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7 Ways to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It should be the one place that is perfectly primed for you to get the rest and relaxation that your body needs to thrive. In order to create this type of environment there are a number of small, often easy, changes that you can make to your current bedroom. The perfect sleeping environment is more than just a bed and four walls. Having a sleep environment that readies you for sleep will improve your sleep hygiene, as well as your overall health.

With that in mind, here are 7 ways that you can create the perfect sleep environment for you!


1. Keep things nice and cool

If you follow the National Sleep Foundation recommendations you’d know that your bedroom should be about 65 degrees Fahrenheit if you want the perfect environment for sleep. They explain that your body temperature is tied to your sleep cycle. As your temperature decreases when it is attempting to initiate sleep, a cooler room can help you get to sleep easier.


2. The right mattress goes a long way

Part of creating the most optimal sleep space is choosing the best mattress, bedding, pillows, and other sleep accessories for your unique needs. Before you shop for accessories you will want to find a mattress that is suited to your body and to the way you sleep. For example, some mattresses are geared to side sleepers, but if you sleep on your stomach that mattress may not work for you. Once you find the right mattress, you’ll need the perfect pillow, and some comfortable bedding to complete the package.


3. Keep your bedroom as a strictly sleep environment

If you have trouble sleeping one of the easiest changes you can make is to designate your room a sleep-only space. Your bed might be so comfortable that you like to lounge on it and read an e-book, play a game, or even watch a movie, but this can confuse your body and distract you from sleep. On the other hand, if you only get into bed if you plan to sleep your body considers the action of getting into bed as sleep time.


4. Turn out the lights

Darkness releases melatonin into your system. This natural sleep aid will help to relax you, which will make it easier to get to sleep. If there is light from a lamp, computer screen, or television this can cause a distraction in your sleep cycle because our bodies associate light with being awake and dark with sleeping.


5. Stay hydrated and consider a nighttime snack

It will be hard to sleep if you chug down a bottle of water before bed or if you eat a full meal. That said, staying properly hydrated throughout the day and eating a light snack before bed, if you need one, can do wonders. In order to stay hydrated you should drink water throughout the day. If you’re not getting enough you might consider swapping out some of the sugary drinks or coffee that you consume and replacing them with water. If you’re not fond of your tap water at home, installing a water filter can make your water a crisp, delicious option the next time you need something to drink.


6. Don’t forget the power of scent

There are a variety of scents that help to increase calm feelings, relaxation, and that may help you get to sleep easier. While none of these are a cure for insomnia, if you’re already relaxed they will help promote the idea of sleep even further. Lavender is a great example. You can have candles or scented oils or even use plug-in scents to create a nice and comforting smelling space. Additionally, if you have allergies you’ll want to create an allergy-free zone to stop yourself from waking up sneezing at night.


7. A tidy room makes for a more comforting space

If your room is kept neat and tidy, it will represent a more peaceful area that is more tuned for sleeping. Some polls even suggest that 60% of sleepers feel that a clean bedroom helps them get to sleep faster. The lack of clutter creates a room that’s easier to clean and that represents a place to get some quality sleep when the time is right.

Most of these tips are easy to implement and will definitely go a long way towards helping you to get to sleep and achieve better sleep throughout the entire night!

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