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The value of content is virtually undisputed, and the trend of including a blog with your website is still going strong. The only problem is, with all the blogs out there, how do make yours stand out? And even if you have terrific content, does it matter if you don’t have traffic to read it. Make this the year that you focus energy on bringing yourself more blog traffic.

Find an Angle
If you’re writing the same kind of content that everyone else it, often using the same spammy keywords as everyone else, you’re not offering much to readers. Readers want something unusual and interesting from your blog. If you’re in the business of making money online, use the blog to get personal. Tell stories – both good and bad. Make lists of tips and include your own successes and failures from those tips. Leave generic articles and randomly pulled news releases for the competition. Besides, with your new edge, you won’t have to consider them competition for long.

Be a Blogger
If you’re writing on a blog (or paying someone to write a blog) you need to do more than throw up a post or two a week. If you’re going to blog – blog. Throw your heart into your content and then get out into the community to talk it up with other bloggers. Bloggers aren’t meant to live in isolation. Your blog is designed to be shared – it is written for a community, so you need to be in the community networking and getting to know others who also tool around in the industry. They may be your competition or they may become your partner in your next JV. You’ll never know who’s out there until you start socializing.

Link Out, Link In
While you’re getting to know others in the blogging community, consider throwing out a few links to quality material. For once forget about reciprocal links and PR. If you find another blog or website that has quality material related to your purpose, show them some love. You may earn a new reader as the site owner checks out the new back link, or you may just start earning a reputation as “a nice guy.” And believe it or not, other bloggers like to reward “nice guys” with a few links of their own.

Plug It In
Be sure that your blog is truly optimized. Use plugins to help flesh out a WordPress blog, and be sure you’ve done your research on keywords and other quality ways to help boost search engine traffic. While ranking highly in the search engines can certainly boost traffic, don’t forget to include plug-ins and other beautification features that will encourage visitors to subscribe to your blog and hopefully share the URL with others. Appeal to as many audiences as possible without losing your focus. A blog is about content first and foremost. You can SEO it to death, but without something worth reading, your optimization energy will be wasted.

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