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If we hadn’t already noticed it, digital marketing is upon us. How about that for re-iterating something that is now as plain as the noses on our face? While white papers and traditional books and magazines are not entirely removed from our culture, we are definitely enthralled and addicted to content on the web and even offline digital content.

Who would have thought of reading a book on a flat reading device, which we now know to be a Kindle, iPad, or another tablet type, just three decades ago? Unless you were visualizing the future while watching episodes of Star Trek or Dr. Who, it would seem beyond the scope of imagination even a few decades ago.

Staying Ahead of the Game

We are a visual culture and with that comes the need to share visual content with others, especially for those of us in the marketing space. We, as marketers, have know the appeal of the visual arts for a long time. Just look at the posters even back before the digital age. However, the challenge has been the distribution. Newspapers and Magazines addressed this before we had the world wide web. Granted, you can post the multi-media directly to your social media profiles, blog posts, even static (old-fashioned) straight HTML pages. However, with all of that, we have to stay ahead of the game, and therein lies the challenges, as digital marketers.

If it takes us x number of minutes to post a particular media piece and our competitor can do it in half that time, then our competitor can post twice as much material as we can. That potentially provides them with more opportunity to grow their audience and fan base because they are going to have more content that they are sharing. That also means that they may be able to bring on more clients, able to address the clients more quickly and more often. Of course, we do not want to share so much content that people feel as if they are spammed. There is a balance in all things.

Also, just because we are talking about marketers and companies/clients, does not mean that this is not also an issue that faces solopreneurs, sole proprietors, and simply people who personally want to share their media or build their own personal brand on the ‘net.

What is staying ahead of the game?

Now that we have determined that we need to share content, how do we address the global aspect? Maybe it is not an issue, if we are local only. But, if we are global, do we stay up all night to reach people in every country of every continent? Of course not. That is why we have tools that allow us to schedule social media posts. But, what about that multi-media content? Just recently, Hootsuite has opened up the capabilities, as far as media. Bufferapp allows the posting of images. Each of these tools are wonderful in and of themselves, but we, as marketers were left with some voids and some pain points that needed attention. Enter

Chatting with Matthew Holden

I have had the privilege of speaking to the founder of MavSocial twice now. His name is Matthew Holden and after just a few moments of conversation, it is easy to see why MavSocial is so successful. Add to that a dynamic team, and you can almost catch the energy from their enthusiasm. We spoke to him again, recently, during a #SocialCafe Interactive Web Event featuring MavSocial and Matthew Holden.

What is MavSocial?

Ok, now that we have discussed need, customer/user pain points, and how wonderful the MavSocial team is, what IS the MavSocial tool? In the company’s own words, this tool is “Visual Content Management & Social Publishing Software.” It allows you to load your multimedia, whether that is your collection of images or your videos, or the combination of both, and post those to your social media profiles.

One of the brilliant aspects of MavSocial is the “library” functionality of the tool. This allows you to load up your media once, into your library, and access it for whatever sharing purpose you like. This library functionality allows for A/B testing and for content re-purposing. Through the built-in analytics of MavSocial, you are able to analyze what content did the best and replicate the process. By doing so, you will be able to improve your media content choices as well as your sharing choices and develop a winning strategy for your brand/company (or yourself, personally).

While it is true that it may be ideal to create your own content, hoping that others will share that original, branded content, and that it will go viral, that is not the only option. MavSocial, as announced, just now, during the interview above, has recently reached over 50 million images in their combined libraries! These images are the result of partnerships with companies like Getty, Big Stock, and Pixabay, to name a few. Some of these images are free of charge. Some others, like the Getty images, cost a nominal fee, but it is built into the MavSocial platform, saving you the time of having to go out and find the image(s). If you want to understand the licensing aspect, listen to the interview above, as Matthew Holden explains it.

What Does This Mean for My Brand?

Through the use of MavSocial (with its free version and a paid version, as well), you can create many different types of media content and post it to many different platforms. This allows you to mix and match and create original content, even for the same article reference or site link. The analytics helps you to understand what works best for your brand, helping you to develop a strategy. This strategy can be applied, repeated, enhanced, and taught to the rest of the team, as they “lather, rinse, repeat” to brand perfection.

MavSocial has you covered, with the ease of use and built-in functionality, saving you time while creating memorable media. So, what are you waiting for? You can start with your free account by visiting their site at

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Deborah Anderson
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