Benefits of An Opt-In Email Marketing List


Using opt-in email marketing lists isn’t only the law in many countries, but it also offers several benefits to email marketers. Here are some of the benefits of using an opt-in email list in your email marketing efforts:

Improved Conversions / Response Rates – When readers of commercial email messages have independently signed up for an email list, they generally have a direct interest in the subject matter or offers. That makes it more likely that those subscribers will convert to buyers, will convert to ad clicks, or will respond to email campaigns needing a reader response (such as surveys).

Targeted Readers – Those improved conversions and response rates are a direct result of the fact that opt-in email lists allow marketers to reach a highly targeted market or reader base, including readers with an interest in the niche or industry all the way to a list so targeted that it only includes past customers or clients.

Price – It can be much less expensive to initiate opt-in list building efforts through online subscription forms or other methods, than it would be to directly purchase or rent less-targeted email lists.

Reputation / Goodwill – By limiting commercial email messages to opt-in list subscribers, a company can avoid (to a good degree) being labeled a spammer, which can damage a company’s reputation. At the same time, mixing unique, quality information with a commercial message can help to actually build goodwill with readers, because the emails are then providing something of value to them.

Fewer Legal Implications – Sticking to opt-in email lists can keep a company on the right side of the law, and protect them from hefty fines costing thousands of dollars for every unsolicited commercial email sent. Even if a few subscribers forget they opted into an email marketing list and report messages as SPAM, it’s beneficial for the company to be able to prove that their efforts were legal, opt-in, and good-intentioned.

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