5 Videos to Tame Our Consuming Appetite

Anti-consumerism videosAre you an impulse buyer? A passionate shopper? How much are you influenced by advertising campaigns?

Are you always sure you really need what you are purchasing? Do you believe your desire to have something makes you dependent on your never ending consumer appetite?

If “Yes” is your answer to at least one of the above questions, you should like this anti-consumerism video collection I am listing below. (Note: all of those videos are homemade, I intentionally didn’t include any ‘professional’ videos here)

Consumerism & You: a modern guide to self destruction

A four-minute video with a single message “You have been consumed“: the video is very well edited and strikes a good sound track:

Fight Everything

That’s a short animation claiming that:

  • “Consumerism is a lie to sell you an illusion of happiness and security”;
  • “We .. spend our lives in debt, to buy things we don’t even need”;
  • “The continuous product message is woven into the very fabric of our lives”…

Please buy more stuff

This is a video clip to the song “We want your soul“. The introductory message to the video claims that until recently, all we needed was things necessary for the living but what we have now is the never-ending desire to buy and consume:

“Now that we have more than we could ever need, we are left to search for something else to stimulate the struggle. So we spend our time hunting for things we don’t really need, and we call it shopping.”

Do I need it

The video features a cute song that asks questions “Do I need it? Or just want it? Who convinced me that I need it and why do I want it?

It makes a valid point that by “buying less stuff and living more simply”, we are saving our planet:

Psychology of Consumer Behaviour

Why do we buy? Do we buy because we need or because we want? Of course, we are well aware of what the narrator is talking about but she explains things in a plain, easy to digest way and she does sound convincing:

We live in the world of constant sensation: color, sound, and others…

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