7 Truly Unique Gifts to Fix Your Boyfriend

It really is the little things that make or break a relationship. If you’re tired of the usual suggestions to fix your boyfriend (a watch so he’s on time) you’ll enjoy these truly unique gifts to fix your boyfriend. And remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Not-so-Subtle Grooming Suggestions

Wish he wouldn’t grow out that ridiculous beard in winter? Now he can stay warm, look cool, and not give you “sushi face” when you make out! Get the Beard Hat from Beardo. And why not pair it with a razor and shaving cream? Make sure he gets the hint!

Hair Today

And if that wasn’t enough, don’t forget the classic, Spray On Hair! This product “instantly covers thinning hair and baldness. This spray on hair is made up of “tiny fibers that accurately mimic real hair follicles. Good Looking Hair is ideal for covering up light to moderate balding, thinning, or shedding. Simply spray Good Looking Hair onto the scalp for a thicker, fuller head of hair, instantly!”

Clean his Apartment

What better way to snoop around and tidy up? Offer to clean your boyfriend’s apartment! No man wants to live in a pigsty and you don’t want to visit one. Your boyfriend will be feeling the love in no time. Cleaning up his place is sure to remind him of when his mother would vacuum and dust. (No doubt she found those magazines under his mattress offensive, too.)

Get him to Join you at the Beach

Has your man declined a beautiful day at the beach one too many times? Has he blamed it on his need to listen to music? Now he can look cool, rock out, and (thanks to polarized lenses) check out other chicks! Just pick up these MP3 Player Sunglasses.

Sober Up

Unwasted: My Lush Sobriety is the perfect choice for someone looking to discover that “nothing is as odd and fantastic as life without a drink in hand.” Remind him that you’re thinking about his long-term health.

Set the Bar High

Get your man to live up to your expectations by setting them high. He’ll be proud to display this mug with an adorable baby blue character at work. The Mr. Perfect Mug is sure to have your man checking everything twice to ensure he doesn’t disappoint you. Don’t be surprised if he checks to see that his hair isn’t out of place, the toilet seat is down, and his fly is always zipped.

Share his Sounds

Does your boyfriend tune you out to listen to his crunk or rap? These splitter headphones on a convenient keychain are the perfect solution to foster togetherness. Now you can listen to his music and remember why you don’t listen to his music.

Please share your favorite boyfriend fixing gifts below. For that matter, please share any of your favorite or least favorite gifts from your significant other.