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Want to Be a Top Blogger?

If you’d like to see your blog become widely read, influence people, and always come out on top in search results read on…

1. Have a Clear Objective

A blogger is more than just a writer; a blogger wears the hat of “publisher” as well. And don’t think of your publication as just a blog; consider it in the context of an online magazine. Not just something people occasionally skim the headlines of –  no – rather a publication where they can dive in, relax a while, and learn something.

2. Know Your Audience

If you know nothing about marketing, let me tell you a secret… knowing who you’re speaking to is one of the most important things you can know. If you don’t know who you’re trying to reach and what types of content they’re interested in, consider taking a survey.

If you have a Facebook business page, the insights will tell you the demographics from where they live to what their gender is, from what language they speak to how old they are. Or try creating a simple survey. Ask what questions they need answered.

Spend some time learning not only the demographics of your audience but also psychographics.

What motivates them will help you understand how to speak to them. But be sure to let your personality shine through and remember that your audience likely has something in common with you. Because you write about what you’re passionate about your readers will glean benefits and share what they read on their favorite social networks.

3. Plan and Create Content

Since your blog is a publication you should have an editorial calendar. Review the topics your survey respondents addressed and focus your content on popular subjects in a way that will appeal to your audience. The most popular topics can be written in several ways. You can write a beginners guide, address misconceptions, highlight success stories, create a video, and design an infographic.

4. Bring in a Guest Blogger

More than just sharing the workload, bringing in a guest blogger will lend fresh voices, new perspectives, and their own followers. Many writers promote their own content (I do!)

5. Promote

The blogosphere sure has gotten big and noisy over the last several years. If people are going to find it you need to make it sharable on multiple networks. You too should be promoting your blog and articles across the channels you spend time on.

You should have business profiles on the sites your audience frequent as well. Allow people to subscribe to your Tweets or Facebook updates. Even better, capture email addresses. Encourage people to become repeat visitors, keep you “top of mind,” and continue to engage.

What say you? Why do you like your favorite blogs?
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Terra L. Fletcher
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