10 Creepy School Supplies You Don’t Want Your Kids to Have (“Back to School” Edition)

No matter how much we want to protect them, our kids are surrounded by violence and cruelty these days. This post showcases some bizarre and creepy school supplies you don’t want your kids to have.

So unlike most of our collections, this “Back to School” edition is about what NOT to buy! Stay away from these!

1. Doll Eye’s Pencil Sharpener

First, it is just cruel and secondly it might scare your kid away from using a pencil:

Doll Eye's Pencil Sharpener

2. Animated Girl / Boy Pen Holder

It may seem funny but if I were a teacher I would surely ban those (see this video as well to watch that bizarre thing in action!):

Animated Girl / Boy Pen Holder

3. A Cigarette Pen

I am sure with the pen like this, hiding a real cigarette is even easier. Besides, it actually promotes smoking. doesn’t it?

A Cigarette Pen

4. “Sexy” Girl Pencil Sharpener

Ok, there’s nothing really sexy about it; instead it is just stupid and embarrassing:

"Sexy" Girl Pencil Sharpener

5. Butt Staion as Desk Organizer

A man sitting on the toilet serves as the classroom supplies organizer: it may be funny but it’s definitely adult humor:

Butt Staion as Classroom Supplies Organizer

6. Dead Fred Pen Holder

Doesn’t it sound too violent: Each time you place your pen in the holder, you stab the man through the heart.

Dead Fred Pen Holder

7. Murder Ink Sticky Notepad & Penholder

Murdering again? Don’t get me started!

Murder Ink Sticky Notepad & Penholder

8. Doll’s Head Pen Holder

Like the very first gadget we mentined, this one is just too cruel and creepy:

Doll's Head Pen Holder

9. @ss Pen Holder

Now, this is just too embarrassing!

@ss Pen Holder

10. Vomit Station Notepad & Penholder

I guess this one is from the same manufacture as #5 – not cool as well:

Vomit Station Notepad & Penholder