5 Companies Using Twitter Right

Are you still trying to decide if your company should jump on the Twitter bandwagon? You’ve heard of other companies doing it…some successfully, some without much success.

To help you decide if Twitter is right for your brand, I’ve come up with a list of 5 companies that are using Twitter right. Use these examples as guidelines for creating and growing your own professional Twitter presence.

  1. JetBlue—The team behind this affordable airline service uses Twitter to provide the best customer service possible. From providing instant updates about flight cancellations or delays to answering questions from current and potential customers, JetBlue maintains an active Twitter presence that allows them to create a positive image of their brand. The airline company also uses scanning tools that instantly update them any time their brand is mentioned by another Tweeter. They can then quickly respond to customer complaints, concerns, questions, and other brand mentions.
  2. Zappos—When it comes to companies using Twitter to bolster their brand, Zappos practically wrote the book on the subject. With nearly 200 employees Tweeting away, Zappos uses Twitter to keep their brand profile high as well as to establish personal relationships with their customers. This helps add a human element to an online retailer that customers don’t deal with face to face. Zappos even has a dedicated page on their website that pulls the latest feeds from all of their employees, titling the page “What are Zappos employees doing right now?”
  3. Comcast—I’m not going to lie. My past experiences with Comcast have been less than pleasant. That’s why I’m now with DirecTV. However, Comcast seems to realize that improving their customer service is absolutely vital to their reputation and their future success. That’s why they’ve created a Twitter profile that responds to questions, complaints, and other mentions related to their brand. I do like the fact that their Twitter avatar is a picture of their Senior director of National Customer Service; it gives the profile a more personal, friendly feel.
  4. H&R Block—Let’s face it: Filing tax returns is a total pain in the @$$. H&R Block realizes that this isn’t most people’s favorite activity. That’s why they maintain a Twitter account that allows their followers to ask tax filing questions and to keep everyone up to date about upcoming deadlines and legal changes. It’s all about showing how easy it is to file your returns through H&R Block.
  5. Dell—Dell seems to be one of the few companies that really “gets” social media (take a look at their IdeaStorm website). As it relates to their Twitter presence, Dell has created multiple Twitter profiles that each serves a specific purpose. For example, the DellOutlet Twitter account posts the latest deals on refurbished Dell computers. Likewise, @DellSmBizOffers updates small business owners with the latest exclusive deals for small businesses.

Which companies have you seen that are using Twitter right? Leave your favorites in the comments.

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  • Eirc, I have a question about Jet Blue's scanning tools: does this program just find and report tweets with a JetBlue hashtag? Or can it scan the full content of Tweets to alert JetBlue when someone has typed the company name at all (even without a hashtag)? Thanks! -allie