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The World’s Best Intelligence Agencies

Nearly every country in the world has an intelligence agency that is charged with espionage in order to protect its own interests in all aspects, including economic, political and military interests. While some of these agencies have agreements to share information with others for greater impact, others are very secretive and make it a point to share with no one. It is widely known that many countries have spies in other areas of the world for the purpose of gathering intelligence data. Who these spies are and exactly how they operate is more secretive in nature.

1: ISI (Pakistan)

ISI The Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (more commonly known as Inter-Services Intelligence or simply by its initials ISI), is Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency, responsible for providing critical national security intelligence assessment to the Government of Pakistan. The ISI is the largest of the three intelligence service agencies of Pakistan, the others being the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Military Intelligence (MI).

It is the successor of the IB and MI formed after the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947 to coordinate and operate espionage activities for the three branches of the Pakistan Armed Forces. The ISI was established as an independent intelligence agency in 1948 in order to strengthen the sharing of military intelligence between the three branches of Pakistan’s armed forces in the wake aftermath of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947, which had exposed weaknesses in intelligence gathering, sharing and coordination between the Army, Air Force and Navy.

2: U.S. Intelligence Agencies

CIA The United States of America’s intelligence community is made up of sixteen different agencies. Most notable and recognizable on that list are the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

While in the past these agencies operated in mostly isolated states, the sharing of intelligence information has increased considerably since the attacks of September 11, 2001. The CIA is the largest of the intelligence agencies and is responsible for gathering data from other countries that could impact U.S. policy.

The NSA is the country’s intelligence agency responsible for intercepting and deciphering foreign signals while protecting the information systems of the United States. The DIA gathers intelligence information that is pertinent to military operations around the world while the FBI is the link between the intelligence and law enforcement communities in the country.

3: CSIS (Canada)

CSISThe Canadian Security Intelligence Service is responsible for intelligence gathering on a domestic level.

The agency does not have the authority to work on foreign intelligence and its main objective is to protect Canada from national threats.

It works closely with intelligence agencies from other countries, including the United States.

4: ASIS (Australia)

ASISThe Australian Secret Intelligence Service was founded in 1952. For more than twenty years, the existence of the agency was a secret even from its own government.

Its primary responsibility is gathering intelligence from mainly Asian and Pacific interests using agents stationed in a wide variety of areas.

Its main purpose, as with most agencies, is to protect the country’s political and economic interests while ensuring safety for the people of Australia against national threats.

5: Mossad (Israel)

MOSSADThe Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks is the intelligence agency of Israel.

Also widely known as Mossad, it was founded in 1951. The agency has always operated in a secret state and, until the mid-90s, the identity of the director of the agency was even regarded as a secret.

Mossad is responsible for gathering intelligence data using human field agents throughout the Middle East. While other countries are also included, their main focus is on countries in their own region. Current estimates number their force at just over one thousand agents.

6: BND (Germany)

BNDThe Federal Intelligence Service of Germany is referred to as BND. The agency sees almost the entire world as an opportunity for intelligence gathering with agents stationed in more than one hundred countries.

BND is widely known for sending agents in as undercover embassy workers to gather intelligence data. The agency employs more than four thousand worldwide.

7: DGSE (France)

DGSEThe General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) of France has a rather short history compared to other intelligence agencies in the region.

It was officially founded in 1982 from a multitude of prior intelligence agencies in the country.

Its primary focus is to gather intelligence from foreign sources to assist in military and strategic decisions for the country. The agency employs more than five thousand people.

8: GRU (Russia)

GRUThe Main Intelligence Administration or GRU, largely came into play after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Its main task is gathering military intelligence data both on domestic and foreign levels. Even though its staff size is smaller than the intelligence agencies under the Soviet Union, the GRU still remains an important player in the world intelligence community and is regarded as a professional force.

Russia and China have a signed treaty for the sharing of intelligence information between their agencies.

9: MI6 (UK)

MI6The Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom, also known as MI6, has a long history dating back to 1909.

The agency’s main office is in London and it is responsible for gathering information from across the globe that could impact political and economic interests in the UK.

MI6 has a strong focus on terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and crimes of a serious nature that have the potential to impact the entire region.

10: MSS (China)

MSSThe current intelligence agency of China, the Ministry of State Security, was founded in 1983. Its main objective is to gather intelligence on those that could be seen as enemies with the goal of overthrowing or otherwise dismantling the socialist government of China.

The MSS has agents stationed throughout the world posing as ordinary citizens. The MSS has a primary interest in the United States and has many agents posted throughout the Silicon Valley in California.

11: RAW (India)

RAWIndia’s intelligence agency is known as the Research and Analysis Wing or RAW. It is sometimes also abbreviated as R&AW.

RAW was founded in 1968 with its main objective to gather intelligence about its neighbor, Pakistan. Throughout the years, Pakistan has continued to be a primary target of its intelligence gathering efforts.

It is estimated that RAW employs more than eight thousand field agents in various locations throughout the world.

All pictures are courtesy of MorgueFile.


Stacey Abler is a professional business writer who holds an MBA with a focus on marketing and entrepreneurship. She specializes in articles about marketing, human resources and finance. As an Army wife, she has a special interest in military subjects.

275 thoughts on “The World’s Best Intelligence Agencies

  1. By far world best intel agency is U.S. Intelligence Agencies, it has the best technology and the will power. Without them the world would have been ~10 centuries behind.

    1. I think MOSSAD is the best in the world…They have killed almost all the PLO terrorists in the Black September…But RAW is the upcoming best Intelligence Agency in the world…

      1. how raw is best a agency which did not able to trace that some people coming from sea side and band the indian taj hotel and other places lol just talk on fcts

        1. RAW is useless & clueless. It is pbbly very well infiltrated by double agents, mostly Pakistani. RAW did not have a clue as to 26/11, Akshardham and dozen others. Indian people are not safe at all with RAW.

      2. Sorry, the MOSSAD lost a great deal of credibility when it could not correctly call the
        1973 Yom Kippar war! Israel’s very existence was at stake and the MOSSAD let Israel
        down at this most crucial of crucial moments! Some in the MOSSAD would say that they
        did in fact called the 1973 war accurately but the military/civilian
        leaders did not listen! This is simply an excuse for failure, more common amoung 3rd
        world nations!

        1. Isi is responseble for 26/11….also isi has very bad reputation..isi is involved with terrorist activities…
          Raw is the best agency……

          1. you are unaware of world politics which you call terreist activities are actually undercover operations done by all inteliigence agencies.even raw is reponsible for bombings in pakistan.

      3. you are stupid to think that plo is end.moreover this task is of army not an intelligence agency.raw has most failed undercover mission which the isi has successfull countered.

    2. I dont think I would waste alot of time trying to prove a point, especially after reading all your comments i can clearly tell how dim-wits yall are.
      Recently, Former head of RAW(Indian Intelligence Agency) on a TV interview admitted that ISI(Pakistani Intelligence Agency) is a superior agency when he was asked what he likes about their counter-parts!

    3. ISI ? The Best?
      Is that how they saw the coming of taliban, the attack on PNS Mehran, the killing of Osama at abottabad and the thousands of intellgience failures as reasons for being the best?

      ISI is an old-school agency taht knows only brute force spy tactics – train bad guys – send them to kill. Its hardlly an “intelligence” agency!!

      1. if ur talking about failure then cia had failed twice first 9/11,2nd when ttheir cia thought iraq is devp nuclear weapons shame on cia and that’s how they say we r super power they r just champion how to kill innocents..

      2. CIA invited RAW to Afghanistan to undermine Pakistan? It is now an established fact that a group of six colluding intelligence agencies under CIA stationed at Sehra Naward near Kabul are assiduously working on an agenda to secularize, denuclearize and balkanize Pakistan. The CIA has now declared an aggressive but covert war against Pakistan in a desperate attempt to counter success of Pakistan army , ISI and Governor NWFP in countering CIA / RAW backed terrorist groups in the tribal areas of Pakistan.For the first time, there is panic in Langley, CIA headquarters, over the success of Pakistani strategy in tribal areas. It is mentionable that it was due to the professional competence of ISI in foiling the anti-Pakistan plot of CIA and RAW

    4. I acknowledge that ISI is far better than RAW in success stories and so far kept Pakistan saved from powers like US, India and Israel however; it could not transformed Pakistan into a stronger country and kept involved in too many issues. ISI should work to narrow down the gaps between India & Pakistan instead of developing relations with China or USA. We share the same culture, same language and same food.

      1. ranjit i don’t think that we share same culture and food.. the animal you guys worship of … well we eat that … and you also know that PAKISTAN and INDIA can never be together..

        1. its difficult to be together b’cos of the wounds of 1971 and 1999 but it’s not impossible my bro!
          it is up to us that how we behave to each other. today Russia and US have no conflict. they spend their money for their people’s growth. US had war in south asia just b’cos they needed petroleum oil (of course for their own companies) and also due to attack of 11th sep.

          why should we bleed ourselves?

        2. A large number of Indians are beef eaters…there is no point in making out differences between the two nations just on the basis of Religion as India is a secular nation with almost 16 crore Muslims. Your country’s total population is about 17 crores.Besides the logic of your silly point forces me to ponder that since Russia has a rich culture of Beef eating she Should be regarded as the greatest enemy of India…Is Religion and only Religion our culture???

        3. we worship and care even animals,first u take care your family,and others also will do like that,we no need raw,isi,cia,fbi,mss…etc why u need think others is fool,u need think others is clever than u,first need selfcontrol.pls do something good for others,try to love others,no fighting.

    5. For your kind information secret agency is not based on technology its collective approach require for any secret agency and i feel and believe as UAE local ISI is very best doesn’t involve any killing activity like most of secret agency do…

    6. nothing you can get with power need thinking. patience.. alot. if the US are the best intelligence then why they couldn’t get the control of Afghanistan and why they couldn’t stop 9/11.. the war can’t win with power. only win with right strategy and cleverness.. which isn’t in US intelligence..the situation is in front of every one that US intelligence can’t still get the control of Afghanistan

    7. The report doesn’t say that ISI is the best ,it says “The World’s Best Intelligence Agencies”…try to understand the difference

    8. having technology and equipment doesn’t mean that a agency is best.these rankings are based on ratio of succesful undercover missions which the isi has the most.

    9. mosad is the best agency.they can do anything just in a finch.the rest are just yahoos.the whole damn world is on the tips of the mosad’s finger.they control the cia,the raw and the rest there is no rarings.gud going deserve it.other wise i hate you

    10. I accept CIA is best in technology and resources… but CIA is the world’s best terrorist organization. who killed millions of people in iraq and afghanistan,,,, without CIA world would have been ten centuries forward not behind in iraq and afghanistan… I have nothing to do with iraqi and afghani people I dont even know anyone one of them but I am aware of what CIA and america have done iraq and afghanistan…. I am only talking about justice,,, and I am not forcing my ideas on you,,, may be you will not agree with me, If you dont have the ability make difference between justice and injuctice,,


      1. ISI is the biggest terrorist organization in the world and it works with Al-Qaida to spread terror all over the world. Pakistan is the epi center of terrorism world.

        1. raw is the the most coward and real terrorist agency of the world wants to destabilize pakistan but they should know that every pakistan in reality a commando and knows how to defend the motherland. raw is involved in baluchistan, they facilitate and funding the terrorist groups, they want to divide muslims in sect and factions.geo isi keep it on and defend pakland.

          1. My dear brother I like your’s comments.
            India is the biggest terrorist country.
            Crush India
            Crush India

          1. bas ak baath kahunga hinduo ko ”mhouu ma raam raam aur baghal m churi” hara sallon pheat ka pecha war kar tha ho samna akka laro patha lag jai tm ko apna ak araab h9nduo ko la ao hum 18 coror hi kafi hain..aur is on top ranking geo ISI…Shame on RAW coward agency…..

        2. Who told you ISI is the biggest terrorist organization in the world and it works with Al-Qaida to spread terror all over the world. did you remained ISI member or we can ISI people always called you and told that we are going to do terrorist like activities.
          ISI is the Supreme Intelligence Agency in the kindly be honest be take decision.

          1. Laghari beta, if ISI involved or worked with Al_Qaida then we first killed you. On the other hand, if ISI worked with Taliban then, why Talibans killed our Army soldiers and ISI worker..
            Beta pehla socha karo phir zuban kholo aur Ilzam tarashna ki bajay apnay main jhanko..

          1. people go there and buy ice,u know there is very cheap,u no need jump the gate,find stright way ,we can give u free ice,our hospitality is grate u know it right.

    1. Come down, We can not Ignore what is TRUE and REAL.

      But I think the Important think for us (Asian) are, to have same Rule like EU has for themselves.

      There have to have PEACE and PEACE with no BORDER.

      1. well… we dont have to argue for knowing who is the best, instead if we co-operate together and bring peace… then we(the earthians) would be the best… 🙂

  2. RAW has a lot of potential..currently it is not that active…..but i believe that RAW will some day rise up when there will be a necessity to….and will be dangerously active…. !!!

    1. oh no ben ur igency r far far behing but i hope they will defeat the indian raw in ranking YOU Should know one thing that your agency can easily defeat RAW bcz they are coward….murdabad india…..

  3. well ISI is very best and the foreigners also rely on this….it protects Pak from insergency inside the country…so go ISI go

  4. @Farhan Ojama: Nope. British Intelligence is widely considered to be the best in the world. Since the Australian system is modelled pretty closely on that of the British (from the high-level stuff right down to the nitty-gritty, it’s very similar. Apparently MI6 and ASIS even use the same filing system!), it would be a fair assumption the Australian Intelligence Community would be about on par with them.
    US Agencies come waaaaay down the list. Oh and by the way, the quality of training (and subsequent competence of the trained officer) is much, much more important than any technology.

  5. Hmm……..really tough to decide but as far as i know and in my DSS subject the most sophisticated networks are Mossad and ISI…….
    Mossad having a real high budget and new technological advantage and ISI having brilliant past records and now playing double game with NATO and US government in afghan policy , as a Britisher i vote for M16.

    1. if isi is doubling then what the hell are you doing in muslim land. you are killing our innocent citizens. plz go about ur own business and leave our land. stop slaughtring Muslims in the name of terrorism. do remember you will get nothing from here, we r not terrorist, don’t provoke our sentiments. Islam is the message of peace, not terrorism. john bull u yet want to rule in our homeland but this age is ours, not urs. May God give u people reason!
      long live ISI, long live Pakistan.

  6. Well i think……..ISI is the best cause the …defeat the world power in last century and manage to build the nuclear weapon against all odds and ristriction.

    1. When did the ISI and Pakistan ever defeat a world power? Or any power for that matter. If you’re referring to the UK, independence was granted not won militarily and in case you are referring to India, Pakistan have never defeated India militarily or otherwise despite three conflicts. Pakistan was able to build a nuclear weapon due to a huge amount of Chinese assistance who of course already had nuclear weapons.

      I suggest you review your own level of intelligence before judging on the best intelligence agencies.

      1. Might I add in terms of defeating the Soviets in Afghanistan, that was the product of the ISI and every other Western intelligence agency who feared Communist dominance in the region. Indeed there was a Cold War on at the time.

      2. you know it is lunacy to compare other intelligent agencies with ISI because isi is the best agency with brave undercovers………. proud to be a Pakistani

        1. Yes ISS is the best. ISI could not control RAW in operations during 1971. They cut Pakistan in two part and make a new country named BD

        2. Yes it is lunacy, we have just seen how great the ISI is haven’t we. Their global reputation has suffered greatly with the death of Osama Bin Laden.

          1. osama bin laddan death is completely a darama and there is no truth in this drama because osama death is happen more than one time {WAQAR HUSSAIN SAGAR }

          2. Hay man! Osama bin laden died many years ago due to his kidney problem. 2 May incident was just a drama in order to produce a bad face of Pakistan in front of whole world.

      3. Dude Russia in Afghanistan were defeated dur to the efforts of ISI .. … ISI trained the Taliban .. to kick their as*es .. n after that .. when cia had to take control of the Taliban .. they acted like slowpokes n let the Taliban run wild … .. … n dude help or no help ,.. they still buld the nuclear .. so … by far .. n by past record .. isi is the best … so stop hating …

        1. Pretty sure you can actually thank Charlie Wilson for all that 😀 ^^ jst saying

          and How does one rate the effect of clandestine operations from the outside? oh… one doesn’t, so this entire threads pointless?

      4. hy we defeated indian military in 1965 when at that time your general told that at 2mw sun rise we will be in lahore but what thats not happend instead of that we we capture ur sites in india and and pictures r also available on net,hy indian historian change your history from your book they didnt teach right histoty to their children in school level….when pakistan became into being at that time we dont had any thing even we aonly have a jut mill and 2 or three other things at that time people thought that pakistan would not survive more than six months bcz of they will again become part of INDIA but that doesnt happened we survive and shut thr mouth who thoght we will not survive more then 6 months…regarding to war in 1965 we had defeated you and your army whose size is more then 6 times bigger then pakistan and at that time ur army strength was in double fig compare to pak,but pakistani army defeated you & captured inside places in iindian,in1971war we surrendar bcz bangladeshi people were against us thats why we surrender our selves…hy what ever u INDIAN do your RAW is giving money to terrorists in afghanistan and mossad was also involved with you and RAW/mossad both are WORKING under CIA Umbreela,just to destabalise pakistan…whatever you guys do if that was mossad,raw,cia you will not be able to defeat our nation our beautiful country pakistan and our brave people of pakistan and their soldiers,there is no other country in history who face as much difficulties like pakistan in short time of indpendance in these up and downs we r still going toward better and brighter pakistan,thats why today our agency is on top in the world,army is ones of best one who learn more in shorter period after independance how to tackle with difficulties hw to face it….

  7. As far as I’ve heard MOSSAD is the best of All. Even the Sep 11 attack was found out first by MOSSAD beforehand and was intimated to US. And MOSSAD is known to be most secretive – stealthy…

    1. yes Rohit, i agree with you. Mossad is the first one to detect 9/11 attacks, becuase they have themselves master minded it..

    2. Indeed Mossad knew 9/11 was going to hapen and they deliberately slept over it and waited for it to happen since it served their interests.
      And when it finally happened,Israel lapped it up like cat to cream.

    3. rohit you know what all the US elite rulling class was under israel secret socities controll when 9/11 occured at that day all the jews were on leave,why 9/11 was inside job they did that just to start war against ISLAM…even if you dont support ISRAEL you cannot become any thing in US…

  8. ISI is simply the best. It has always been one of the least funded agencies and still has the best track record of success.

  9. There is no doubt that ISI – Pakistan is the world’s best intelligence agency as its past record. ISI is great Pakistan is great and Pakistanis are great.

    1. ISI is the best…!! we all still remember how Osama was killed…!! and weekly bombings in Pakistan, but still believe ISI is the best…!!

    1. Not strictly true. The defeat of the USSR in Afghanistan was due to the ISI and every other Western intelligence agency who feared Communist dominance in the region. Indeed there was a Cold War going on at the time.

      Im not aware that the ISI prevented the US from administering or commandeering Pakistans nuclear arsenal. Although that wouldnt surprise me.

  10. Has to be ISI … Least Funded Agency in top 10 but most effective .. Past Record speaks that it is far better than the other

  11. truley ISI got great talent…they less resources and technology but large network around the globe..their past record is brilliant and now they are giving tough time to america and its allies because want to separate our country and ISI will never allow them to do that….rock isi

    1. And listen to me as well ISI is the great becoz on one hand we have ISE and on the other hand we have RAW,CIA, MOSSAD, HAD and NATO. But still can’t Defeat

    1. ISI is the world best intelligence agency in the eye of the world
      Those who called ISI, a group of terrorist, are terrorist

    Hope soon I.S.I will change to ….follow Quran and Rasool-e-pak….after that peace will be in the world. I.S.I is lethal.

  13. well ISI is the best no competitor with other, different work of style ,broken the world power ussr and now world countries failed in afghanistan and now looking to ISI to solve the afghan issue.

  14. As best can b only one that is ISI…
    I realy appriciate the ISI team work for betterment of Pak at the time of is in the world top agencies.truly the best. Love ISI

  15. I think,every agency is best for their own nation but bad for the other specially for those nation whose interest are crossed. the country who is having peace, progress and law & order situation for thier citizens is having the best agency.

  16. I believe that SIS or MI6 is far better than other intelligence agencies and it can’t be compared with RAW because it is useless.

  17. If ISI is the best and if it has the best performance in the past, Why we are burning in HELL in this world in the shape of Pakistan. Why dozen of innocent people are being killed in the sucide attacks daily? Why weekly 450 innocent muslims is being killed by American drone attacks? Somebody said very well,,,**Now the donkeys will also take part in the Hourses race**. Thanks to all.

  18. MOSSAD is the best followed by CIA.
    KGB and RAW are next. RAW is perfect in field and in a background processing.
    ISI is d worst idiotic agency, even they can’t be considered as legal. It is not under Pak Gvt. They are now under terrorist military of pak and stupid terrorists groups. Because of them pak is getting first among worst nations.
    Mi6 is nice but less in number. China have lot of hackers working on east countries with hacking main server located in china.

  19. Isi has done some thing in the past,it has good previous record,thats why its world no 1.what the hell RAW has done to stand equal to Isi.If Isi has done mumbai episode,where was RAW then?

    1. ISI has done nothing but spread terror inside and outside pakistan and all over the world. Moreover, pakistan has become bankrupt. The country lives off billions of dollars provided by the US every year. Its economy is broke. Mr. 10 Percent (Asif Ali Zardari) is the most corrupt politician in the world. Where as India is a tolerant country always overlooking the atrocities & terrorism activities brought upon by the ISI. Pakistan will be wiped off the face of the earth in the coming 20 years. Pakistan is a disgrace for Islam, its people and the entire world.


  20. ISI is the best ever..the master mind….some bodies commented here that isi is not under the control of pak governement,thats the logic..if they do so pak will distroy..
    And what the hell RAW is?the coward and unexperience agency who knows only blaming others..the agency working without any proof..the hopeless agency.

    1. Ohoho Little kid just have a look in your pakistan then comment . ISI even failed to track the american raid in abottabad. The loser and brainless agency was clueless at PNS Mehran attack , they were even unable to save East Pakistan ,,,, tch tch poor baby. They are such a FOOLS that even taliban gave warnings for attacks in pak after Osama death they were unable to detect 7 blasts which killed 100s of people . Military trianing academies, bases are attacked while your brainless agency watches hopelessly . Unstability in economic capital of pak , karachi, and balochistan waht the hell ISI is doing , losers . We crushed anti -Indian movements in Punjab and North east what you did to Save east pakistan and what are you doing in balochistan. More than 1000 terror attacks have hit pakistan since 2008 only how many times ISI issued alerts .Your ISI is famous only due connections with terrorists but has badly failed to save pakistan!!!!!!

  21. I believe that British and Israeli Intelligence take the top spot as both are formidable in terms of counter terrorism which is the gravest threat to world security. Russian intelligence needs huge improvements in this area. The ISI could be better had it not been less regional and corrupt. Indian intelligence is limited by the same regional outlook as Pakistan. US Intelligence is good in the fact that it has such huge investment and technology backing it.

    1. I feel the US is indeed the best. Russians were good when KGB was there. Now i dont think The FSB is as good as how the KGB was. The british intelligence , unlike their american counterparts arent so global. The RAW has many problems deep within. I dont think the RAW is anywhere even close to Mossad, CIA , MI6. and about the ISI, they are totally out of this debate.

  22. raw is the organization killer of the innocent people
    raw is working against human rites in kashmir and killing innocent kashmiri pakistani
    INSHALLAH all killer of innocent muslims will go to hell….

    1. wat do u hell u pak guys think?
      do u guys think dat islam is de oly religion in de world?
      if u guys don believ in other religions , then islam is also not there…..
      pakistan guys wer taught FALSE hate syllabus in ur history books…..
      If not 4 mahatma gandhi pakistan wont have got independence…
      Jinnah is good man, but he divided india after his own personal experience….
      Even jinnah in his death bed and in his will he accepted DIVIDING INDIA AND CREATING PAKISTAN IS MY BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE
      just check and read real world news instead reading from ur fake media…..
      ur newspapers can make money oly if dey write sumthing bad bout india…
      now cumin to our topic , all intelligence agency says dat ISI s involved with terrorist eg cia,raw,mi6,mossad,dgse,afghan intelligence saw ISI s terrrorist….
      have any other intelligence agency ever said sumthing bad bout RAW other than ISI?
      u pakistan guys dont even have common sense , but just war freaks(though u lost all wars with india, n wil continue to lose again in future if fought) and religious extremist and male dominant society

      1. Mister Vicky where you learn out ablut that mister MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH SAYS THAT DIVIDING INDIA AND CREATING PAKISTAN IS MY BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE. plz provide me any historical link o reference. Plz stop lies.

  23. ISI is the best intelligence agencies of the world because they doing work with honestly and follow the rules and principle.
    raw and mosad are children in front of ISI.

  24. What ISI has the best track record. ISI beat KGB in central asia which led to fuc*ing demolishing of berlin wall and shit. ISI did it on its own CIA was just giving the money and weapons. Fuc*ing white ni**ers biased list.
    ISI also beat RAW by attacking indian fuc*ing PARLIMENT man and sikh uprising and stuff. And now playing double game with USA.

    ISI the best. Fu*k every one ISI : )

    1. ISI bunch of Bast*ds, with no morality. The end of that shits is very close. Now ISI is so weak and in a gr8 trap of terrorism. Mistress share bed with US on daylight and share bed with terrorists at night. 🙂
      But every child knows this, no one trust any pakies now, All over the world. Lack of Gvt support now for ISI, it at its edge for a great fall.
      Wait and c!

    2. ISI beat RAW?? haha.. shame on u!.. RAW liberate Bangladesh from Pakistan. Its quite interesting move and arrangements made nearly 1 lakh (more than 93000 I rem so) pak soldiers, captured during 1971 war and slaughtered.
      If ISI is that much efficient, how comes everyday avg a bomb goes off in Pakistan and avg number of 20 civilians dies? Your media says RAW had big hands on those. Really? 😀 Double game got out of ISI game. 😀

      1. Every indian mention about 1971. Indians dont know they were the Bangalis who librated their country by own effort. All rubbish talk by indians.

  25. C’mon people enough with spewing ignorant, mean and usually just plain stupid garbage at each other.
    Its embarassing!
    Fine, i agree this is a public forum but there is no need to get nasty.
    and especially to all you indians and pakistanis. Try not to get so worked up about everything and start bashing each other.
    As for the rest of you all, do some proper research people,from actual reliable sources (not wikipedia! and yes ANON, getting info from the media does not count as research, at the very least try to look a bit beyond popular news channels–maybe look at some actual texts, research papers, reliable websites. Research requires hard work, verbal bashing does’nt!). Secondly, at this point people who think certain parties are innocent, have really been living ina cave or are completely biased and sadly mistaken.
    REMEMBER-track records speak for themselves both ways, whether it is a good track record of some agency being a strong upheld one or it is a track record of a country that has been exploiting other nations for more than a century and exerting their power on smaller countries to futher their gain throughout history.

    1. Thanks XYZ for the patronising gobbet. I find it amusing that you at once criticise me for lack of research, verbal vitriol and assert without basis that I get my assertions from the media yet provide no solid answers of your own relating to the subject at hand and paradoxically verbally bash me by assuming that I use Wikipedia and the media for my arguments. I studied Modern History including various modules in foreign policy, terrorism and counter terrorism including rogue and failed states at university. My posts are my interpretations of events read in exactly the sources you quote. Moreover my opinions are informed by experts in the field. Media sources are ambiguous and usually biased in terms of ideological or national perspectives (some newspapers and political magazines feature guest columns from people who do actually know what they are talking about, but you would know this already wouldn’t you). Scholarly sources are inevitably guilty of such imbalance at times whether it be books, memoirs, journals, articles, governmental policy papers and reports, research conducted by think tanks, political blogs, lectures and the statistics that follow them etc. For example, according to which standpoint you occupy, you can provide nigh on 100 definitions for terrorism according to Historian Michael Burleigh (author of Blood & Rage: A Cultural History of Terrorism). One or several of those definitions could fit your definition and whatever you say could easily be construed as bias opinion, especially if a pattern emerges. Im sure someone as learned on the subject such as yourself would know this already. I am by no means an expert and I dont profess to be, but simply looking at modern History enables me to see where intelligence services have succeeded or failed as well as look at the wider context of a success or failure. If you are going to disagree with me then at least do it properly instead of smearing my comments as media opinion like a 5th rate politician.

  26. oye raw waly tu sary gando ha pata b ha ap ko or cia raw mousad ya dub hamry watan k picy ku pry hu bai or janha tj raha isi ka sawal ya 1 achi muheby watan intalligens agancy ha ok

  27. To me i think the coutry with less terrorist attack is d best. Cos u dnt knw hw many attack they’ve countered to safe their nation. ISI cnt be d best becos they cnt even stop internal attack, lik bomb explosion etc. Think twice before u commend ur …….. U mk ur choice or praise once Intelligent agencies.

  28. Ha ha ha, ISI the best? what a F*CKING JOKE! the osama thing showed what a huge failure they are. and even if they were hiding Osama, they fail in their primary objective of protecting their citizens. Helping Osama means that terrorism and the killing of innocents is increased. so both ways ISI fails miserably.

  29. You are totally wrong, with your this fuc*ing article, How you top Raw on the top, they don’t know even in his country, the event of taj hotel, and much more…

    Go correct your article with February 2011 Post from America, in which raw is on 8 position and the one and only ISI is on the top leader agency in the world, OK..

  30. Dear All Sane people in the world ( I am not talking of insane, religious maniacs)

    i still fail to understand why pakis try to defend themselves when they know that they have lost three wars, they nowhere stand in economic development.In fact Pakistan is a failed state.They live on foreign grain, foreign machinery & technology, keep on begging for more and compete with India.There is a saying in hindi ” har khipkali ka bachha ye sochta hai ki bade ho ke magarmach banuga.” If india had not been born you would also not have been born.Hamse 30 minutes chote ho bhai tum. Agar galti karoge to bada bhai marega hi

      Tu saalya apna golden temple te bcha ni skya begharat log .tuhade wech te ghairat nam di cheez hi nahi . pakistan jidaan da v a pr azad taan hai .mr jao kite dub ke sikho……

  31. Hey guys listen… Who ever gave this ratings is terribly misinformed. How can ISI be the number one in intelligence agencies. No doubt its one of the top intelligence agencies but obviously it cant be number one. Pakistan is an underdeveloped third world nation who have got enough problems of her own. Its too deep in international debt and its economy runs on funds coming from the US due to its war on terrorism and the sympathic Muslim world viz the Middle East. To be the best you need to have the best of equipment and an insane amount of money to buy out people in important positions (perhaps you have heard of humint-human intelligence). All these a for a debt ridden country like Pakistan is out of bounds. Obviously many of you might not agree with me as I can see a number of emotionally excited pakistanis on this page but that is the truth and you yourselves know it in the depth of your heart that you all belong to a poverty ridden underdeveloped nation who is running just becoz of funds from some sympathic Arab Nations and the US counter terrorism fund. If you dont believe me just have a look at your GDP and your per capita and plus your meagre defense spending. ISI is obviously not number one. You all dont even have a Space Programme. Let alone spy sattelites in space. Bin Laden was hiding just 800 metres from ur lead military academy and u all dint know it. Shame on u people that u still think that ur ISI is number one. Your top military plus ISI officials were themselves sold out to Bin Laden’s Al Queda. Well I think the list needs to be altered.. 1. CIA 2. Mossad 3. FSB 4. M1-6 5. MSS and so on… No one beats the CIA in intelligence. Its the best intelligence agency in the world of the most powerful military force in the history of man. KGB once used to be the best but the break up of the Soviet Union and the economic crysis of new Russia in the 1990s weakened the organisation. Now it is the FSB. Well Mossad is one of the most professional intelligence agencies in the world and perhaps the best in the middle east. It might slightly have an edge over the FSB. Well ISI being the best… Huh dream on… First come out of ur debt then rebuild ur nation then talk such things. LoL . I know u are proud of ur nation. Well who isnt? And u think u r the best. Well all races think that they are the best but sometimes truth hurts. Learn to live with it. Your economy is sinking and you are just like the African Nations. U r at the brink of Civil War all the time. Ur military takes over ur govt. at their whim and ur national leaders are assinated when they talk of democracy and a liberal society. Ur country is harbouring terrotists with whom u all are fighting a losing war in Kashmir. U r allying urselves with a nation who copies everything from the russians and calls it their own technology and kills thousands of their own citizens just becoz they wanted a democratic govt. and freedom from their tyrannical govt.(Tiananmen Square protests of 1989). Well God bless u.

  32. Pakistan is a poor nation who lives at the mercy of the west and the sympathic Muslim World who dreams of becoming the leader of the Muslim Countries. Well dream on…lol . They think their ISI, their military, their Navy, their Air Force is the best in the world. Well Good thinking people. One round of applause from my . Whoever wrote this article must be a pakistani or else he/she would never have put the bankrupt ISI as the topmost intelligence agency in the world. Hahaha . Well my dear pakistani brothers… Ur ISI, one part is owned(sold out) by the the CIA and the other part by the Al Queda. So dream on. First pay out ur debts to the world. Then rebuild. Then think. Not that u will ever surpass the US. How can u even think of such things that u all are better the the Americans, British, French and the Russians. All u pakistanis must be crazy and idiots. No wonder despite 60 odd years of ur independence u still are a debt ridden, poor, underdeveloped nation.

    1. how in this bloody world would an India accept a fact that goes in favor of Pakistan.
      my dear brother from another mother we are talking only about the intelligence agencies…why are getting so hyper? :p
      yes Pakistan is a poor nation with 80% of military budget!
      so hook down…ISI has plenty of resources to take care of itself and the country.
      these are stats not an article…. and its not written by a Pakistani.
      a huge round of applause for u for not even knowing what the article is about and who the heck has written it!

    2. india per 1000 Years Muslims nae hukmat ki hai.1965 ki war main india ko bohat buri shahkst hoi es liyae india chup chup kr war karta hai phr b india main itni himat nahi hai k pakistan k sath Panga lae.

  33. well neways do u people really have a navy.. Well I thought it was destroyed in ’71 by the Indian Navy. Remember Karachi burning in ’71. And the stamp cards u all published to beg india for releasing ur 93000 POWs. And what happened to ur American Allies?? Their USS Enterprise(task force 74) taking to their heels upon seeing the soviet submarines. Well I thought u all were allies. We never had an alliance with the Soviets. Still they came for us. Just imagine the kind of respect we had from our friends. And what u had. The US just used u. They always have. They allowed ur nation to be split into two. Time to wake up from ur dreams dear pakis. U all belong to a weak bankrupt nation. Accept it. Please dont try to compete with the US. They are kind of Gods to u.lo

  34. (Guys India has the second largest army, fifth largest navy and the fourth largest airforce in the world). And forget going nuclear. No one is ever goin to use them and one small mistake not even a single strand of land shall remain in pakistan which India shall not destroy. Make no mistake, India has a no first use doctrine but the second strike shall effectively take out ur whole nation. And even if India go for a small retaliatiation, pakistan’s already bankrupt economy shall collapse and no western nation (lead being taken by the US and the Russians) shall risk these WMDs with pakistan, lest they start WW3. Ur nation’s WMD shall be effectively taken out by the World Powers. Ur unstable govt. shall be dissolved and a puppet govt shall be installed with thousands of US marines, Russian Paratroopers and British Soldiers in your country stationed as a multinational peace keeping force of the UN.

  35. Nuclear Methane and Explosive Fire-Power!
    “There are two types of atomic explosions that can be facilitated by Uranium-235: fission and fusion. Fission, simply put, is a nuclear reaction in which an atomic nucleus splits into fragments, usually two fragments of comparable mass, emitting 100 million to several hundred million volts of energy.” “Nuclear fusion is the process by which two or more atomic nuclei join together, or “fuse”, to form a single heavier nucleus. This is usually accompanied by the release or absorption of large quantities of energy. Fusion is the process that powers active stars, the H-bomb and experimental devices examining fusion power for electrical generation.” The recent digest into science is by By the American President as example; the House of Congress veto’s top scientists to find a reason to use nuclear technology to end War!; reveals America’s care on nuclear development to end Cold War! “After the detonation of the first plutonium bomb core in the Trinity test, the next weapon that was available was the completed (fat) Boy. And it is reported by Canadian Calvary and win Austin, Texas; United States of America; was created!. Five amazing scientists all set to reveal how {‘sour-gas} and including {methane} for igniting an ion similar to a Hydro “field;” can combust. By writer and historian Mr. Erich Von Daniken wrote extensive proven by the Bantam Library-estate who is stated as revered as Boston, Massachusetts; in his final first care on nuclear history; as first best seller (89-million first printing); “Chariots of the Gods;” and his careful scientific and this male of German (90%) and Swedish(4%) and Edmonton remainder of heritage; the time of Gilgamesh ; the King Moses; (and never a Jew; with no remorse); In King Moses relates building the Ark of Covenant! Accordingly; what was created is a plutonian ignition transfer of an Ark of Conductivity to implode as in Atomic explosion; warning.! Is real and endorsed by the internet daily! “The Congressional Watchdog” is a magnet to New York City interest and investment on methane concern! Please read why the rare and caring people of New York paid civil taxes to help Americans on possible ‘sour-gas;’ and methane implosions and explosions? “Uranium is not the only material used for making atomic bombs. Another material is the Pu-239 isotope of the man-made element plutonium”. is printed on the Web-Site; New York State is remarkable care friend! New York State is not to find with out fission! Nor is Austin, Texas; America!! In the year early; one President who also care about the U.S.A.; stated:; ..“Within the first two to four months of the bombings, the acute effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki, [1] with roughly half of the deaths in each city occurring on the first day. The Hiroshima prefectural health department estimates that, of the people who died on the day of the explosion, 60% died from flash or flame burns, 30% from falling debris and 10% from other causes. “The atomic bomb was built initially as a response to Germany having discovered how to split (fission) the uranium atom, thus releasing the energy inside the nucleus. It was thought that Hitler wanted to build an atomic bomb. Two refugees from the Nazi regime, Leo Szilard, a physicist, and Eocene Wigner, both from Hungary, were so convinced that this would happen, they began to search for a way to get a message” … to world leader of Proem to the World Governments! In nuclear fission a fissure is available to be capped! One form is sewer and always (methane) gas sour! The other is is methane and again sour; but more developed.

  36. There is no reason to fight over which intelligence agency is better. I dont think any agency which stays in news is good. Most of their operations should be covert. All of the comments i read were baseless. How can you even compare two intelligence agencies when you dont even have the slightest idea about how an intelligence agency works. haha…seriously no offence.

  37. ISI if the top of the list in the world of intelligence agencies…bcz we have nothing..we have just one thing ”IMAAN”

  38. Go to hell all egencies due to these agencied today we all enemies for each other asking Allah to give us we all nation religens peace and love with each other no way else this

  39. Everybody thinks that their country’s agency is the best.
    But, being neutral i can say that its ISI, for the sole reason that it has to fight against RAW, CIA, MOSSAD, KGB at the same time..
    so you have to be really good in order to keep up with so many powerful (well funded) opponents..

  40. I believe this is the only thing which ISI don’t want, they don’t want to be as a NUMBER 1 in front of the world. Being hidden and silent are the main policies of ISI, but now everyone in the world is looking towards ISI after the declaration of best Intelligence agency in the world and this is the thing which ISI don’t want…

  41. You all are being fooled by boasting your national intelligence agencies.

    Eventhough i am not from these countries, i beleive Mossad and CIA are the best.

  42. I am an indian and i like RAW but if you see on realistic base you should accept no doubt ISI is the best and super intelligence agency of the world.

  43. I have been reading all the comments. It is interesting to read all the views but I feel sorry to say instead of appreciating the capabilities and standing of all the organizations devoted to their motherland, emotions and personal feeling has blinded most of the blogs here. One should have the spirit and decency to accept standing of all these organizations in this world.

  44. i think isi is the best inteligence agency bcs its our proudit protect us Gen. kiani & Gen pasha we proud of you ap hamain apne sath pao gae in americans ko moon ki khani parae gee …………………………indian koto apnae gharoun main bhaito es watan k rakhwalae jag rahae hain

  45. Its absolutely crazy to see the cat fight going on here between the commenters of India and Pakistan. I have seen a couple of sites related to the world’s best intelligence services and they all have named ISI of Pakistan as the best. I believe there must be a reason why they all have named ISI as the number one. Why is it so hard for the Indians to accept it. I am not a Pakistani, but I accept it. ISI is good despite the fact it is poorly funded and they did alarm UK many times of terror plots which our MI6 have failed to spot early. One of them was the 7/7 which the MI6 failed despite the fact ISI warned about it. Mossad is also good but it still has a long way to reach the top and most of all achieve things in a way the ISI does. Guys, please behave like morons, just think about the materials in these sites and think why all the rating from many sites have rated ISI as the best. There must be a reason for that. Perhaps RAW could achieve more if they work their neighbours. After all who could help you more than a neighbour who was once part of yours.

  46. Hahahaha… Mi6 are the fathers of the intelligence family. They even set up CIA in America. Most of those countries are under constant attack, unlike Britain. Britain had Bin Laden cornered in 2001 but had to relinquish power to the Americans.

  47. i dunno much about these analyses but i’m pretty sure that RAW will do whatever it takes to protect hindustan……………….we belive in you, RAW…we have lots of trust in your maturity……

  48. Ok i see you’re aLl voting for your countries but mi6 is far the best, do your research first British secret services and spec ops are the best in the world anne even train the ithers

  49. i don’t agree that ISI is the number 1 in the world if we considering success of breaking competitive countries strength & power other intelligent agencies CIA, MOSAD or RAW. i think this is one kind of corrupted information. trying to bluffing with the countrymen, nothing otherwise.

  50. You all miss the point. Intelligence agencies are primarily there to ensure the smooth running of BIG BUSINESS INTERESTS. None of the intelligence agencies are ‘good’ so to speak. They all deal with disseminating propaganda and ensuring that business functions as usual, without the formal requirements of decency and civilised behaviour. They are all outlaws and they cost us all much in terms of money and spirit.

  51. I think ISI is most powerful agency in the world as it is often called a state within state.
    Because pakistani PM or President and even army cheif didnot know about what is doing it and what will do in future.

  52. yes ISI is the best agency in world.i think CIA only have technology but ISI have sharp mind ISI use the power of CIA for PAKISTAN intrest and CIA don’t know about that phattttttooo saLI CIA.

  53. Dear Users
    The Post is a Information don’t take it as a quiz.I am Pakistani and i Proud to be Pakistani,Every Indian proud to be Indian.We all love our countries.Neither ISI nor Raw is terrorist,these are the agencies providing intelligence services to defend its countries.Dear Users be mature and think positively,Its 21st century and you are speaking like that you are in Stone Age.

    Lahore Pakistan

  54. Hi,
    I think every one is forgetting one more intelligence agency……. The one which is I think is the best in world…… Intelligence of Afghan Taliban….. There is no picture of there leader…. No one know that where is he…No one know about there army…When ever they want, they become ordinary personals and whenever they want, they become army personals…. No one know about there network……..They are fighting with CIA, MOSAAD, RAW. and with much bigger army from them which include American army and all of the coalition forces alone….No one is helping them…. And after 12 years of fight, American CIA is still saying that we are loosing war in Afghanistan…….Taliban are still practically controlling more than 70% area of Afghanistan (BBC report). CIA is never able to know and brake there network. All they are doing with no resources…..Comments are welcome..

    1. That may be true and yes, the Taliban is incredibly secretive but when it comes down to it,that doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most effective. That place is still taken up by the mosaad

  55. im sorry but there simply isnt a best intelligence agency. they are all perfect for different things. the CIA has the best technology, where as other intelligence agencies are just as powerful, in other ways. the most ruthless and effective however, is definitely the MOSSAD. while there methods and actions are horrible, they are the most effective and without a doubt the scariest. they say that they have to answer to the Israeli prime-minister, but according to there own actual laws. if you read them properly, the only rules they have to actually follow are the rules of the torah and they twist those immensely. i am not a fan of the MOSSAD, but i do admire them. their disregard for rules means they are much more capable than any other intelligence agency. they take no prisoners and once went as far as to shoot twenty AMAN agents after they had been held hostage and tortured as they might have disclosed info about Israel. the MOSSAD are privately funded by about 300 mulch-billionaires around the globe. they also run covert operations for other governments that would cause those governments huge catastrophe and citizen outrage if the word gets out, for money and other resources such as super-computers. they are by far the most deadly and frightening, and another they would ask for in return for covert ops is information on that particular agency. it is said that not even the rulers of Israel know what they get up to!!! back to the point, they have had only a few failures and they killed off the operatives who caused those failures afterwards, no matter where they were on the globe. without them the world would not only be a nuclear wasteland by now, but extremists would have taken over. however it is also rumoured that they have a huge money laundering operation and arms dealing operation to suit there own ends and gain them profit and set certain countries against each other to get at individual people. they once blew up a house holding several hostages from a variety of different races and countries, to kill the bad people as well who were numbering about 4!!! apparently when questioned by the primeminister of Israel himself the head of the MOSSAD said that they do not negotiate with terrorists no matter the terms.
    MOSSAD operatives, especially kidon’s (assassins) are given the more training than any other agency!!! and are experts at a deadly martial art “krav maga” which you can look up.

  56. Intelligence agencies are what’s wrong with this world; using lies, deception, espionage and violence to prove how grand of an ego each country has. All of them are just like kids in a sandbox not willing to share their toys; totally dysfunctional and sick. Not to mention they serve only the rich. I am part of the 99%, and I suspect that some of you who have made comments professing to be from the country with the best intelligence agencies are too. Intelligence or lack of empathy? Which is it to be? The world is run by the 3 most exclusive and least accountable systems: Capitalism, Communism, and Religion who all serve nothing more than the ego, which is ruled by 1% of the population: the rich and powerful elite.

  57. East/west India’s the best.RAW is 1000 times better than ISI.period.KASHMIR BELONGS TO INDIA AND ONLY “INDIA”ALL KASMIRIS ARE INDIANS.

  58. you know why all nations are trying to dominate muslims and creating terrorist culture and declaring our honest agencies a terrorist supporters, just because of ISI.
    the ISI is the only agency who:
    1.fu*ked the whole world and tried to get world most advance nuclear and missile technology.
    2. ISI saved our country even after the worlds most curroupt ruling in Pakistan.
    3. they saved us and Pakistan and Pakistanis Even when the american Black waters was living at every street of Islamabad.
    4. US could not get our nuclear, and energy resources sectors and worlds biggest gold mines even after their 100 tries and drowned attacks.
    5. ISI defeated Russia by using Taliban but they defeated the whole world by using their own mind and tactics. the world can only do shouting (terrorist terrorist), blasting inside pakistan and supporting curroupt ruling.
    There are many other 100 reasons if anyone of you traveled whole Pakistan (specially border areas) and an employment in any of the oil field and mining industry.
    then you will see by your own eyes rather to hear from anyone before commenting…
    Hope this info is enough for all of you.
    Pakistan Zindabad, ISI paindabad

  59. Though I am Pakistani, i believe RAW is superior than ISI. ISI failed in internal daily attacks and affairs under pak. On other hand RAW is working in background and its work is much hidden as it is controlled totally by PM not by parliament or public.

  60. Im an indian n i know RAW is useless. But at the same time ISI….Imbeciles Stupid Idiots, is also useless. They really r dragging pakistan back to stone age. RAW is really useless. They r bunch of craps but unlike ISI they r not creating internal turmoil n problems to other nations.

  61. Inteligent organisations are all evil bt i respect the efficiency of mossad.America will neva rule Zimbabwe.we have our own strong intelligence CIO.

  62. dude… ISI already in the black list of U.S. with Al-Qaida and other groups. U.S. kept quite due to strategic partnership and pakistan’s regional importance. ISI will be f*ked as it apparently starts support terrorism though now he supports against India and israel.

  63. frankly now CIA+R&AW+MOSSAD vs ISI+MISIRI(iran)+MSS(china) let’s see who will win
    as for as tech.concern CIA best ,IN MAN POWER off-course RAW more dan 20000 agents in world and in experience MOSSAD ………ya but ISI is not Too Weak in man power 10000 (only officers and agents) and MISIRI is new entry but they have Money and oil and china isn’t too strong due to there language barrier ………..!

  64. If pakistan`s ISI is best in d world then how BANGLADESH got created?? how come SINDHUDESH (SINDH) is on d verge of separation?? BALOCHISTAN??
    There has been a huge “Call for” new state “PAKHTUNISTAN or PAKHTUNKHOJA”?? why are pathans in pakistan willing to merge with pathans of afghanistan?? why true patriotic pakistanis are only restrictedly found in “punjab” of pakistan??
    while look at india! we are able to holdup even KASHMIR which has 90% muslims!! that tells us “who is best in bussiness”!!

  65. When i read that “ISI is best rank 1st in the world then it makes me laugh out loud :D(lol)..
    they even cannot prevent bombs from getting exploded in there MOSQUES.. and then they claim being best! wtf?
    i m declaring here frm d sources i hv got dat RAW is all out after Pakistan! it has sweared of not ceasing actions untill pakistan breaks into 4 pieces!!
    bangladesh and sindh will be merging india in d near future! baluchistan will b big nation comprising its regions in IRN,PAK,AFG!!

    1. You don’t need to tell , we know who our enemies are and we know how to counter them . Its strength of Pakistan who is facing so many enemies RAW,MOSSAD,CIA, and others and still going forward. Forget Bangladesh . it was un realistic to stick together with enemy sitting in between. We are one in each and every crisis. our only weakness is our Islamic ideology is getting weaker day by day . No body can defeat us if we stand firm on our religion but if we turn weak than things can turn worse.

  66. The CIA is number 1.. The M16 sucks.. They failed to get one successful mission in Libya.. They, along with the SAS, got owned by a bunch of untrained rebels!

    1. Nice to have allies such as the Americans. Maybe we should have sided with the Soviets. It was the British MI who set-up your counter intelligence back in the 50s to take out the Russian spy cells. Don’t believe me? This information comes from one of your own US Army Colonels.

  67. what the hell indians are talking against PAKISTAN even RAW is not able to control the uncountable separatist movements which are going on through out the india .so it is obvious that only india is enough to disintegrate themselves into small pieces and INSHALLAH after 10 years world will see that size of india will be equivalent to the size of SRI LANKA

  68. When I joined, they brainwashed me and implanted a fake PENIS (Photographic Enhanced Numeric Instruction System) Only when I retired did some strange CIA badges arrive from Germany…That and a discount at RED Box movie rentals.

  69. All big powers either usa,russia,britain or others have sought and depend on is the professionalism of highest calibre enable ISI to produce desired result in minimum time with a small budget,CIA,MI6,Mosad has the budget at disposal thousands time bigger then ISI.several times ISI proved to be the first layer of defence of pakistan by countering cia,masad,raw,and kgb plans.present is the most challengiing time for ISI as cia,raw,mosad and Mi6 are united against it,this union of most evil minds have launched its invasion from the inside of pakistan,by funding local media like GEO tv and ARY etc these pakistani private tv channels are busy round the clock to indianise the minds of pakistanis at one hand and maligning ISI and pakistan armed forces on the other. pakistani private media has become tool in the hands of zionists.


  70. ISI is an organization that even its own country can’t handle. Judging by its action, it seems it considers itself above its own country.

  71. ISI is the first line of defence of Pakistan,so it is on the top of the list of the enemies of Pakistan,Pakistan become nuclear power du to the vigil of ISI otherwise RAW and Mossad atleast twice planned to attack the Kahuta nuclear facilities,even israeli aircrafts reached Alop garh at night to attack next morning but timing warning by ISI .nd PAF F-16s become ready to counter attack at israeii Osirak,knowing this pants of both indians,israelis become wet.ISI is No-1 intelligent agency,anti pakistan states,elements,has their touts in Pakistan in the guise of NGOs.

  72. apart of your all jealous comments specially came from indian people I proud to be say ISI is the only secret agency in the world who give activities to collect the date and secret not like Raw, KHad and CIA agenies who killing the people for nothing just aim to destabilize the country and after that force their government do what we want…..ISI is far far best services provide for any secret agency…

  73. who is better,ISI or Raw ????in 1986 indian Raw blew its own passenger air plane by planting bomb in it killing hundreds of indians on board its own nationals,just to malign Sikh sepratist,ISI was awared of what stupid thing Raw is going to do and with its own people but did not interfere as it was none of our business. world knows ISI. as it is not raw but pure and mature intelligence agency of global repute.

  74. It seems funny that ISI tops the rank.The powerful nation will have undoubtly the best spy agency which is currently and in the near future US andher CIA. It is the failure of any spy agency if it’s work known to the public.ISI’s deeds have never been secretive.It works like a militant organisation.It’s every act is disclosed in just few hours.It train millitants to sneak into neighbouring countries and kill innocent people.The primary work of any intelligence agency is to collect useful information for their respective countries.To all my fellow Indians who have commented on this site might have understand the RAW’s role.RAW is far ahead than ISI in information gathering and gathering information with the cooperation of world’s best agencies.RAW is very hard to trace unlike ISI whose mischevious work known to the whole world.

  75. In my knowledge RAW is the best intelligence agency in Asia continent. because of this it work from 1968 and provide good result in security related matter.
    If talking about all over world CIA and FBI are the best IB agency.

  76. ISI is best cuz it is fighting various war fronts in many places, including whole border line between india and more active in border with afganistan, wazirstan,

  77. YEeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaa……………..Pakistan is the best………………………………..oppss i think im smelling something is burning

  78. IsI The Best !!! (TDumped Three Super Powers)
    1- Putting breaks to the british(only super power of that era) invasion of northern pakistan (af-pak boardering area) back in 1920 lead by the (later) british prime minister winston churchill, and that area & the people now are inegral part of pakistan & IsI.
    2- Victory medal for breaking USSR, helping 20 estates to get freedom (Russian stataes), later impact was reunion of germany, and liberalisation of eastern europe from USSR hold.
    3- Most recently and to the date, countering with the 42 Nato countries + India + Israel plannin g to destruct Pakistan and to date stand winner on ground …

  79. It would be benefit to both Indians and Pakistanis,not to indulge in illiogical patriotism to prove our is best and your is worse.Intelligence Is he most important branch of any country of the world,to judge which one is better has the criteria of following three factors.
    !- The economic streangth of agency.
    2-number of enemies to dealt with globally,as well as locally.
    3-Level of I-Q of its members.
    I S I is the number one I Agency because despite its comparatively less available budget (it is estimated RAW budget is 2o time higher ,CIA budget was more then 500 time higher then ISI in the year 2011.where as to number RAW has very few enemies while ISI is remained fighting more then 11 hosille countries.coming on factor no 3,even CIA own confedential analysis ISI Men are much better then CIA and too much much better then RAW.

  80. oh my God ISI is first…….unbelievable the indians must be very jealous and just starving for 1 position as they r on 11th position….the intellegent 1 agency is ISI so dont be panic just cool down u indians

    1. Proud to be Pakistani …………….. Donkey America couldn’t attack on Pakistan in last ten years they came for Pakistan in Afghanistan not for Taliban………..and Usama bin Laden ………….but there is ISI which playing double game with world … Donkey America thinking that ISI is working for us ……. it is only dream for Donkey America ……. ISI working Only for ISLAM & PAKISTAN …. thats why i called to ISI that its not Inter Services Intelligence ….. It is Invisible Solders of ISLAM…….. 🙂

  81. all read all comments …dear this is for all bcz of these bulgy British ..hum alag ho geye ..jiss baat ka ye aaj tak fayeda utha rehe hai ..socho ..pakistan + india + afganistan + bagladesh+ shrilanka sab abhi bhi …sath hote to ..sabki maaa ki ….. ! best in all . chahe game mai ho ya , IB mai …!!! we are all the best ….!!!!

  82. Reply Har hindu harami hai: Haramzadi ke baje. Thank US and EU forces for being in our region, and protecting your erse. or else ISI would have sorted Raw out by now. Raw better keep sucking US Lollipops and beg them to stay in Afghanistan forever, because the day all US and Nato forces are gone, Pakistan’s powerful ISI backed by the real Taliban brothers will make sure all your terrorist embassies in Kabul are blown to pieces and your Raw spies will run holding there toti’s. ISI rules kabul, no one has more secret spies in that city than Pakistan’s ISI, and no-one messes with us in our mountains and tribal ereas. So keep in mind what I’ve just told you, after US/nato forces leave Afghanistan, ISI and the real Taliban brothers are going to chase you Indians out all the way to bombay, you will pay for all the pain, hurt and grievance that you have gave Pakistan since 9/11, with the help of America and Israel !

  83. Why do people believe that Osama bin Laden died in Pakistan on 2nd May. Is it because India’s ‘new dad’ Barrack Obama says so…. I mean, who saw Bin Ladens dead body? The US special forces? Mr Obama? Mrs Clinton? Pakistan officials? Or us the viewers? The answer is no one ! We are all going by Obama’s and America’s words! The same country (US) along with UK who wrongly accused and fought a illegal war in Iraq, after claiming they had WMD. Oh and the crap 45 mins, dossier, both which were proved to be full of lies! “We got him, justice has been done” said Mr Obama, but what justice did we see anything…. I we killed him and buried him at sea …. Lol. The most wanted man ever in the west …. Is killed and chucked in the sea . Ha ha ha ha. Had US special forces really got him, I believe they would have shown him (just like Saddam) to the whole world! But America and the West has the strongest Media, so no-one really questioned this farce story! Pakistan’s ISI, did not fail neither did Pakistan’s defence system, there was a US helicopter shot down and three outsiders were reported dead in that crash, presumingly (US special forces) Pakistan’s Ary news confirmed it but as always there was a goverment cover-up to the real event. The other US special forces still managed to complete what they came to do from Kandahar. They planted Bin Ladens wife and kids and shot a innocent watch gaurd then later pretened that they killed Bin Laden and took his body while leaving his family behind! Pakistan’s airforce still managed to caught up with enemy helicopters but were not given the signal to shoot down but instead were directed to escort the (idiots) out of Pakistan airspace. Then after a few months, the same ‘so called hero Red Seal team’ that captured and killed Osama bin Laden, strangely perished or were murdered in a helicoptor crash and with them went the truth about what really happened on May 2nd in Rawalpindi.

  84. The US govenment, military and CIA are relying on ISI intelligence and close communication in Afghanistan and Pakistan ever since they’ve invaded Afghan land in late 2001. That is the reason why each week, at least one top level (US MP and CIA officials) visit Islamabad! You could also put India and UK in that list. India are always begging (requesting is a kind word) to Pakistan to do more against terror, in places such as Kashmir, where the ISI did and still could make Raws and India’s military’s life a hell. India are always asking for the help of Pakistan’s ISI and military establishment to bond a close link and communication between both governments and ISI/ Raw. India also gets the US to pressure Pakistan. This pressure was doubled after 26/11 after the nonsensical attacks in Mumbai, I don’t understand how a group of guys came on a boat ladan with sophisticated weapons and war heads without being spotted or stopped on Indian check points. Like 9/11 something does not really add up! The UK government also rely’s on Pakistan’s ISI ever since they teamed up with there Masters to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and then off course 7/7. So I would say, all the world today rely’s on Pakistan’s powerful ISI and Military establishment, something that is VERY hard for Indians, Americans and Israelis to swallow!!!

  85. Welldone Pakistan ISI and Military establishment for protecting the countries Nuclear weapons from the CIA! I also salute you for not allowing/agreeing for any US/Nato boots to do a ground offensive inside Pakistani soil. Afghanistan was a excuse, Pakistan and its beautiful nukes was the real target – but you guys have done a fantastic job and we are proud of you! There’s just less than two years now, until US forces start pulling out of Afghanistan, keep up the good work, and please unite Bolochistan, sindh and make Imran Khan win the next election – everybody is allowed at least a chance! Pak force zindabad, Pakistan piandabad!!!!

  86. Oh and I almost forgot to mention one last amazing aspect. Well done ISI for destroying the CIA network which was being runned by (killer CIA contractor) Raymond Davies, inside Lahore, Pakistan. After the killer was caught, a number of mobile phones, maps, hotspot destinations for the next CIA bombings were known. What also was recovered was nuclear designs which were to be handed to US backed militants operating inside Pakistan, all this was recovered inside this w****** car. The ISI also found out that the CIA are building a secret under ground tunnel at there embassy in Islamabad, thanks to this thugs mess, the tunnel was found and the work got cut. The ISI had shamed and exposed the CIA. Then shameless John Kerry then arrived Pakistan and begged for him to be pardon and eventully the shamed Raymond Davies was given the back door. Then in the weeks to follow Pakistan sent more than 500 US contractors back home and restricted any US contrators/workers from entering Peshawar by car from Islamabad, and that rule is still applying today!

  87. Why do dum people believe that Osama bin Laden died on May 2nd in Abbotabad? I mean who’s seen Bin Laden’s dead body? The Navy Seals? Who work for US government agenda? Barrack Obama? Hilary Clinton? Pakistan ISI officials? Or us the viewers? The answer is no one! The western world and there puppets backed regimes are the only ones who believe this story because Mr Barrack Obama and the US government said so. The same US government who falsely accused Iraq of having WMD ready to be launch into US and UK. While UK’s then PM Mr Blair, lied to his own nation, to join his masters in Iraq, with a misleading 45 minute dossier! Well back to May 2nd, Mr Obama confirms “Justice has been done” lol. But what justice?? “Red Navy Seals have earlier this morning captured and killed Bin Laden in Abbotabad, Pakistan.” Mr Obama followed by saying that the world’s most wanted man was “laid to rest in the sea” ha ha ha ha. Well Pakistan’s ISI and the countries defence system was not disabled, like reported. A US helicoptor was shot down by Pakistan’s air defence missle and three outsiders were confirmed dead on the scene, presumingly US Navy seals. This report was all over Pakistan news channels just minutes after the incident including Ary digital news. But later on the Pakistan puppet government changed the whole script and covered-up the truth. The other US seals managed to complete the daring mission they came from Kandahar to do? That was to drop Osama’s wife and kids in that compand .. While doing so they also shot a old watch gaurd who the US claimed to be Osama’s body guard, the Pakistan fighter jets did eventully catch up to ENEMY helicoptors but like the drones they were not given the signal to shoot down the helicoptors which indeed belonged to the world’s super power. The US and Western world have the most powerful media’s so no country or world leader openly questioned Mr Obama’s farce story. If Pakistan’s ISI was hiding OBL I’m sure this powerful proffesional institution, would have had a plan B, if the worse happend! Had OBL the world’s and wests most wanted man been caught or killed I’m postive the US would have shown his photo’s the way they showed us Saddam Husseins. Then a few months later, the same so called “hero red navy seals” who killed OBL all perished in a strange helicoptor crash, werew they murdered by the US CIA, to finish the truth about May 2nd? I won’t count against it. However with the deaths of these ‘navy seals’ the truth also died!

  88. I almost forgot to mention? Mr Obama claimed that US managed to disable Pakistani air defence systems for a while – by which time Navy seals killed and took OBL body back to Kandahar. But Pakistani security officials and civillians had a totally different version to tell just minutes after the explosion. This was it … There was a complete blackout of the city, it seemed as if the country was under enemy attack. My point, it means Pakistan air defence system did pick up enemy incursion and alert the security officials to commence a total electrical black out. Then minutes after, there was a loud explosion, heard towards the compound with a big fire on the scene. That was one of the US navy seal helicoptor that was picked up and shot down by Pakistani air defence. In the following days, after assessing the helicoptor wreckage, Pakistan security officials also confirmed that the scud missle that shot down enemy helicoptor, was the same missile system that Pakistan air defence system has. The Abbotabad civillians and witnesses had a total different version of events to that of Mr Obama’s story! But who will dare question Mr Obama and challenge the US and western media!

  89. The Afghan Jihad against the Soviets was supported by Pakistan’s ISI.
    ‘The Strategy of Thousand Cuts’ resulted in Soviet withdrawal.
    After the fall of Berlin wall, a piece of the wall was presented to the brilliant DG ISI General Hamid Gul with the inspiration – ‘One who helped deliver the first blow’

  90. pak is the best as well as the i.s.i .. Indians fighting and games of deaths is not ur business becoz u cant so give ur consternation to movies…. p

  91. Though im an Indian I agree that isi is far more superior than raw acc to their past records…and the real problem has started due to USA and Israel …USA is funding Israel and giving them weapons to kill people in Islamic nations…cause Israeli. Really hate Muslims…and USA spends billion dollar to make weapons ….so they ought to use them….they first destroyed Afghanistan with drone strikes and then they give them funds for development…usa is the major cause for all the wars because they want to show the world their superiority over other countries…people say that alqaida and Taliban are terrorist groups but they r not…they hv their own ideology…usa killed so many innocent people with their drone attacks…and also when they invaded Afghanistan….so I assume that USA r major war criminals…and as far as Pakistan is concerned they r only trying to protect their own interest…so saying it a terrorist nation would be wrong

    1. Thank you so much Vinayak for these kind & humble words for Muslims & Pakistan..
      You are an Indian & it makes me so shocked but happy that every Indian is not same, some of them really knows the reality like u 🙂
      You are truely great Vinayak.. Hatts off to you 🙂

    2. I love the way you talked about the real face of usa and thier deeds…. you love justice and solute you and your this attitude,,,

  92. yahooooooooooo……
    tha tha tha tha tha tha tha tha
    ISI is the best agencyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy in the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeee worldddddddddddddddddd
    agr ksi ko shk hai to is sy pala dal k dykhy phrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pata lg jay gaaaaaaaaa
    y Indians r so jelous frm PAKISTANIESSSSSSSSSSSS

  93. ISI has proved it self,,, doesn’t need words…
    RAW is just raw,,,
    the indians have started to be hero in movies against ISI after losing the real intelligence war,,,

  94. After having brief study about all spy agencies including: CIA, ASIS, CSIS, MOSSAD, M16, BND, RAW ETC. I come to the point that these agencies merely work to exploit others countries internal affairs and don’t work on domestic level except CANADIAN SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICES (CSIS) because it is the united secret intelligence how work only their country’s benefit and all are the others all burden on their respective country’s economy. Being a Pakistani and having Army background I don’t favor about the ISI. I remain impartial about the decision. So Plz think about that amicably……

  95. I rank the Intelligence services as below :-

    1. U.S.A
    2. CHINA
    3. RUSSIA
    4. INDIA
    5. FRANCE
    6. BRITAIN
    9. ISRAEL
    11. PAKISTAN
    12. IRAN
    13. MEXICO
    14. GERMANY


  96. No inteligence agency can match ISI of Pakistan it destroyed the KGB and out manuvered it in all aspects it was behind the dimise of soviet union and now is doing the same thing the the Americans and it’s wild dogs the Europeans it is fighting CIA raw shit and Mossad at the same time it’s protected it’s nuclear weapons from it’s foes it bleeds America in Afghanistan it controls half of the worlds most feared freedom fighters or terrorists what ever u want to call them, Evan Mossad dare not to attack or say a word about it’s weapons of md,it has to be the IsI the KGB best at it’s time failed to out smart it

  97. In the Britannica there is clearly written that ” ISI is the most sophisticated intelligence agency in the world”.

  98. Even in India, most states are afraid of pakistan’s isi. Raw is sadly no match with isi. Raw has just become a lazy fat elephant now, trying to overpower everything by money and technology. Isi has a wide range of operation, and “communication” with the islamic world. Raw is still at a developing age

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