10 Awesome Products Featuring Broken Images

Broken Image productsIt happens to all of us: you are on a blog or website, perhaps perusing the latest self-taken duck face pics of an overly tanned 20-something, a lolcat or whatever the meme of the moment might be (Rebecca Black, anyone?). You are enjoying yourself quite a bit, occasionally snickering into your 24-oz root beer slushie. You read the extra promising title of the next image and….nothing. There is a blank box with a tiny box in the corner.

No, it isn’t a joke you don’t get, it is just the ultra annoyance of all web browsers – a broken image. You cry out in fury, frantically right-clicking and reloading the image. But it is to no avail, the corruption is deep in the upload and there is nothing you can do but wonder what could have been. Or seek out a similar keyword-heavy phrase on Google and take your pick of what you get back.

If, like me, you are a total geek and love interesting products, you will love these pieces inspired by the dreaded broken image icon.

1. Broken Images Necklace

Broken Images Necklace

Broken Images Necklace

Want something nice to get that special girl in your life? Why not show her that you are thinking of her with this nice little necklace. Or, perhaps this one. It’s like saying, “I would love you even if your face was replaced by an annoying little box.” What says love better than that?

2. Broken Image Pin Back Button

Broken Image Pin Back Button

Add a broken image to any outfit. This cute little button features a classic icon design that is as awesome as it is simple.

3. Broken Image T-shirt

Broken Image T-shirt

Don’t know what to wear? Why choose a t-shirt with a picture when you can wear one where that same photo is missing? What makes this idea even more brilliant is that you can say that anything was once there. A robot, a ninja pirate, a mass of alien ships, a Hello Kitty logo…whatever!

3. Broken Image Postcard

Broken Image Postcard

Tell your loved one, “I wish you were here…wherever we are.” This postcard is perfect and funny and will make anyone smile – politely, and in confusion.

4. Broken Image Postage

Broken Image Postage

That postcard is going to need a stamp. This one might not be official, but you can tack in on anyway. Especially amusing for those annoying “postage paid” company cards.

5. Broken Image Posters and Wall Art

Broken Image Posters and Wall Art

Artistic genius, great sense of humor, or just super lazy? I will leave it up to you to decide when you check out this piece of wall art.

Broken Image Posters and Wall Art

Apparently, the idea was so good that someone else did it for a smaller gallery piece. Well, art often reflects the time and culture in which it was created, right?

Broken Image Posters and Wall Art

Still haven’t had enough? Neither had I, so I found this one, as well.

7. Broken Wall Clock

Broken Wall Clock

What time is it? Broken time! That’s right, the broken image phenomenon is not just infecting out computers, it has affected the very nature of time. We must close the spacial rift by fixing the coding on the clock face!

8. Broken Image Bag

Broken Image Bag

Cheap bag…check. Ironed on broken image patch…check. Looks like we have an interesting little conversation piece in two easy steps. I actually want to get one of these to carry groceries.

If you want something a little less basic, this one might tickle your fancy.

9. Broken Image Mousepad

Broken Image Mousepad

Seriously, who still uses a mousepad. My grandmother is 85 years old and thinks that people can steal her financial information if she uses Microsoft Word, and even she has a laser-based mouse. Does anyone use scroll balls anymore? If they do, I suggest we send them make to 2001, stat.

10. Broken Image Tie

Broken Image Tie

Ah, not just one broken image, but an entire colony could be nestled around your neck. This tie would provide an awesome opportunity to tell every annoying coworker what the images used to be. The more shocking and disgusting your reply, the better. Extra points if you are turned in to HR…can you imagine being cited for a piece of clothing with literally nothing on it?

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