautiful formations of the salt. It is 10 times saltier as the mediteranean see and is a rich nature resoource of different minerals. You can float in it and even read a magazine while floating, and while enjoying the benefits of its minerals.
    The most beautiful and special nature place on earth.

  137. hey you fernando da silva, are you completely ignorant dude ? do you know there are more hispanophones (>500M) than portuguese-speaking people in the world ? do you know that, for all hispanic people you do spell CATARATAS DE IGUAZU ? do you know that c-cedilia doesnt even exist in a regular querty keyboard ? stop speaking crap dude, stfu now ! maybe you do think brasil is the ‘best of the world’ in all … use the internet dude, and check some times other sites than your stuff … 😉


  139. Very Nice Collection! ( I have seen 5 of these places incidently). In my opinion, there are two places in the world that deserve a special mention in any such collection:

    1. The Bora Bora Island (an exotic overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean)
    2. The Fairy Meadows (lush green plateau in foot gin of Nanga Parbat peak, Pakistan)

    My advice, ‘dont die without seeing both these places! They are both truely breath-taking!)

  140. Fiordland National Park in New Zealand is absolutely stunning and I doubt that there is a place on earth that can match it. It has world Heritage listing and contains Milford Sound which is currently on the New 7 Wonders of the World list.

  141. I lack words… I don’t know what to say. Wow, beautiful… I believe my eyes will have a chance to see those scenes at the spot. Thankyou!!!

  142. I have actually been to the first few places – the grand canyon, great barrier reef and canadan rockies – but then the list gets so much better and really heats up my travel bug!

    I’d love to go to China and belize and Cape Town. i hear capetown is especially wonderful!

  143. this pictures are really very beautiful……………..

    Iguazu waterfalls are really good………

    i will definitely go there if i can…..

  144. these places are beautiful but there are many more places just as beautiful. should be a bigger search. what about the caribbean???

  145. I think to be beautiful one has to be able to sit and admire and take things in. That’s very difficult to do in the great barrier reef as it’s all below water and you can’t see those shots unless you’re in a plane or snorkeling. I’d drop that one. Agree with the comments about Macchu Pichu vs. the pyramids. The reason is simple, THe former was built as a lavish summer residence for a peruvian family and was designed to be beautiful. Pyramids were not.

    I’d like to see real natural absorbably beauty get recognized more. Like the grand canyon. Think the Tepuis in Venezuela. Waipio valley in Hawaii. etc. There’s a lot of accessible unrecognized beauty out there.

  146. these all r such a beautifull placeses but aloat of many beautiful placese in cell numb092_3445546591.if any one want these placese in pakistan.

  147. these all are incredible places of the world . give great pleasure even to watch while actual touch would be 100 times better……….

  148. All of these are very beautiful
    but jannat is most beautiful……………
    These all will be destroyed while jannat never end……………

  149. Excuse me please. I with pleasure would like to discover the beautiful locations you recommend me. But, stop your stupid claims and advertisements please! First of all, Turkiye is the most beautiful country on the earth surely. Also, Bodrum Peninsula is the most beautiful location on the earth! Nothing can be compared to the natural beauty of the true paradise! Go and see it. Even a few pictures are enough to tell you what I say. You will shame with your so-called knowledge… That’s all!
    Sincerely, George Hard

  150. Dear Sir,

    Why can’t you make it as 100 Most Beautiful Places on Earth than this MINIMUM 10 COUNTS. INDIA, NEPAL, BHUTAN, CHINA HAVE PLENTY TO SHOW TO THE WORLD MOUTAINOUS SCENARYWISE and it will take hours to see these photos.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Ravichandra R Prabhu

  151. palces are really nice.but wat i feel is that real beuty of these palces cant be taken in cameras..u can only feel it if u practically b thr


  153. Make no mistake, ALWAYS remember that without the hand of the ALMIGHTY GOD, none of these ‘wonders’ would come to be. I bet the whole world acknoledged the influence of God to have these things come into being.

  154. hello people,
    I really love all these places.Even though i haven’t visited them yet,i love it by jus seeing it itself.Am from India.I’ll be really amazed and delighted to visit such heavenly places!!I pray god to give me such a beautiful moment!!

  155. wow these are the beautiful places and i would like to go there especially great wall of china and taj mahal but these places are not the top ten places in the world

  156. abbasi is saying right
    and please add makkah madina because for me it is the worlds beautiful beautiful beautiful place

  157. why are some of you commentors so critical….just enjoy the pictures…or keep your tiresome opinions to yourself , life is full of you guys join a group and just talk to each other…we on the otherhand would just like to enjoy the pictures….thanks foe sharing your pictures with us..God bless

  158. Lovely photos and have been to Grand Canyon and experienced its beauty and sheer
    awesome wonder.

    But where is Rio?
    Visited Cape Town and found it overrated–lots of places have a mountain located behind them; local beaches gritty and uninviting; not much culture.
    Having seen photos of Rio it should be on the list in place of Cape Town.

  159. I am extremely surprised you haven’t mentioned New Zealand. That country is unbelievably stunning. And I’m from Canada, I can say with confidence that New Zealand is a country everyone who loves the outdoors and natural beauty MUST visit at some point in their lives.

  160. # will hamblin Says:
    February 13th, 2009 at 1:55 pm

    I think the Fjords of Norway would be a great addition. Bergen in much more beautiful than Cape Town for example.

    I’m sorry, but Bergen does not compare to Cape Town’s Beauty, let alone the weather, food, culture and the fact that it’s peninsula is surrounded by two mighty Oceans. I suggest you save some kroners and head down to Cape Town for fortnight. You won’t regret it!

  161. well you are all retarded because not one of you mentioned the single most beautiful landscape in the entire world which is the northern napali coast of kauai

  162. just to say few words folks these r only few pics… world is blessed with so much of amazing and beautiful places..but wht v r doing???.. all these erode if v spread pollution like dis…some thing has to be done but what????????

  163. Mizzjlady Says
    “I am at work viewing the pictures. Very amazing and breath taking. I would love to visit the Grand Canyon”

    May I suggest that you fly over the Canon from Las Vegas as you get to see the Hoover Dam too.
    The views are absolutely breathtaking.

  164. Oh !!! That’s really Marvelous & Beautiful pictures i had seen.
    But i think there still some parts to be explorer.B’cos beyond this is also more beauty in world. But i think as i visited some place i find Taj Mahal is wondeful for all these.

  165. Realy Nice…………………
    But Rajasthan is in heritage State in india…………………………………Plz add Rajasthan

  166. What’s with all this bickering. Can you people not just enjoy all the beauty that surrounds us. Here we have a person bringing you the world as HE sees it, right or wrong, bias or not, who cares except someone who feels left out.
    Instead of complaining just add your own pics and let us enjoy it too.

    Thanks for a great sight

  167. Nice pics..
    Please add kerala (state in south india) also.Kerala is one of the greenest places in the world.The National Geographic Traveler magazine has named Kerala as one of the “Ten Paradises of the World” and “50 must visit places of lifetime”.

  168. Having visited Israel and the occupied palestinian territories in the last few months there is a beauty amongst the sadness- which makes it even more beautiful in some ways. There is a magic about Jerusalem, Palestine- the old city is a whirlwind of noise, colour, history and wonder. The magesty of the dead sea dunes (technically in Israel although truly Palestinian as the majority is in the west bank’s zone C) is ispirational. The sparkle of the golan heights (arguably in Syria). And all the pretty little old cities- particularly akka in north west Israel. However more often than not it is Palestinian hospitality rather than Israeli hostility that really brings warmth to this area.
    I agree that this should not be a political discussion but I actually do believe if beauty can be found in such a concentrated strip of land full of anger then there is something to be said for that.

  169. hey people what the hell! how could you forget Nepal. 7 national heritages of nepal come under the world heritages and are indescribably beautiful. you miss any one of them means you miss the sweetness of life.

  170. i like all the pics. God is really grateful and powerful…see, he created a wonderous things that no man in his knowledge could attain. yeah even the great wall of china is included. God guide them all while doing it..hahahahahahahahahahahha!!!


  171. I have seen allot of true grace and beauty within all these amazing man made and god made pieces of art. The photography was excellent! There two things I would like to suggest to the man that took these photographs, one you should try to take pictures of some of the great beaches and mountains of puerta Rico, Second I suggest you put in some pictures of mount Everest. But all in all I was very Impressed by the art god has made and the art this person showed me.

  172. what the amazing sight…..if i got the money and time, i will go there to take a rest…….how awesome all that place……

  173. They forgot some of the real most beautiful places and added some that nobody would consider for the subject because it is the site owners opinion here only. They did not add Denmark, Norway, Finland and places as they should have. Nordic places are beautiful. Whats up with the usa things there. Thats way off too. Oh well it was interesting in a way anyway. Always nice to see opinions even if they are not so useful eh.
    I found photos of Sweden online at and there is a lot of beauty there. Also they have pictures of Denmark and information about europe online.

  174. There are so many beautiful places and tourist spot in the world and I wonder if there’s still a place that people haven’t discover. The world is truly magnificent with it’s wonder.

  175. God to be the glory,,, He is so powerful,,, god love us that’s why He create these beautiful places,, so we should take good care all the things that we see in this world,,, i Love you Jesus,,, you are the king of the kings…

  176. …give thanks to the one who created this world,,not only the world but only the whole universe,,for the beautiful places that he gave to all of us…the Almighty God named Jehovah”

    1. God is great.i pray that God blesses me with opportunity to visit the 10.Uganda has a number to show the world.

  177. Israel a beautiful place??
    i was recently there because i had to and let me tell you one thing; it is the last place i would spend my vacations! you feel like in prison everywhere and the israelis treat you like s**t.
    dont think i would be a muslim, no, they are racist against everybody who isnt jewish (or more specific “zionist”), yes they even hate the orthodox jews, which are against the state of israel.
    there is absolutely nothing scenic about this “country”. the only light in the 60 years long occupied country of palestine are the palestinian itself.
    people who talk about nice landscapes and stuff obviously didnt travel much. the dead sea is the only thing, which is unique. but fortunately you can visit it also from the much nicer shore of jordan.

    israel a nice place? dream on…

  178. yea,the world is very nice but most things are missed from here as,saifal maluk lake,in Pakistan,K2 Mountain, very very beautiful place in the world.

  179. Great pictures but have to agree with some others that Cape Town is so overrated. It relies totally on Table Mountain and I found its beaches disappointing. You can get a fantastic view of Chattanooga from its Lookout Mountain.
    Vancouver will knock spots off it every day as will San Francisco and Rio to name just a few others.

    San Francisco has water on 3 sides plus Golden Gate Bridge; Rio and Vancouver have hills/mountains around them and more besides.
    I visited Cape Town and was sorely disappointed.

  180. The Great wall is not beautiful. Tell the chinese a thing is chinese and its great, tell them its not and they will tell you its nothing special.

  181. Very cool places!
    My fav is the grand canyon, i hope i’ll visit it!

    Speaking about wonderful places, i’ve just started a project with the goal to “collect” beautiful pics of nice places around world, feel free to have a look in the link on my name.
    Thanks guys

  182. Hey guys!!!How could you forget Nepal with the highest peak in the world Mt. Everest.Plz add the pictures of Mt. Everest.They are simply incredible and amazing.everybody will love it

  183. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!! I’ve been blessed to visit 6 of these sites. All breathtaking! thank you for portraying them so artfully!! And don’t worry about all the kids that are arguing about the verity of the descriptions. 😉 let te pics speak for themselves. I’m not distracted by anything you said in the description when i can just enjoy the picture.

  184. No mention of Scotlland! Loch Mhorlich near Aviemore Has rugged pine clad mountains with snow on the peaks, rolling down to a silver loch with sandy beaches. It is l;ike heaven has come to earth.

  185. Love the pictures. Great Job.

    Ok with that said the title says it all. 10 Most Did you all read that? Secondly this was not a place for debate on religion or government issues. The author did a nice job coming up with what they thought was beautiful pictures and information. If you don’t like it…hey start a blog and blog your own. Free Blog sites everywhere try it…see how many people agree and disagree with you.

    1. I am agree with Jessica she is almost right we should realy appreciate the one collected this for us…and we should not put the politics and religion issue here, the job done by webmaster is great, and indeed these places are heart catching….

  186. it is ultimate to know abt some rare places in the world with so much details,where it seems that nature is still the best of all. i appreciate the photo work done by the photographer and the whole team.

  187. Discovering this idyllic place, we find ourselves filled with a
    yearning to linger here, where time stands still and beauty


  189. most beautiful places of the world. l likes very very much beacuse i want a visit these places.