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Directory Journal Tools Now Available!

by Hasan

Update – 3rd July 2008

The tools aren’t functioning perfectly as of now but we are trying our best to have them back pretty soon.

Sick of searching all over the net for the internet tool you need? Tired of trying to remember what site was good for domain look-up and which was decent at finding DNS records? And even when you find the site you used last time, the internet is getting so crowded with junk sites and shady webmasters you never know if the site is even trustworthy. That is, until now.

The Directory Journal has released a set of webmaster tools designed to bring its users the high-quality tools they need in a single location. These tools are fast, powerful, and best of all – come from a source you can trust and find easily. There is no need to bookmark several sites for several functions. Everything you need to build and explore the fundamentals your own website can be found in The Directory Journal tools.

The new tools include:

Domain IP Lookup
IP to Hostname Lookup
Your IP Address
DNS Records
Domain Availability
HTML & CSS Sandbox
Response Headers
.htaccess Authentication

Stop losing valuable time finding tools to research your competitors. Use the high-quality tools provided by the Directory Journal and you will be well on your way to success.

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