How to Encourage Positive Online Reviews on Social Media

The word of mouth advertising that had neighbors hanging over backyard fences to chat about a new company, product or service has transformed in these internet times to a web of review websites and social media likes and shares. Business owners and other professionals with something to sell, need positive online reviews to spread the word about their offers and to build that ever-important brand reputation.

Website visitors, customers and clients leaving positive reviews on their social media pages is not a matter of dumb luck. Savvy people know how to encourage this beneficial practice.

1 – Just Ask for Social Media Mentions

People who have a positive experience with your company may be eager to share their opinions, but some simply don’t think of it in the whirl of Facebook games and re-tweets of kitten videos. Asking for help in getting the word out about your company website encourages people to say nice things and share. Why? People like giving their friends something of value and a link to an awesome product or great company is just that.

2 – Set Up Convenient Posting

Include social media site buttons or share links exactly where site visitors can find and make use of them. The “Thanks for your order” page is a great option, but after interest blog posts, sale announcements and guarantees also work. Make it simple for people to leave positive reviews on social media and you will get more.

3 – Incentivize Sharing

Never pay for positive reviews. Fake opinions are not only unethical but rather obvious to savvy internet shoppers. Instead, offer discounts for honest reviews or even simple shares on social media pages. Announce a site-wide sale with a certain number of new likes.

No matter what method you use to encourage more positive reviews on social media sites, the number one method is always providing exceptional products and customer service. Convenient “Like” buttons, a discount on future purchases or a heartfelt plea would do no good if the customer or client were dissatisfied.

Written by
Deborah Anderson
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