Imagine Browsing for Fresh Produce on Grocery Store Roofs

Imagine Browsing for Fresh Produce on Grocery Store Roofs

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How would you like to have really fresh vegetables picked the same day without having to go to the farmer’s market or a garden? Produce in your local grocery store travels on average 1500-2500 miles from the farm to your plate, losing nutrients in the process.

Besides being less nutritious, anything that interferes with transportation from storms to earthquakes to fuel shortages or civil unrest can result in food shortages anywhere on the globe.

As awareness grows about the benefits of fresh, organic produce and it becomes more difficult to avoid genetically modified ingredients in packaged foods there has been a growing interest in what is known as slow food and the eat local movement.

We can help make fresh produce a reality by supporting Daniel Burstein of The Tomato Upstairs’ idea to grow vegetables and other produce on the rooftops of local grocery stores. Daniel’s idea made the top five out of thousands of submissions in GQ magazine and Ketel One’s A Gentleman’s Call program.

If Tomato Upstairs gets the most votes they receive $100,000 to make their idea a reality!

Grow vegetables on the roofs of local grocery stores

While the other four ideas are all worthy, none of them is as important as The Tomato Upstairs because food is one of only three true necessities in life: safe water, healthy food, and shelter. Furniture and making bread are nice as are jobs, but we NEED food to survive.

This project would be the alpha test that could create jobs and provide fresh produce around the world.  Some vegetables and herbs grow prolifically and could make nutrient rich food available at a price anyone could afford. Healthy food makes healthy people and that in turn could reduce health care costs.

If you use Facebook, please take a minute each day to vote for The Tomato Upstairs.

You can read more about them at Web site and vote for The Tomato Upstairs on Facebook.


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