4 Reasons Blogging Isn’t Right for You

It seems like any time we talk about blogging, we only discuss the benefits and reasons for blogging. It’s rare that we look at potential drawbacks of blogging, and we almost never consider the reasons that a business should NOT start blogging.

With that in mind, I’ve come up with some reasons NOT to blog that all people who are thinking about starting a blog should consider.

1. You don’t have time to blog—Blogging takes time. No more how fast you can write and no matter how many post ideas you have in mind, it just takes time to blog. Even if you write quickly, you still have to format the post, upload it, promote it, and respond to comments.

This is especially true in the beginning stages of your blog. Remember, readers aren’t going to suddenly appear on your blog. It’s like a house. You have to build your blog brick by brick. After you’ve built your blog up, then the time you have to spend on it each day will probably decrease a little bit.

The alternative is to let someone else handle the writing and promoting of your blog. You can assign this to a trusted employee or hire a freelance blogger to do the job for you.

2. You don’t have anything new to say—The internet contains hundreds of millions of blogs. There are blogs on every topic you can think of. Chances are, your niche is crowded already. The good news is there is always room for another quality blog. The bad news is most new blogs aren’t “quality.” Instead, they’re simply a copy and paste of every other blog in their niche.

If you’re serious about starting a new blog, you have to be committed to tackling new subjects, breathing new life into old subjects, and showcasing your unique personality. These are the things that will make your blog stand out in a huge crowd.

3. You can’t handle criticism—Like it or not, you’re going to come across people who disagree with you on your blog, and some of them might not be so polite with their comments. That’s just part of being a blogger.

If you can’t handle criticism, you shouldn’t be a blogger. Otherwise, you’ll constantly get in arguments with commenters, and you’ll probably start deleting any comment from people who disagree with you.

4. You can’t commit long term—If you’re looking for fast results or some quick fix marketing scheme, blogging isn’t for you. Building a successful blog takes time and a long-term commitment. If you’re starting a blog, you should plan on using it for years to come. So, if you’re the type of person who jumps from one hobby to another, don’t waste your time. You have to be married to your blog.

What do you think: Should all businesses be blogging? Or are these good reasons not to blog?

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