How to use LinkedIn’s “Follow Company” for your Business

In September 2012, LinkedIn’s company pages got a new look. The redesign included the “Follow” button, which you can now add to pages and your website. LinkedIn has a slow, but steady rate of updates. If you haven’t checked on it in a while, now is the perfect time to optimize your company’s profile on the most professional social network.

What’s New on LinkedIn?

Over the years, there has been a slight shift in the focus of LinkedIn. The light still shines brightly on professional individuals, and their networking on the highly reputable platform. Company pages were a later addition, and allow you improve your brand’s presence.

LinkedIn’s “Follow” button was originally restricted to company pages, while individuals had “Connect.” Now, individuals can also have followers. Either way, you can deliver targeted messages to your – or your company’s – followers.

Company Branding

LinkedIn business pages started out as mostly plain text.  Today, it has quite a few options for company branding. You can add a company image and even video. Choose – or create – something professional that well represents the image you want your brand to have.

Follower Insights

Page and Follower Analytics have proved to be valuable tools. As your company page gains followers, LinkedIn lets you know who connects to you and how. It provides valuable demographic dat, including such factors as seniority, job title, industry, and region. You can drill down on engagements to analyze clicks, likes, and comments.

You’ll want to use all that demographic information and insights to help you tailor your company updates. When you fill your followers’ newsfeeds with article links, questions, or offers, LinkedIn lets you choose to share with a targeted audience or all followers.


I’ve long been a believer in LinkedIn for business marketing. You probably don’t need additional reasons to reach out to the 760 million users in 200 countries. Here are a few more anyway:

  • LinkedIn users have a higher average income than any other social network.
  • According to, “39% (are) in the position of manager, director, owner, chief officer or vice president.”

The business profiles area is available on mobile devices, so don’t forget to entice those you meet at networking events or conferences to find and follow your company page from their phone or tablet. Or ask them to connect when you follow up.

How Do I Get Started?

The updated pages cost nothing and chances are you already have one. Now is the perfect time to update your business profile and your personal profile. Ask your employees to update their personal profiles as well. Don’t forget to put LinkedIn’s “Follow” button on your website, too.

Each LinkedIn user should indicate where they work to do their part to promote the company. Use my resume tips to update your profile. Take a little time to like and follow other companies in your area and your industry.

As the platform’s company tools evolve, watch for more revised tips and techniques. Remember, though this is an exciting opportunity, you only get out what you put in. A strong message will yield the best momentum.

Carefully consider your content. Share items of value to your audience, and respond to their comments and other insights. Remember – it’s not all about you.

To add LinkedIn’s “Follow Company” widget to your website, use this tool by Microsoft, which acquired the social network in 2016.

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Written by
Terra L. Fletcher
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