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The New 7 Wonders Of The World

You’re probably familiar with the original seven wonders of the world: the great pyramid of Giza, the hanging gardens of Babylon, the statue of Zeus at Olympia, the colossus of Rhodes, the lighthouse of Alexandria, and the temple of Artemis. But did you know that a foundation named the “new seven wonders of the world” in 2007?

These new seven wonders of the world were chosen through online voting. See if you agree.

The Pyramid at Chichén Itzá (before 800 A.D.) Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Chichen Itza is a Mayan pyramid that has been around since between 550 AD and 800 AD.  It was mainly used for Mayan ceremonies before being abandoned until 900 AD.  Its name means “at the mouth of the Itza well.”  It’s located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.  Climbing to the top of the pyramid is currently forbidden.

Chichén Itzá

Credit: OliBac (via Flickr)

Credit: Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

Christ Redeemer (1931) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ and is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  It is the fifth largest statue of Jesus in the world and is at the peak of a mountain.  It was built from 1926 to 1931.  Despite having lightening rods installed, it was damaged by lightening in 2008.  It has since been repaired.

Christ the Redeemer

Credit: Mike Vondran (via Flickr)

Christ Redeemer

Credit: Lima Andruška (via Flickr)

christ redeemer

Credit: bossa67 via Flickr

The Roman Colosseum (70 – 82 A.D.) Rome, Italy

The Roman Colosseum was built about 2000 years ago and was used for Roman sports at the time, namely gladiator games in which men fought each other and animals to the death.  Because of tourists taking away pieces of it, the Pope had to forbid the removal of stone from it.  The Colosseum itself is built from blocks of travertine stone, which were taken form the quarries near Tivoli and brought to Rome on roads built just for that purpose.  The Colosseum had 45,000 sitting places and 5,000 standing places.  Under the arena was a large network of tunnels that were used for the gladiators, animals, and slaves.

Roman Colosseum

Credit: Nisha D (via Flickr)

Roman Colosseum

Credit: Randy McEoin (via Flickr)

Roman Colosseum, Interior

Credit: Elliott Brown (via Flickr)

The Taj Mahal (1630 A.D.) Agra, India

The Taj Mahal was built over a twenty two year period, completing in 1648 C.E.  It was built by the Muslim Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Queen Mumtaz Mahal.  It is built entirely of white marble and many feel it’s architectural beauty has never been surpassed.

Taj Mahal

Credit: Ramesh NG (via Flickr)

Taj Mahal

Credit: Ashley Coates (via Flickr)

Taj Mahal

Credit: Christopher John SSF (via Flickr)

The Great Wall of China (220 B.C and 1368 – 1644 A.D.) China

The Great Wall of China is the world’s longest man-made structure, reaching over 6400 km.  When it was in the height of its use during the Ming Dynasty, over one million guards manned the wall.  Because of the difficulty in transporting building material, as much local material as possible was used.  Also, workers that died in the construction were buried in the wall.  The wall is actually a joining of many smaller walls that were built up over many years.  The original wall was built using earth, stone, and wood, but during the Ming Dynasty, brick was the main building material because it was easier to work with.

Great Wall of China

Credit: Keith Roper (via Flickr)

Great Wall of China

Credit: Francisco Diez (via Flickr)

great wall of china

Credit: Wikimedia

Petra (9 B.C. – 40 A.D.), Jordan

Petra is a historical city in Jordan and is famous for being carved into the mountains surrounding it.  It’s thought to have been established as early as 312 BC.  It was the home of the Nabatean kingdom, which was known for its advanced irrigation systems.


Credit: (via Flickr)


Credit: Wikimedia


Credit: Argenberb via Fotopedia

Machu Picchu (1460-1470), Peru

Machu Picchu is a result of the Inca Empire.  It’s made of cut stone fitted so closely together without mortar that a knife blade can’t penetrate its cracks.  It is situated on a high ridge and is bordered by a river on three sides.  It is located in Peru.  The walls of Machu Picchu were built with details that protect it from collapsing during earthquakes, such as the doors and windows being trapezoidal and tilt inward from bottom to top.  Many people travel on foot to Machu Picchu every year to marvel at the beauty and architectural ingenuity.

Machu Picchu

Credit: OsvaldoROVE (via Flickr)

Machu Picchu

Credit: fabulousfabs (via Flickr)

machu picchu

Credit: matito via Flickr

Have you ever visited one of these new seven wonders of the world? Which one, and what did you think of it? Is there one in particular that you’d like to visit? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Note: This post was originally published on September 21, 2008. It was updated with new images and background on each of the new seven wonders of the world on its currently-listed publication date.

406 thoughts on “The New 7 Wonders Of The World

  1. The contest is organized by the New7Wonders Foundation—the brainchild of Swiss filmmaker and museum curator Bernard Weber—in order to “protect humankind’s heritage across the globe.

  2. This was a controversial voting procedure and there was bias towards the nations with a high number of Internet users, e.g. India and Brazil. Nevertheless, it is good to see a set of the 7 wonders on as they remind you of places you have been to or yet to see.

    1. surprised to see the fuming words may be from a so called powerful & developed country. The have been using their financial power, military power to dictate the world be it UN, Security Council, Gulf oil etc. etc.
      Every action is controvertial. If India and Brzil are developing because of their strong root, why they are jealous.
      When whole Europe was a nomadic society, we Indians were highly educated. Due to their crookedness they ruled us and looted for centuries. shame……….

  3. All of the new 7 wonders picks make sense except for Christ the Redeemer. Why? Because when you look down the list, all of the structures show a degree of complexity, mysticism, antiquity, and imagination that I feel is lacking in the statue of Rio de Janeiro. It feels somewhat out of place among all the other wonders. I share my surprise with bugs that Easter Island did not make the list, as it would have made a much more fitting choice to complement the other 6.

  4. all this is new 7 wonders of the world?how about the old one?… i agree that only 6 wonders make sense but the Christ of Redeemer…i’m not sure..

  5. all of these piictures are very b e a u t i f u l.
    ii especiially liike the one of the Christ.
    For meqh iit seems liike he iis lookiinq down to take care of us.
    And dattz qood.
    Nee Wayz they all look beautiful and very pretty.

    1. Take care of who?? this clown is just another man made creation to make you think that white man got special powers, like Santa Claus. I think Superman deserves to have statue there too! at least he is not stealing money from us.

      1. @joe cormick ….
        (1) what church did (stealing money) IS NOT what Jesus taught (read bible). Who to blame? Use your brain (if any)
        (2) Again, use your brain (if any) ……. @Laura wrote ‘it SEEMS like’ …..
        (3) Nampaknya kepandiran keledai masih lebih pintar dari kepintaran kamu (that’s in my beloved bahasa Indonesia)

  6. Why aren’t the great pyramid at Giza on the list?? Why wouldn’t they be eligible, they are the only wonder remaining from the original 7 wonders of the world….

  7. Is there something new!!!!!!!!!Those picture are already old………………..Can you post some interesting pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Very awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those pictures are very very old!!!! I saw those pics. already,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I hope there’s something new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………………………………………………………….

  9. Owesome…
    It was tough decision to get only 7 …
    But the decision is quite appreciable..
    Well thanks to the site creators.. who think about this topic.
    N great thanks to the photographer who has given us the chance to view all these wonders right at home….
    Thanks to all of you

  10. it s really tough to accept only the 7……………
    It’s very amazing to see all these pictures………..i have enjoyed …….tajmahal is a very beautiful monuments on earth….proud to be an INDIAN………………………………….SANJAY

  11. OMG the seven wonders of the world are great I hope to visit them all one day for a hole week.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)****************


  13. First of all… where the heck is the Acropolis????????????????????? This shows how ridiculous it is to allow an uneducated public vote!!!!! This isn’t a “wonders of the world” vote this is a popularity contest… pure ignorance!

  14. i realise that the seven wonders of the world are chosen considering the arctechure design or building design its not chosen considering the natural make or theme its build by humans not naturally made by nature, where natural made things can be wonderful and WONDER TO.

  15. there are lots of beautiful spots in the philippines. People should look into it not just known place could be consider as one of the seven wonders of the world.

    1. Puerto Princesa Underground River of the Philippines is one of the best out of 7 to be chosen. This is naturally made and cultivated by nature itself hundred of years w/o the form of money or human touch. It wonders as you would see allowing creation of GOD in majestic way as heavenly place to see and feel the existence of creator. Hopefully all Filpinos all over the world will vote and promote it to allow all nature lovers to come see one of the most mazing and fascinating creation wonders.

      To all our nature lovers all the over the world..come and visit Philippines as we have so many places to offer w/ an over whelming natural beauty and wondefull people

  16. The great wall of China is awesome, Petra of Jordan is a great masterpiece reminds me of Egyptian carvings, i love it. Taj Mahal is a beauty, pyramid in mexico is classical and historical, others require brilliance to put in place (genius). finally the concept of Christ the Redeemer…. makes me feel safe anywhere i am cos HE is watching over me

  17. in all over the world there are a lot of countries and we have only 7 wonder of the worlds and we are indian we have 1 out of 7 so we are so lucky and proud on us ……….. jay hind….

  18. in all over the world there are a lot of countries and we have only 7 wonder of the worlds and we are indian we have 1 out of 7 so we are so lucky and proud on us ……….. jay hind….

  19. Thank you, Kevin Leake for mentioning Ankgor Wat. I have always thought it unbelievable that Angkor Wat doesn’t get more recognition, and after having visited there last summer, I have become more and more flabbergasted as to how things like the Christ Redeemer statue could beat it…

  20. helloo!!all this wonders make me say…wooooow but the”MAKAM CHAHID” of algeria also shoud be one of the 7….I’m proud to b an algerian……. kissss!!

    1. u no there not really like that iv visited them all the only good one is machu picchu so dont get ur hopes up kid

  21. i love only muslims beautifull construction in my sightwork i mean THE TAJ MAHAL IS THE BEST because i am a CONSTRUCTION Engineer so i thin u will agree with my comments

  22. these wonders are great……. i have decorated my home with these very nice pictures .the main picture i am missing is the grand caynyon…..very nice job.

  23. I hope that Turkey will take it’s place in these 7wonders somehow. I wish I had a chance to see at least one of them. Marvellous……

  24. this is very………………………………………………………wonderfull i like and my friends slso like this very much

  25. I really enjoyed those beautiful pictures.Those were awsome.I hope next time there will be something new and interesting.

  26. let me tell the real wonder of world.
    in order.
    1. Taj mahal
    2. Taj from front side
    3. Taj from back side
    4. Taj from right side
    5. Taj from left side
    6. Taj from inside
    7. Taj from out side

    i m sure these all are seven wonder

  27. i think the new 7 wonder are not so good and how about the great pyramid angkor wat and another old building ? where is it ?

  28. The pictures are very nice but so old i want to see some new picture can some one post new picture please

  29. awesome pictures………..iem very proud that i visited one of the seven wonder i.e. Taj Mahal……………i love the seven wonders………thanks

  30. awesome pictures………..em very proud that i visited one of the seven wonder i.e. Taj Mahal……………i love the seven wonders………thanks

  31. vow….i wld passion was 2 see this monuments but i would say seeing these looks like i m seeing it in real.the truth is that i did see some of those but i couldnt have a close view as i have here…thanks to u all for taking the pain of clicking these photos…

  32. How come the Mexican pyramid is on the list and not the Egyptian ones? The step pyramid in Cairo is over 5,000 years old and the Giza pyramids are much bigger than the Pyramid at Chichén Itzá. I would also replace the Roman Colosseum with Angkor Wat of Cambodia.




    & “I LIVE IN AGRA”

  34. Its amazing really we are overwhelmed to see some new wonders thank you guys for selecting our INDIA’s historical monument and giving it a place in the new 7 wonders so that every one will recognise its value and history thank you for selecting and voting and all the other 6 wonders are great and really mesmerising.

  35. Its amazing really we are overwhelmed to see some new wonders thank you guys for selecting our INDIA’s historical monument and giving it a place in the new 7 wonders so that every one will recognise its value and history thank you for selecting and voting and all the other 6 wonders are great and really mesmerising.

  36. 7 is very grete b’z
    7 day make week.
    7 color make rainbow
    7 sur make music
    7 letters make friends
    ” so 7 is the value to make the wonders, on that i proud c TAJ MAHAL “

  37. taj mahal is the best just b;coz it is from india india is the best no other country is better than india, all countries except india need smethin called culture,humanism and history

  38. fantastic……..awesome………ppl hardly spells out after staring dese marvellous stuff in nature created by our lovely god

  39. christ the redeemer statue made the list…. what a pile of poop
    the only thing wondrous about the redeemer is how it made the list.

    so lame.

  40. these 7 wonders are very amaging and beautiful, its indicates the greatness of god and man i deciced to see all these wonders and also my dreams.

  41. # skanda Says:
    April 17th, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    i pray to god to see these wounderfull 7 wounders
    whats a wounder

  42. ‘Taj Mahal of India’, ‘The Great Wall of China’, ‘Barrier Rife of Australia’ and ‘The Statute of Liberty of America’ are amazing. I pray to god to see these wounder full 7 wanders.

  43. being a patriot, love 2 c TAJ MAHAL and it deseve also… even every 7 are great selection…

  44. I love the Tajmahal .. this one of greatest gift of love .. EK SHAHENSHAH NE BANWA KE HASEEN TAJ MAHAL Sari duniyan ko mohabbat ki nishani di hai … Thank you Shahenshah bhai…

  45. I think that all this are visit by me in just a few weeks and i think that THE TAJ MAHAL is one of best in seven wonders because this is a symbol of love and i believe in love.


  46. awsome i want to go to one soon but why isnt a pyramid on here and there are 8 on here ???? 😉

  47. fantabullous execellent marvolus wish to visit every one of then before i die bcoz they are looking like that

  48. Komodo Island in Indonesia should be included in seven wonders .because there is only one island alone in the world of dragons, and no one country has any dragons, which is a relic of animals in ancient times, and included in the species of dinosaurs, I’m very disappointed .

  49. The Seven wonders are realy wonders…………………………..!But the photography is vrey beautiful.i wish to visit the all seven wonders in my life.

  50. taj mahal was our property! this type of thinking is wonder. luckily this is our property i was proud of our construction taj mahal and this the one of the 7 wonders.our country people proud of this one.

  51. i have no word for explaining this seeing only we must feel its wonder is really heaven world

  52. i hope inshallah i visit all,placec mostly i want to to taj mahal &manchu panchu its really toooooooooo good

  53. ithink they took taj mahal thts why its 7wonders other wize its no wonders sare jaha se acha hindustan hamara i can tell any bady in the world that iam INDIAN.

  54. I think they are good but i prefure the old ones, maybe they could include the great barrier reef/Australia. And i am hopeful to see these one day.

  55. it’s awesome n gr8 2 visit all des places i wish 2 visit dese places n i’m feeling proud 2 say dat i’m an indian n our freat monument taj mahal s 1 among dat i hope charminar n golconda may also b one of the wonder n future.hopng 4 d best

  56. really really amazing places . . . we have to save our earth and protect it . we should make whole places in earth as wonders . . i want to spend time in these places with my love. .thaks to earth for having these places

  57. all historical places of world have magnificant and unbelievable structure.among all this TAJMAHAL is best. I PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN……….

  58. This wonder,s is amazing and they pride of all contry any one give 1st place but all of wonder is great.

  59. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fantastic, i will be the luckiest person if i ever had a chance to visit all of them


  61. Tajmahal is the best

    [racial put-down removed — in the future your entire comment may be deleted for insulting anyone, including by broad racial or ethnic stroke, or you may be banned from commenting in extreme circumstances]

  62. best and awesome!!!
    machu picchu!!!its the coolest!!!
    it should be in the list next time too!!!
    may u all work like this everytime and give us such beautiful pic

  63. sana ang
    christ Redeemer (1931) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    great wall of china at machu pichu peru ay makasama sa 7 wonders of the world

  64. guddavalaga unnayi rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………………………………..

  65. best and awesome!!!
    machu picchu!!!its the coolest!!!
    it should be in the list next time too!!!
    may u all work like this everytime and give us such beautiful pic

  66. The history of the world is unknown and human being of this world are always looking the development of the society but the seven wonders and other wonders of the world are really eyewitnesses of the developed of the world. I am really happy and pleased to see this wonderful pictures of the seven wonders of the world.

  67. The New 7 Wonders Of The World is really wonderful pictures, BUT it is available in 3D specialty then it is MOST WONDERFUL in the world.

    1. You are right, as per today’s technology it should be in 3D.
      Anybody take a step to develop in 3D.
      Then pepoles enjoy like a flying in helicopter around this…. Hope in feature

  68. I love the seven wonders of the world, but, could you do the seven NATURAL wonders of the world??? That’s what I was looking for. 🙂


  69. I love the seven wonders of the world, but, could you do the seven NATURAL wonders of the world??? That’s what I was looking for.


    P.S. i had to re-post this because I put in the wrong email!!! <3 B-)

  70. It is so precious & percular venue dat i wish me&my wife could ever& try 2 visit especially d pyramid of Egypt.

    I am lucky that I live in a country which consists atleast 1 wonder.TAJ MAHAL

  72. what a wonder & beautiful “The seven Wonder of world” I have no comments to say on it. It is like a “Heaven”.And I am proud that I am Indian and from India Taj-Mahal is also selected. niceeeeeeeeeeee.

    1. wonder……full. these all emages just amaging.In these wonders indian tajmahal are also included its happpy thought for all indians.
      thank u….

  73. wonder……full. these all emages
    7 wonders
    very thanks for site
    jay hind
    i love world
    i love my mother india

    Hira Mukund Desaale

  74. i really like it for all the student that want to see this wonderful of the word,im surelly they will learn all about it,and also they will enjoy every places of it.

  75. these pictures are really awesome and amazing. pics were taken in different angles.
    machu pichu pic really suprb……………… words to describe it…………….

  76. realy these pictures R amazing awesome & i promise 2 all of u that one day i will go 2 see each an every one wonder with my wife………………………………………remember me………

  77. All pics r fantastic and i love all seven wonders of world.but i like TAJ MAHAL the most because it is one of best building or fort that i have seen ever.PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

  78. All 7 wonders are amazing.,specially TAJ MEHAL.Indian Govt. must issue visa to see this best wonder of the world.It is every one right.

  79. This year, 2012, Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa was voted a natural wonder with emphasis on the word “natural” meaning, “Not man-made”. When do you suppose we will be able to view the updated list?

  80. I am South African from Indian extraction and i live in Cape Town, location of the most recently installed seven wonders, TABLE MOUNTAIN. This most certainly suggests an elimination factor.One of the above wonders have lost its position. when can we expect an update?

  81. really cool and naturals places its certain that almightly Allah has given us the talent and required power to build mansion like taj mahal and so on

  82. Beautiful, how i wish i could physically visit all these places. Good job. Though there are quite some locations in Africa also.

  83. still the architecture of greatwall,tajmahal,itza wondering all over the world…
    proud to be a human…in the sense where those wonders are not there in other planets….

  84. Definitely I can’t see these images directly, But I felt very much happy and impressed.


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