5 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Lady in Your Life

I’ve known plenty of men who think women are impossible to buy gifts for. On the other hand, women sometimes aren’t sure what the guy in their life would want either. But gift giving doesn’t have to be a difficult or frustrating process.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for the lady in your life this holiday season, here are some general ideas you can work with.

1. Personal Mementos

Many women enjoy receiving rather personalized gifts. That could include anything from a photo album from a trip you took together to a piece of jewelry you’ve had engraved with a special message for her.

2. Rest and Relaxation

Women work hard. Whether they’re taking care of a family or a hectic job (or both!), they probably wouldn’t mind a break. So give them one for the holidays. That could mean a day at her favorite spa. Or you could buy her a nice candle, her favorite scented bubble bath, and a good book so she can just soak and read to enjoy a relaxing evening.

If you’re on a really tight budget, don’t fret. Make your gift a true day off. Promise to take the kids off her hands or take on her usual chores and errands for a day so she can enjoy a “personal day” whenever she needs one most.

3. The Latest Gadgets

gifts for women
Give her a gift she’ll love this holiday season. – Credit: Fotolia.com

A lot of the electronics we see advertised around the holidays seem highly targeted to men. But gals love gadgets too! Why not get the tech savvy woman in your life something she’ll love, like a new e-reader or tablet?

4. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets can be incredibly personal gifts, but they can also be easy because you get a theme to work with. Think about what the woman in your life enjoys. What are her hobbies? Then put together a collection of small items with that theme into a beautiful basket. For example, if she’s a film buff, fill the basket with some new movies she’ll love, theater tickets, and some gourmet popcorn.

5. Subscriptions

Subscriptions might sound impersonal, but they’re not. You have to really know what someone likes to get them these gifts. You could go with something standard like a magazine subscription. You could get an “of the month” club kind of subscription for everything from fruit to wine. Is your girl a gamer? Why not pay for a subscription for a new MMORPG or one she already enjoys? Is she into family history research? Get her a subscription for a research site.

Subscriptions go far beyond magazines these days, and they can be great gift ideas (especially if you have to buy a long distance gift).

All of these ideas leave you with a lot of flexibility. They give you a basic idea to run with, but plenty of room to personalize the gift idea to the woman in your life. What other gift ideas do you think would work well for women in general? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Written by
Jennifer Mattern
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