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Act NOW and Save 20%

by Hasan

It’s not too late to improve your backlinks and site traffic (or links and traffic for your clients) before the New Year! By submitting your sites to The Directory Journal now, you can do more than improve site metrics to reach your annual goals — you can save 20% on every submission! What are you waiting for? To save 20%, just visit DirJournal.com to submit your site today and enter Save20 during your order.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to save 20% now! The offer will only be available until Sunday, November 22nd. Still not convinced? Take a look at how much you’ll save if you submit your site today!

  • $47.96 for a regular yearly listing (regularly $59.95)
  • $79.96 for a yearly featured listing (regularly $99.95)
  • $127.96 for a permanent regular listing (regularly $159.95)
  • $199.96 for a permanent featured listing (regularly $249.95)

Why should you submit sites to The Directory Journal? Because our deal is better than ever! Not only will you build relevant backlinks and attract targeted traffic, but by submitting your sites now you’ll also get to take advantage of our rapid growth! We’ve seen huge increases in traffic from around 250,000 visitors each month to more than 400,000 visitors in October! That’s a trend you want to be a part of! To sweeten the deal even more, for every site you submit to The Directory Journal we also give you free deep links to help you direct those targeted visitors to the information they really want on your site (regular listings come with 3 free deep links and featured listings come with 5).

Just enter Save20 when you submit your site to save 20% on your order and have your site reviewed in just 72 hours! Submit your site today!

*Restrictions apply. Please view our terms of use and submission policies for details.

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