10 Weirdest Desserts in the World

Let me share something with you, folks.  Dessert is one of the things I truly, unabashedly, unapologetically love (that, and, I dunno, every other meal and the odd Johnny Depp flick).  Desserts come in all shapes and sizes, just like people.  In fact, desserts are so diverse that often the get into the realm of the truly bizarre.  Feeling exploratory? Try these desserts in their nation of origin, or attempt to make them at home.  Either way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the odd nature and spirit of these sweet (and not so sweet) treats.  Enjoy,  if you dare…

Fish Cookies

These cookies are usually homemade and don’t actually contain fish (big sigh of relief).  In actuality, they embody the time-tested tradition of intricate dough impressions that are popular throughout Japan.  These Fishy treats are often filled with custard and bean paste, common fillings in Japan and Asia.




Manju is chewy rice cake made and eaten around New Years in Japan.  These balls of rice matter can have any assorted things within them, and their colorful outsides prove them to be dependably odd.  In fact, Manju is responsible for not only being colorful, but fatal- these little treats are responsible for several choking deaths every year.  Yikes!


Photo Credit: Sarah Kino, Avenuefood.com

The Bacon Donut

What isn’t improved with the addition of Bacon?  Bacon on desserts is all the rage right now, because you know everyone likes the sweet but also covets the savory. It’s an internal moral dilemma, people: which is better? Yin or Yang? Beatles or Rolling Stones? Sweet or salty? Now, we don’t have to choose when it comes to donuts!

Photo Credit: baconbaconbacon.tumblr.com



This popular Indian pastry is deliciously sweet, like many Indian confections.  I like to call it the yummy yummy honey straw, but I’m cool because nicknames rule. Anyhow,  Jalebi is made from fermented sugar and honey.  It’s a mainstay in Indian cuisine, though it’s sticky, sticky, sticky.

Photo Credit: agreasykuali.wordpress.com


Sticky Rice Cake

Think rice pudding, but without it being pudding-ish. Actually, think of Sashimi, but without the fish. Also, with sugar. Okay, wait, I’m confused.  Anyhow, this traditional Thai dish is served all over Thailand, and showcases rice as not only a staple of meals, but of dessert, too!


Photo Credit: eatingoutloud.com



Rambutan looks like a sea urchin alien life form that you shouldn’t touch or it’ll sting/prick/poison you.  Yet, inside,  there’s a sweet little morsel used for traditional dessert in Asia.  Oh Asians, you’re stealing the show when it comes to weird desserts! And this one isn’t even a baked good, it’s a friggin FRUIT!


Photo Credit: chinesebrock.blogspot.com



Yeah, this is for real. In fact, they sell a version of this in KFCs in Asia. The corn’s starchy sweetness seems to be a compliment to the ice cream or yogurt that people actually like. Crazy? Maybe.  Would I try it? Yeahhhh!


Photo Credit: icecreamjournal.turkeyhill.com


Tortei de Johaidre

This treat from Madrid is sweet, yes, and does look like your average strudel-type thing. But, it’s particular texture and taste is attributed to angel hair squash, which is packed inside this pastry. As my doctor always says, gotta get your carbs in.


Photo Credit: LaTortugaviajera.com

Meat Cake

A cake. Made of meat.  It’s got mashed potato frosting and a ketchup glaze. Though it sounds a little trailerpark-y (if I do say so myself) , this “dessert” sports lots and lots of meaty goodness. And who doesn’t love meat in loaves or patty form. This is like a superburger, disguised as dessert-y deliciousness.


Photo Credit: momlogic.com

Chocolate Covered Crickets

Did you know October 14th was national chocolate covered insect day? Did I just make that up? Maybe.  Anyhow,  these little buggers (literally) are a delicacy in lots of parts of the world, where their salty crunch goes well with a sweet or savory topping. Feeling adventurous? I’m feeling queasy.  I prefer to keep bugs out of my bedroom and out of my stomach, thank you very much.


Photo Credit: blog.ecosmart.com


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