Apple Goodies

It’s time for Macworld again, and this year the much anticipated trade show by Apple will have some tools sure to capture the company even more market share. Apple Computers have always been much too artsy and bohemian for the real world of business, but that all may be changing. Apple Computers is now Apple Inc, and some of the goodies expected to be on display at MacWorld are small business applications. Could Apple be courting the office place after all?

Microsoft Office for Macs
The most telling sign of the times is the newly released Office for Macs. The Windows product is fully integrated with Apple’s operating system making the Office utilities streamlined and efficient. There are terrific features such as an automater and connectivity between functions so that fields can be almost immediately populated, menial tasks can be completed in record time and everything is done with the ease and reliability Apple is known for.

Medical Software
MacPractice introduces medical software for Macs that support complicated forms and other medical documents.

Macs as Servers?
You can now turn your Mac into a server of sorts by installing software called SeeFile. This allows multiple users into the same database. While this technology is nothing new, it is priced well below what similar servers would cost.

New Peripherals
There are new peripherals being introduced for Macs as well. New scanners are making an appearance along with a slew of other odds and ends designed to make life easier on Mac users. Unfortunately these peripherals, along with the actual computers, are more expensive than PC counterparts. But the price tag may be an indication of greater durability and quality – it’s yet to be determined.

Apple in Business?
So will Apple soon dominate the business world? While it’s unlikely that Apple computers will be taking over mainstream offices, they are becoming more enticing for small and independent businesses. Macs have long been a favorite of artists and designers, but now others working online and off may find that Apple machines give them every thing want but with ease and simplicity they don’t always get with their old PCs.

It is expected that Apple will slowly begin taking on new market share, but that is no surprise considering the company’s growth in the last few years. The only fly in the proverbial ointment will be the troubleshooting and repairs on the machines.

Apple Maintenance
Apples are expected to work a certain way, and to resolve issues on a Mac, you must follow the protocol set forth by the company – even if it’s far more demeaning and complicated than the problem seems to warrant. Macs are terrifically dependable, but resolving even a simple issue can become complex. Of course if system repairs and problems become an issue with a Mac, you can always take the easy way out. Just walk your computer into the nearest Apple store and let the experts handle the issue.

Soon, once you have the kinks worked out, your Apple will be shaving time and effort off your typical daily tasks making your business and your day run much more smoothly. Another coup for Apple is in the works.

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