Flowers Trivia: Giving Flowers is Most Popular at Christmas

Flowers Trivia: Giving Flowers is Most Popular at Christmas

Hanukkah Florists
Image Credit: ProFlowers


Did you know that more flowers are given as gifts during the Christmas and Hanukkah season than for any other holidays including Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day?

Flowers are more popular as gifts than baked goods and so many flowers are sold that there are $100 worth of them for every man, woman and child purchased each year!

There are so many amazing arrangements of flowers specifically for Christmas or you can be different and choose something totally unique. Some even come with chocolates and stuffed animals for a complete gift that reminds your loved ones of you long after the holidays are over.

Curious about how many roses are sold or what the most rare and expensive flowers are? Find out more in this interesting infographic created by ProFlowers:

Trivia about flowers infographic
Click image to see larger version for easier reading.


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