5 Fun Twitter Bots That Will Help You to Shop and Save

Twitter shopping botWe’ve seen already how much help Twitter may be when it comes to online shopping:

Twitter is a great way to research the seller’s reputation, find new deals and ask for unbiased opinion. Besides, you can reach plenty of brands providing alternative customer support on Twitter.

And here are 5 more Twitter-based tools that will help you with daily shopping: 5 fun Twitter bots:

1. Buy it Later:

Buy it Later is the Twitter bot that The bot requires a FireFox addon to work properly. So here how it works:

  • Install the FireFox addon;
  • Follow BuyItLater on Twitter;
  • Go to any item page on Amazon and click “Buy later” button;
  • The tool then checks Amazon for updates every minute;
  • If the item price and/or availability changes, the bot alerts you via Twitter DM or email.

Twitter bot: Buy it later

2. TinyMassive

TinyMassive is a nice Twitter bot that helps you quickly find out what’s the lowers price for the given product. Here’s it how it works:

  • Tweet your product search to @tinymassive
  • The bot will reply with the Tweet containing: the minimum price found and the link to the product search results.

Twitter bots: compare prices

3. Track This

Track this is the fun Twitter bot that will track your online purchases while they are being delivered to you:

  • Register at the site and follow the bot;
  • Enter a tracking number and a nickname for a package;
  • The site will continually monitor the package and each time the package changes location you’ll be getting a Twitter DM.

Twitter bots: tarck purchases

4. MindMeTo

MindMeTo is a simple Twitter reminder that will remind you of your planned purchases:

  • Follow mindmeto on Twitter and wait for the bot to follow you back.
  • @ or DM the bot what you want to remember to buy (e.g. d mindmeto buy some milk tomorrow);
  • At the scheduled time, the bot will send you a private direct message to “buy some milk”.

Twitter bot: reminder

5. MultiMap

MultiMap twitter bot helps you find any store nearby. Here’s how it works:

  • Add the bot to friends;
  • Send it the DM containing your current location + the shopping facility, e.g. Closest shopping to Tampa, FL (the syntax is described here).

Twitter bot: find a shopping facility

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