10 Fun RSS-Button-Inspired Gadgets to Buy

RSS productsThe way we share information has changed online in the last few years. When it comes to getting updates from websites, it is no longer a matter of signing up for constant emails that from your inbox, or checking through the site a millions times in hopes of finding something new. Instead, you can subscribe to their RSS feed, getting a quick rundown of anything new that might be happening.

We have all grown accustomed to seeing the RSS feed button at the top of a website, or in the bookmarks section of your browser. But how about off the web? For the tech savvy or net obsessed, you can find some cool little projects online that provide you with a fresh, .com kind of look.

1. RSS Lamp

RSS Lamp

If you are looking for something to add a little oomph to a boring room, this lamp cover is an awesome addition to any home. Not only will it be sure to spark conversation when people see the symbol along the front, but it will give an interesting, dim lighting that is functional, while being more comfortable than the usual bright florescence that white out an area.

2. RSS Feed Key Chain

RSS Feed Key Chain

Do you want something to replace the mangled troll doll key chain you won in a cheap raffle back in the 90’s? Go a little more modern with a RSS feed trinket. It is a simple little idea that will make you smile every time you open your front door.

3. RSS Icon Pillow

RSS Icon Pillow

I love this pillow, but some people might have trouble working it into their décor. It is bright orange, making it a clashing shade for most furniture, such as if you have a brown, beige or red couch. But anything from white or black (or even cream) would handle it really well. It could be a nice way to put a splash of color into a living room or bedroom. Especially for a teenagers room.

4. RSS Feed Scrabble Tile Pendant

RSS Feed Scrabble Tile Pendant

This is super cute, though it only comes in a pendant. You will have to find a chain or something to put it on, but I would recommend a choker. The square shape of the feed button, along with the ridges in the symbol, mean that it would look nice laying flat against the neck or at the base of the collar. Though it could work on a chain, as well.

5. RSS Mug and Mousepad

RSS Mug and Mousepad

Want something for the office? This mousepad and mug are adorable, with little slogans as well. My only complaint is the mousepad idea…who honestly has a scroller ball in their mouse anymore? Almost everything is laser, or else touch activated like in a laptop or Macbook. It seems a little redundant, unless you are doing it as a decoration.

6. RSS Coasters

RSS Coasters

What I love about these coasters is that there are different ones.. The squares come in two colors (orange or blue), and each one has a different letter of symbol to spell out a larger command that you would find on the website feed section. They are also a good size, and very functional as a set.

7. RSS T-Shirt

RSS T-Shirt

For the web designer who likes to show his work from his chest, there is the RSS t-shirt. Black with an RSS feed button on the front and a number underneath, any geek designer is sure to love this. Comes in several sizes and is a great price, as well.

8. RSS Shoes

RSS Shoes

When I first saw this picture, I had to laugh. The blogger who made them had a great idea, and they are really cool, but they are also pretty ugly. The brown, rubber soles, the bright orange, the button stuck on the front…you would have to be pretty careful with what you wore these with. Though, on second thought, I am not sure anything you paired them with would be especially flattering.

Unfortunately, there’s no store I am aware of where you could buy anything like this. But I found this Creative Factory where you can design Puma shows yourself, so I guess you can make something like that there. Here are also some Puma coupons from Rather Be Shopping for you to save on that purchase.

9. Feed Me RSS Icon Bib

Feed Me RSS icon Bib

Why should you have all the fun? For those baby bloggers (or bloggers-to-be, perhaps?), this bib is sure to impress. The cute slogan on the front will make parents giggle, and you will be keeping their clothes baby food free in a stylish and tech savvy way.  Or, at the very least, you and your buddies can snicker about it around the water cooler.

10. RSS Badges

RSS Badges

Button collecting is an old practice, but feed button collecting? Now, that is a new spin on an oldie! These cute RSS badges are cheap and say to the world “I am a blogger, and I am proud!”

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Orin Zebest

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