Using Ninja Outreach as a Blog Campaign Tool

Ninja Outreach is a new tool on the scene and it is already making waves and living up to its promises to deliver. What is it? It is an inbound marketing tool. According to those in the business, like Ali Lawrence, this tool delivers where others may fall a bit short. Also, for the paid (pro) version, you can’t beat a price like $19/mo, in comparison to Ninja Outreach’s competitors.

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dave Schneider on Web Tools TV. He is very transparent about the tool and he and his team are very keen on listening to the Ninja Outreach community, responding to their feedback and implementing new features in response to the feature requests. In fact, just this week (3 days ago), one of the features that was mentioned in our interview, was released! The Chrome extension was made available. Check out Dave Schneider’s vide about it here:

Be sure to subscribe to Dave Schneider’s YouTube Channel while you are there.

For the full interview, and to hear what Dave Schneider, Founder, has to say about the Ninja Outreach tool, check out this “raw” youtube:

As you will hear, the Ninja Outreach tool currently only runs on Windows. But, it runs well on Windows. I am saying that as a Mac User who is running Ninja Outreach on a Windows 7 installation in Parallels on my Mac. I realize that just because it runs well for me does not guarantee that it runs for 100% of the Mac population, but it is a good sign that it is so smooth on my set-up. I dare say my browser is slower than the Ninja Outreach tool.

Using Ninja Outreach for your Blog Campaign

Many of you may be wondering what you would use a tool like Ninja Outreach for, especially if “all you do” is blog and there is no real sales element to what you are doing. Many times people think of these tools as lead generation tools. That may be true, but what I found out, while trying the free 14 day trial, was that it is so handy for many more things than just lead generation for the purpose of sales.

Oh, it is true, that even if I use it for another purpose, technically it is still functioning like a lead generation tool, but the key is to think outside the box and to identify ways that this tool can set you apart from the competition and help you to leap ahead in the game… even if that game is blogging.

Here are some uses for Ninja Outreach in the blogging world:

  • Looking for columnists or to guest post on other blogs.
  • Looking for interviewees for your podcast.
  • Looking to BE interviewed as a guest on a podcast.
  • Running a giveaway and looking to collaborate with other bloggers.

This is a very short list, but hopefully it helps you to start thinking outside the box and realize that this isn’t always about the direct sale. Instead, Ninja Outreach can assist you in collaboration (working smart instead of working hard), helping you to build your credibility and authority (by gaining exposure to wider audiences), and your basic networking!

Action Step: Pull out the Ninja Outreach tool (remember, there is a 14 day free trial) and your spreadsheet or Google’s free “Google Sheets” and your favorite calendar, whether that is your Blog Calendar or your Google Calendar and start mapping out what it is you want to do with your campaign. You may even want to have Trello open in a browser tab.

Now, start with a list of what you want to accomplish. What is your objective? You can refer to the list, above, for starters. Once you have identified your objective, what are the steps involved to reach that? For example, if you chose “finding interviewees for your podcast,” what niche? Is the niche the same as your podcast niche? If it is different, is that a series that you want to present for x number of weeks? Write out as many details as you would like to define. Remember, this is the initial stage and you can change this, as you “harden” your overall campaign plan.

It is a good idea to have that flexibility in mind and not be too “set in stone.” This is because you may find, as you use Ninja Outreach, that there may be a better idea for your campaign, based on the results you are seeing. Once you find your groove with the tool and you are obtaining results, it should all come together for you.

Why so many tools, in addition to Ninja Outreach? Well, you don’t have to use all of these tools. The key is to be able to jot down your brainstorm ideas as you are putting this together and to jot down your results. Fortunately, Ninja Outreach provides you with the ability to do that. The Google Sheets and Trello are back-up tools while you are finding your way in Ninja Outreach. It is also a great way to map out the overall campaign before you start using Ninja Outreach.

Need some inspiration? Check out Dave Schneider’s blog post here.

Wondering what to do first, and how to use the software? Remember the Chrome Extension video I showed you, above? Click on that video to visit Dave Schneider’s YouTube Channel where he presents how-to videos on how to install, set-up, and use the Ninja Outreach tool.

After you have had success with using the Ninja Outreach tool, come back and share what you did and how others can also have the same success.

Written by
Deborah Anderson
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  • Hey Deb

    Another fantastic article! It’s amazing how on top of our releases you are. I’m glad you are enjoying the chrome extension. I love that we can provide something 100% free that works for all OS’s.

    Thanks again!