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Downtime Apology and Explanation!

by Hasan

This is to thank all of our visitors for the co-operation extended during the website accessibility issues you may have encountered recently. The extended downtime of 7-10 days suffered by the Dirjournal.com server was due to a data center outage in the network operating center of our hosting provider, Hostgator, where our server is hosted.

In fact, this upset us so much, all efforts to switch to another hosting provider began and finally we decided on another hosting. We were actually thinking of switching the hosting provider from Hostgator to Rackspace, as we felt that was the only way of getting our website up fast in order not to cause any further inconvenience to our visitors.

However, at that point, Brent Oxley, the owner of Hostgator, came forward and extended his help in getting our website up as soon as possible. We decided to give Hostgator a chance as we never faced any problems with them prior to this.

Brent managed to resolve the issue by instantly moving the server to their new data center and the server was brought up immediately, and we decided to stick with Hostgator.

Directory Journal sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this incident might have caused, to all those that may have attempted to access our website and failed. We also thank all visitors who contacted us during this downtime for their unconditional patronage.

We sincerely hope this has not affected your experience with us in any way and appreciate your understanding, patience and continued business.

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Bloggeries September 17, 2008 - 7:57 pm

Hostgator is great. They’ve always been quick to respond and the management team knows’ whats up. Too bad you were affected by those outages.


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