Useful Things I’ve Learned from Bloomberg Businessweek

Even my three year old knows of my fondness for Businessweek. It’s one of the few printed items I ask to be delivered to me. And I try to read every issue. Whilst reading I rip out any pages that I’d like to later reference. There is a very thick folder currently atop my desk, filled with such richness. Here are just a few recent gems.

Re: Fwd: URGENT! How to Make Sure Your Emails are Read

As a firm believer in the power of email marketing, I appreciated these helpful tidbits. Be sure to include a meaningful subject line, but keep it short. And don’t be afraid to be negative. (In journalism they say, “If it bleeds, it leads.”)

Your Ad Here

There’s a lot of truth in that. (And I’m a marketer.) I do enjoy alternative marketing techniques, marketing that doesn’t look like marketing and just plain fun campaigns. If you ever need help thinking of something different, pick up one of my favorite books for just such an occasion, Outrageous Advertising by Bill Glazer. It’s perfect if you’re not really a “reader;” there are tons of pictures.

Stop! Lunch Thief!

I think the Etc. section of Businessweek is often my favorite. I subscribe mainly for the technology section, but thoroughly enjoy this light-hearted fare. And who doesn’t need to know how to protect their sandwich from office fridge raiders?

Smart Car

If you read Businessweek you would’ve been among the first to hear about Apple’s iPod plug-in redesign. And who knows how important these auto gizmos may be? The Power Cup Inverter is a practical charger and imagine photochromic lenses that actually work behind a windshield! The Anti Sleep Pilot? I think I need to pick one up for my husband who more than once has dozed behind the wheel.

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Terra L. Fletcher
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