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  • The WWF advert seems more against deforestation then smoking. I think it was implying that buy cutting down trees, you are destroying the oxygen producers of the world, so its like destroying your own lungs…at least that’s the way I see it (that also makes more sense for the WWF to be arguing that position instead of a non-smoking position).

    Also, those last two pictures, although powerful, seem to imply that our soldiers, as military graveyards are often arranged that way, all died, not defending their homeland, but instead were killed by their own, stupid (implied by the context of these ads) actions. While I understand that is not the intent of those pieces of propaganda, I question the decision made to use seemingly military graveyards in that manner.

  • @Azar, you are right, the WWF one seems to imply the ‘lungs’ of the nature. Still I am keeping it here as there’s some correlation to smoking human beings. Thanks for your comment

  • “I was a smoker in the past. I quit only because I wanted to have a baby and I believed me smoking was harmful for my child.”

    Well, now it’ll be a healthy child you can teach plenty of improper English.

  • I have a problem with the quote “I think that’s every person’s business and choice.” What to you say to all of the children of smokers who were/are exposed to secondhand smoke? These children (I was one of them) have no say the their “Choice”

  • Scary, Clever and Sometimes Cruel…And largely ineffective.

    But hey…it’s a wondeful use of tax dollars to friggin’ repaint tanker trucks to look like cigarettes, or pay some pretentious art student to do some graphic. None of which actually makes most people quit smoking.

    The only people that it reaches are the type of people who would make decisions based on billboards anyway. Why, driving home I found out I should quit smoking, eat KFC, and drink Pepsi. Also, Jesus died for my sins.

    What you should be concerned about is that *this* is where your cigarette tax money goes. *This* is where your “donate to cure cancer” money goes. Not research. Nope. Taxes aren’t spent on kids’ healthcare/education/ponies. Nope. They spend the money on friggin’ advertisements.

    To anyone who doesn’t let self-righteousness get in the way, that might seem like an awful waste of money. Or, you know…to anyone that might actually care about solving a problem, rather than the just having the appearance of doing so.

  • Granted some of these ad’s totally miss the mark, others on the other hand capture the imagination in a humorous and thought provoking manner. To grab peoples attention it has to be something that causes an emotional response.

    Guess what! They have done that as it’s now a hot topic. Advertising is all about creating reactions…good or bad. It’s aim is to get people talking or buying.

    I’m so glad I stopped 10yrs ago, the best thing I ever did:)

  • Well, dunno how it works over in the US, but in my home country (Belgium), every tax payer pays for the Health costs generated by lung cancer and other smoking-related-diseases.

    So… IMHO, besides the secondhand smoking, it IS a “public choice” ! 😉

  • what is the point of the ones using the military cemeteries? Those totally trivialize military casualties. The one with the old lady just made me mad: I mean, everyone who smokes looks like they’re 100 years old at age 42, right? no, i’m not a smoker.

  • I have just stumbled upon this webpage after searching quit smoking adverts as I feel I have a powerful one to put forward.

    Lung cancer is not the only lung disease even though that is bad enough, COPD related disease are one of the biggest killers here in the UK and also in the US.

    Though you say smokers know the dangers of it and it is people choice if they smoke or not, but what about the people who have to pick up the pieces when it does start to effect them.

    Mt father stop smoking when I was about 10 years old and he always told me it was for me that he did, now im 30 I have a full time job and im also a full time carer for my father who has emphyzemia diagnosed 15 years ago and now in final stages.

    I love my father and I hate seeing him go though this, he is on oxygen 24 hour a day, has aprox 20 tablets a day, has nebulizers , 3 different inhalers and BiPap machine at night to pull the carbondyoxide out of his body. This is all due to smoking.

    I am the only family my father has, I want to help him as much as possible but would like to people to realise that smoking doesn’t just effect you and its not just your choice, I don’t have a choice to watch my father die of something that if he had all the information he might not of , I don’t have the choice to spend my nights sitting next to him trying to get him comfy and rested but he doesn’t sleep and in turn I don’t either and then I have to work all day. I don’t have the choice that I spend my time sat in a & e departments while they stabilise him to spend a week back in hospital, to be brought home and then we go through it all a week or two later. I don’t have the choice that when he was last in hospital he begged me to get him home that he wants to die in his own bed. Once more this has been going on for 5 years

    Smoking affects everyone around you not just yourself maybe if they had a ad to show the people who have to care for you they might be more inclined to quit, lets face it we are all more bothered about our family and friends health then our own.

  • I just find the display of the information to be insulting to the overall intelligence of the general population. We’ve heard the facts, and truth be told, some of us just don’t care.

  • I know what you mean. I am a long-time smoker with absolutely no willpower when it comes to quitting. The reason I’m still alive is because I switched to these new, healthy cigarettes. Check out my blog at!

  • All these pictures looks scary and makes you want to think about your smoking habit. But do they work? They never worked for me and i believe i’m not the only one. The reason behind all this is that they cause stress. And this is a weak point for a smoker who tries to quit. It just makes him feel disappointed and angry because he is one of those “victims”. And of course it gives him another reason to grab a cigarette.

  • Sick of lies on cigarette scare tactics that don’t work! I am a smoker for 36 years now. I laugh at all the “scary” advertisements that they put out to scare smokers into quitting. At least it’s SUPPOSED to. Been around secondhand cigarette smoke for over 51 years and have been smoking 36. I’m fine! That’s why I have to laugh! And all my smoker friends are doing fine, also. People that drink have it worse than we do–at least we don’t kill anybody when we drive with a cigarette as they do drinking! With all the problems in the world like mass genocide and drug use–ACTUAL drug use–smokers should be the least of your problems! I enjoy smoking and I speak for other smokers when I say it’s not working. You spend all this money on a losing battle. We are all gonna die anyway, whether we smoke, don’t smoke, or live in a bubble. We still die. It’s a part of life. Why can’t you idiots accept it? Thank you.

  • Oh, By the way, In Scotland where the Idiotic smoking bans were first intoduced. Heart attacks increased since the bans started. Stress induces heart attacks. Smoking is a stress reliever. Studies are showing that smoking does help stress. The greedy money hungry world is stressful. So why would anyone want to live forever anyway? I don’t!

  • Everyone has the right to do what ever they wish…. even if its without thought of consequence!

    let me tell you of my story…. my father was a smoker and quite aged 55 by then the damage was done and he had COPD over the next 20 years my father gradually had a slow and painful death… and with me being his only relative I spent the last 3 years looking tending and caring for him, from ringing the ambulance when he couldn’t breath to when he lost conscious cracked his head open from washing him and cooking to spending hours in a and e and then more days/ months in a ward, I lived with him as he couldn’t be left alone for long he was on oxygen all day and all night just so he could breath and this was all while he was mentally fine and very young minded so he knew what pain and misery he was going though. The last time he was in hospital he begged me to get him home he was so low and depressed ……. I brought my father home to die, it was the hardest thing I ever had to do was sit there day and night until he died.

    Smoking was the cause if all this, over the years it damaged his wind pipe and lungs till only a quarter of his left lung worked but he felt fine prior to this but bit by bit the last 20 years of his life was controlled by it getting worse and worse taking a bit more of the man who had always looked after me away till he couldn’t do a thing for himself but then he didn’t just die he spent 3 years like this fully aware of everything that was happening.

    Just because your ok jack many many people around the world are not and did you know the COPD is one of the largest killers in the uk and America and the majority of this is due to smoking.

    I looked after my father while having a full time job … I slept little and for outside people it was very hard to comprehend my situation.

    Smoking is up to you but would you want your children to look after you day and night to watch you die prematurely for something that you could have stopped, do you want to but them through the stress and pain of seeing all that, I love my father and I miss him every day but if he knew earlier on what smoking could do im sure he would of stop as he wouldn’t of wanted me to go though what I did, let alone his own suffering.

  • Dedicated to Mcallister: I’m so sorry for what you & your father has gone through & it was a horrable experiance you will never forget & I understand this…BUT..
    Are you 100% sure your father’s problem came from the cigerettes that he smoked? Might of been from another sorce & but it is much easier for people to believe it was from smoking! But science have found other more believable factors that can cause respitory distress such as a oderless, tasteless chemical in the air called radon…that can be found in the homes basement…Science already confirmed Radon causes lung cancer to people. Look at all the 9/11 rescue workers that was all around that debree that are now suffering w/different types of lung distress. Sad but true & when you go outside…The emission fumes from cars, Trucks & factories…Asbestice…In homes. Unfortunatly it is easier to pick on the smoker then to pick on what is really causing lung distress…Like a Million dollar company that no person will touch… I don’t know your dads life…But it could have been the air at his job…Or a childhood home that had a Radon problem…I been around too many smokers all my life & no one died from it…But everyone does have a time to die..whether you smoke or not..Brainwashing media has you fooled w/millions of others…Explain to me why children who never smoked a day in their lives get lung cancer? More non-smokers then smokers get it. I don’t know why everyone is scared of dying it is a manditory part of life…I don’t want to live forever & I’m 52 now…Too Damn expensive & the stress of money will kill me faster then any cigarette will. But those bills have to be paid…Please smarten up! If we have to live here right now today, because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow? Let’s just be happy & to live & let live! Peace Linda

  • In today’s economy also…It was a shame & a crises that a smoking ban started. Thousands of businesses shut down in the bars, restaurants & casino industries. Texas wants nothing to do w/it. neither does New Orleans & Vegas will chop the bans in pieces. They tried to enforce a ban in a prison, but 3 prisoners burned down a couple buildings in a fit of rage & the ban was lifted immediatley! Inocent Smokers are being killed because of anti-smokers antics! You think you did a good thing w/these bans? You did not! All you did was hurt people & the economy! Idiots!

  • After reading everyones responses it makes you think. Smoking is bad for you and so are many other things in life. But sometimes its easier to just put all your hope and faith into one thing, one thing that you believe in wholeheartedly. I am almost 30 and I smoked when I was 14 (for about a year). Mainly cause my friends were and I was trying to fit in. Well I put them down in october of 1997 the day my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. He died a month later. To this day I still struggle with his death and seeing people smoke now. He died a horrible death (in my arms) and I couldnt save him. Yes, everyone dies some day but consider this, knowing that you will die at any given moment would you rather die holding a cigarette or holding your kid. If I knew the moment of my death I would want nothing more than my last moment be with my babies. Studies show that cigarettes are bad for you. But they also show that they are bad for those around you, your loved ones or strangers, it doesnt matter who it is but its bad for them as well. But what I dont feel has been emphasized that really should be is the effects cigarettes has on the ones that love you the most. The ones that have to take care of you day in day out due to your illness. People can absolutely live a full healthy life smoking til their last dieing breath but with so much out there are willing to play russian roullete with your own life!?!?!?!

  • If anyone knows how to go about starting a no smoking campaign in our schools (seeing thats when most KIDS start) please contact me. I have struggled with my dads death for half my life and not only do I need some clusure for myself but pursueing this I truely believe can and will make a difference. If anyone knows of anything that would benefit me in my endeavers, please contact me at Im not just some random joe I truely believe in this cause and hope that changes do occur starting at the school age.