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    Astronaut's video proves thunderstorms look awesome from space - Earth looks mesmerizing from space — especially when Mother Nature decides to put on a show NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts, who is currently spending his days on the International Space Station,..nteresting than the "cheeseburger" photo that Virts shared last month Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more...More about Space, Nasa, Science, Vine, and Watercooler

    Police discover two bodies in East Village blast rubble - UPDATED 4:25 p.m. ET Three days after an apparent gas-related explosion destroyed three buildings in Manhattan's East Village, the New York Police Department has found two bodies in the rubble. See a..edical examiners' office," a department spokesperson said after the first body was found, adding that the office would release more details soon. Read more...More about Us World, Us, and East Village

    Powerful photos capture chaotic moments after East Village blast - Nathan Blaney had just walked into the East Village bar Bull McCabe's on Friday when he heard the blast. The photographer, who shot the events of September 11 and says he hasn't left home without a c..nse of what images I was looking for. As the scene evolved, I tried to document the events as they unfolded," he said. Read more...More about New York City, Photojournalism, Us World, Us, and Pics

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    Uber passwords from hacked accounts reportedly selling online for $1 - One dollar may not get you much these days, but it could buy you a stolen password to an Uber account and free car rides around town. Vendors on dark net sites such as AlphaBay, which often sell ille.. in one case, a previously hacked Amazon password was used to get into an Uber account because the passwords were the same. Read more...More about Security, Uber, Startups, Tech, and Apps Software