20 Awesome iPhone / iPad Shopping Apps That Are Totally Free!

shopping ipadWho doesn’t love to shop? If you are anything like me, you love it enough that your checking account is barely surviving the fetish. Ever since getting an iPad, this addiction has increased to the point of madness. While I don’t always buy, I have been able to indulge my sweet tooth for sweet deals from my home, the office, or even the bus in ways I never thought I could.

This is due to the creation of dozens of incredible apps that are dedicated to the art of shopping. There are some for nearly any store you could hope for, in every genre. But here are 20 of my favorite free applications for the iPad. You will be sure to love them, too.

  1. ABC Family Gift Guide – My kids and I love ABC Family and their affiliates, and WB has come out with some of out favorite shows and movies. For example, we love settling down for the Harry Potter marathons when the new movies come close to release. Using this app from the network, you can find gifts related to their programs and films, for anyone in the family.ABC Family Gift Guide
  2. Catalogs.com for iPad – Even though they have fallen slightly out of fashion, I still love catalogs. With this app, I can save on the paper and space, and check out hundreds from different stores all in one place. Very convenient, and easy to use.
  3. Cool Hunting – A fantastic place to find current trends, Cool Hunting’s app is like an online magazine for anyone who wants to shop with an edge.
  4. GottaDeal.com – Gotta Deal is one of the top forums for finding help in the shopping world. The members are some of the greatest bargain hounds around. You can visit the forum through this app, to take part in the hunt.
  5. PercentageOff – Do you find yourself stumped when it comes to applying mathematics to your purchases? Percentage Off is a great little tool for the fraction challenged. You can find any final purchase amount after a discount using this calculator.PercentageOff
  6. Point Inside Maps for Airports and Malls – I hate mall maps. They are hard to find, hard to read and often unreliable when it comes to smaller stands in the main walkways. But you can find maps for any airport or mall with this app.
  7. As Seen on TV – You can’t always be watching TV at the right time to see an infomercial for the perfect product. Whether it is something useful or something bizarre, you can find it with As Seen on TV.
  8. Amazon Mobile – Amazon is one of the most recognizable websites on the web for shopping. Once a book-specific site, it has become well known for everything from clothing to electronics. Their Kindle was the first mainstream ereader, and they have had a mobile service for some time. Their app for the iPad is the most advanced form ever, and you can search, compare, shop and review wherever you are.
  9. Become.com Online Shopping for iPad – I love this app. It has over 4,200 merchants on file, which you can search, compare prices and products, and find the very best deal on anything you could possibly want. There are literally millions of featured products.
  10. Bluefly for iPad – Fashion is always changing, and so it is important to stay on top of the latest trends, while knowing the classic looks that never go out of style. Bluefly let’s you keep track of it all easily.
    Bluefly for iPad
  11. Boutiques – Gotta love those high end boutiques, and now you can visit the most elegant designers and inspired fashions from around the world.
  12. eBay for iPad – You don’t have to pay brand new prices for new or used items. Whatever you need, eBay will likely have it. This app allows you to check out their deals from anywhere.
  13. Famous Footwear – Famous Footwear is a fantastic source of high quality, affordable shoes. You can search their inventory, shop or find local stores, as well as see sales with this application.
  14. Gap 1969 Stream – The GAP has been a staple of low-cost designer wear for awhile. They have brought back the retro denim flair with their 1969 line, which is the focus of this app. While it is specific to this trend, you can find some great inspiration with the many images accessed through it.
  15. Gilt for iPad – Gilt is a great site, with tons of deals well over 50% off, sometimes as much as 70%. They also have a great selection, which can be seen through this application.Gilt for iPad
  16. JCPenny Weekly Deals – JC Penny is one of the few surviving department stores in a world that has moved out of the malls and onto the net. But you can use your iPad to see their regular sales,, clearance items, new lines, coming seasons or to shop.
  17. Nextag Mobile – This is a shoppers best friend, there is no doubt about that. All you do is take a picture of any pricetag at any store, and this app will do a search to tell you if it is the best price in your area or online. If not, it will give you alternatives. Amazing? I think so.
  18. The North Face Gift Guide – Hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, biking….any outdoor activity is covered by North Face. For gifts or personal purchases, you can’t go wrong with this app, which will show you what you can get for anyone.
  19. NM Editions – Like Neiman Marcus? You don’t have to subscribe to their catalogs anymore to see what they have for the season. Just flip on this app and browse anywhere, any time.
  20. Overwhelming Offers – Want to get rid of overspending when you shop? Overwhelming Offers is nothing but deals all the time, from 50% – 80% off.Overwhelming  Offers
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