The New Cold War

There is no doubt that global tension is on the rise. The wars fought in various parts of the globe are stirring up strong emotions for many, and sanctions seem to be discussed on a fairly regular basis. There is always a fight brewing and War on Terrorism has taken some unshaken turns – at least according to some.

The Cold War
The last round of global tensions resulted in a couple of World Wars followed by a cold war that stretched out for decades. The arms race between the United States and the USSR put the whole world on edge as everyone waited and watched to see who would be the first to attack and what the impact would be worldwide.

There is another cold war brewing, but this time the players aren’t just the richest counties in the world – everyone can play, and only the technological advancements in that country determines who the most powerful nations will be.

A Cyber Cold War
The internet has brought the world closer together, and now, it seems, it is helping to drive the world father apart. Governments throughout the world routinely test and probe at the security of other countries to try and break through firewalls and security barriers. It seems he who can break into the government and other major systems will be the winner of this particular war.

A generation ago, two countries – and many of their allies – aimed giant weapons at each other. Man raced into space and up to the mood to show who was most powerful. The world was able to watch and see the impact of each new advancement. Today’s war is all but silent. But it is even more frightening for those who are aware of the power of the internet.

Every developed government in the world, along with the various interest groups and presumably a few terrorist groups as well, has made essentially a game of trying to hack into each other’s systems. One country probes at the military and federal system of another. The hacked system responds with new advancements in security and then starts a probe of their own.

Allegedly China was the first country to start this hidden war using cyber attacks for political and military reasons. In April and May of this year, thousands of websites in Estonia were crippled by attacks. The sites targeted were not all government sites, but were part of the infrastructure of the country and caused quite a scare before coming back online. (The attacks look to have come from Russia, although the country denies any knowledge of the events.)

Attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and the new systems are only known after being tested on the opposition. This means new crippling systems could be developed that would wipe out the federal and private sites most used by any country in the world causing panic, mayhem and even starting a new war without that country having any clue what hit them or how to have fought it off in the first place.

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