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    An astronaut just deployed the Space Station's first inflatable habitat - The International Space Station has a brand new astronaut hangout.  On Saturday, NASA astronaut Jeff Williams, with the help of mission controllers, expanded the new Bigelow Expandable Act..rly June after mission controllers check for any possible leaks or problems with the module for the next week or so. Read more... More about Private Spaceflight, Spaceflight, Nasa, Science, and Space

    Dad cheers up his teen son with an pun-derful and inspiring card - Being a teen is rough, but it's always good to know your parents are there for you. Redditor downtowncrownfrown has 13-year-old son, and he knows exactly how to cheer him up when he's upset: wi..his son included an incredible poem: No parental note has been quite this heartwarming. Please pass the tissues. Read more... More about Conversations, Pics, Watercooler, Inspiring, and Family

    Attention, people: The 'Full House' house is for sale, and it's extravagant AF - Want to live like the Tanners, but also very glamorously? Welcome home. 1709 Broderick Street, the San Francisco home famous for its role as "exterior of Tanner house" in the Full House opening cred..ut keep in mind the house looks nothing like the Full House interior, because the show was filmed on a soundstage. Read more... More about Real Estate, Full House, Entertainment, and Watercooler

    Justin Bieber's latest selfie could be a Tinder profile pic - Warning: Contains content not safe for your eyes, soul or anything with life (and definitely your workplace).  Justin Bieber is quiet literally feeling himself in his latest made-for-Tinder sel..d what lives beneath are surely his.  SEE ALSO: Justin Bieber's 'Cry Me a River' cover is worth sobbing over Read more... More about Selfie, Calvin Klein, Justin Bieber, Entertainment, and Music

    Now you can try Amazon Echo and Alexa in your web browser - If you've heard about the Amazon Echo and have been wondering what it's like to use it before committing to buying one, there's now an online tool that lets you test it out as much as you want, righ..d to be near your computer and there's no need to press a button, you just call out requests across the room to the device. Read more... More about Software, Alexa, Amazon Echo, Amazon, and Tech