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Twitter Customer Service – the Ultimate List of Stores on Twitter

This means, you can reach them within your favorite network and also discuss your issues in public.

So let’s see who you can find on Twitter so far (if you know any more companies, please comment, I will be constantly updating this post).


TeslaMotors is another auto company to maintain an active Twitter stream.

Renault updates Renault_Live Twitter account (in French).

HarleyDavidson tweets company news and updates.

General Motors’s corporate bloggers “Robyn, Lesley, Wendy, Nuria, and sometimes Adam” tweet to update the world of company news.

FordCustService, updated by Shawn Lollie marketing specialist at Ford, this Tweeterfeed answers customer’s concerns and make it clear they value every customer. In reality, it is more like a support group:


Finance and Business:

HRBlock is the Twitter account by Tax company and software provider called H&R Block. Their Twitter profile is set to answer customers’ questions as well as share business news.

Kelly from Quicken Loans will answer any of your mortgage questions.

State Farm insurance company “for auto, life, health, home owners insurance and more” can be reached on Twitter for any finance-related questions.

Allstate is another well-known insurance company to be found on Twitter. tweets to inform followers of “the top business information provider in the world, represented on Twitter by blogger Tim Walker and communications chief Adam Hanin”.

Computers, Electronics and Internet:

Dell maintains multiple official Twitter profiles. None of them is officially designed to help customers but the good news is that it has multiple international accounts, so you can ping them depending on what country you are in.

ComcastCares is the most responsive Twitter customer support I am aware of. It has a person behind it who will answer your questions quickly and actually help solve your problem.

Comcast Cares

Embarq is another Internet service to be found on Twitter. is yet another Internet service provider streaming company updates via Twitter.

OfficeLiveGirl and OfficeLiveGal provide Twitter customer support for Microsoft Office Live.

Network Solutions tweet to build relationships with Twitter crowd and share company news.

Kodak has their Chief Blogger tweet their news and updates.

ThinkGeek is the great place to buy a geeky device or apparel, besides that they have an awesome Twitter stream to follow.

SanDisk, flash memory cards, mp3 players, USB drives manufacturer, for customer interaction.

Overstock can be followed on Twitter here.


Guy1067 is the name for Twitter account meant to help Car phone Warehouse’s customers as well as increase their engagement.

Canada’s wireless phone company TELUS Mobility can be found on Twitter for company news and updates.

Traveling and Transportation

JetBlue, a well-known airline ticket provider, has one of the most popular Twitter profiles I know.

British Airways maintain a pretty much active Twitter profile, addressing customers and also answering questions.

Southwest Airlines is another airlines company to be reached on Twitter.

Virgin Airlines rely on Twitter not only as a customer service tool for answering questions, but they truly build a rapport with their audience and encourage genuine interaction.

Going for a cruise? Catch @CarnivalCruise on Twitter to lean their offers and rates.

(Fast) Food

Brad from Starbucks posts personal Tweets as well talks to clients.

Starbucks Twitter

GottaWannaNeeda is a fun profile by Bojangles’ “Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits”.

Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits tweets new offers and news.

SeamlessWeb, a place to order food online, streams company news and answers customers’ questions.

FriendofBigRock is the Twitter community for those who like Big Rock beer.

Whole Foods tweet organic news fresh and advice and can also be reached by customers.

Plan to have a big, delicious, premium-quality burger? Check out Carl’s Jr. on Twitter.

Hardee’s is another place to have a burger over Twitter.

Dunkin’ Donuts can be caught on Twitter any time. They have enjoyable Twitter stream, so be sure to check them out!

Bigelow Tea is a tea company with Twitter stream updated by Justin and Linda.

Clothes and Fashion

Best Buy CMO can be reached via Twitter to ask a question.

Zappos tweets via their CEO that goes by name “Tony”. The awesome thing about this account is that they follow back almost everyone, this means you can DM them privately.

Zappos Twitter

Nordstrom is another fashion specialty retailer to be found on Twitter.

Pacsun clothing provider uses Twitter to unite its customers’ community.

Avelle is the retailer of designer handbags. Their Executive Vice President tweets company news and helps customers.

KEEN, shoes and bags manufacturer, leverage Twitter for customer service and community building. supports customers via Twitter here.

T.J. Maxx Stores welcome their customers’ ideas on Twitter.

Threadless, graphic T-shirts manufacturer, use Twitter to update followers of company news.

BustedTees is another manufacturer of T-shirts to be found on Twitter.

Jewelry store Xenabeauty can be found on Twitter here. maintains quite an active Twitter account.


Toys”R”Us is a globally recognized toys retailer tweeting about company special offers and deals.


HomeDepot’s spokesman tweets to provide “another way for customers to ask about their projects and our stores”.

Etsy, an online marketplace for home-made products, also has the corporate Twitter profile.

Books Twitter profile is updated by “Matt.”


GHChealth maintain rather an active and popular Twitter profile.

Polar Electro tweets via rep Chris.

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59 thoughts on “Twitter Customer Service – the Ultimate List of Stores on Twitter

  1. This is anything but an ultimate list – it’s so depressingly slanted at big brands only. Twitter is used by hundreds of independent businesses to get their message out. This is a very disappointing and under-researched piece.

  2. Our awesome little flower shop is tweet’n away too! It’s Chezbloom and we are your full service, super creative and friendly flower shop. Tweet Tweet

  3. Great list you have started. Here are a few more:

    @OmnitureCare – Omniture (Web Analytics & more)
    @Lyris – Lyris (Web Analytics & more)
    @SurePayroll – SurePayroll (Finance)
    @Woot – Woot (Shopping)
    @ScotMonty – Ford (Automotive)
    @AdamDenison – GM (Automotive)
    @GMblogs – GM (Automotive)
    @Etsy – (Shopping)
    @Threadless – (Tshirts)
    @lessaccounting – (Finance)
    @BustedTees – (Tshirts)
    @ExactTarget – Exact Target (Tech)
    @MarriottIntl – Marriott (Hotel/Travel)
    @Overstock – Overstock (Shopping)

  4. Hey Colin, I would say that this is probably more beneficial as a big brand list. There are many independents, but then again, they are usually easier to reach, aren’t they? But being able to talk to the CEO of a huge corporation about your concern is more rare; hence the compilation of a list.

    Also, I think the author stated the list will be evergreen; this seems more like the start of a conversation to make this page the ultimate list, not claiming it’s ultimate already 😉

  5. Well, someone needs to put this in a web 2.0 format so it’s easier to search through. I have another one to add: @xenabeauty (Fashion Jewelry)

  6. Thanks tons! I have updated the post with most of the suggestions above. I really meant to mention large stores here, also Internet marketing companies and their Twitter profiles are plenty (me being one of them), so they deserve the whole separate post.

  7. Great list! I still think Comcast is my favorite though I have yet to use them…. Comcast is usually the reason for all my headaches. Maybe next time I need to do something I’ll just @reply them.

    PS – I want to get on Twitter.

  8. Virgin Airlines is a great example of a company using Twitter to its full potential. They rely on Twitter not only as a customer service tool for answering questions, but they truly build a rapport with their audience and encourage genuine interaction. You should definitely check out the @VirginAmerica Twitterstream.

  9. More Agencies/Digital Media/email marketing/surveys:
    @ctcthelp (Constant Contact)

  10. Check out @acehardwarephx, it is an excellent example of how a group of independently owned Ace Hardware stores in a metropolitan area is using Twitter to notify their followers of specials and events and to link followers to their sales circulars. They also use Twitter to direct them to their Facebook page to help grow their fan base and provide more detailed communications.

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  12. Great list of companies offering customer services via Twitter. Here are some more;

    @Otto_de – German mail order company
    @cpwcares – Carphone Warehouse
    @easyJetcare – Low cost airline
    @BTcare – Telecoms
    @airberlin – German airline
    @virgintrains – Train company

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