Burning Man Art

Burning Man happens every year in the Black Rock Desert. Out there in the nothern part of Nevada, crazy people gather to act, well, crazy. Folks dress up (or down, as the case may be), and create wild art pieces. Or are those failed science projects? Who knows? Chances are, however, drugs and alcohol might just be involved. But that’s for you to judge.

Burning Man 2005 247

Burning Man is a party for big people.


Photo By: Stuart Updegrave


Burning Man 2009

Faces only a mother can love, and few men can kiss.


Photo By: Eric Spaceman


Burning Man 2005 227

Check out these guns!


Photo By: Stuart Updegrave


Burning Man 2005 043

 Who says there’s no such thing as unicorns?


Photo By: Stuart Updegrave


 Burning Man 2005 240

 Here, horse-y horse-y!


Photo By: Stuart Updagrave


Burning Man 2009

There are dragons in the land!


Photo By: Ericspaceman


Eye art bikes, Burning Man 2005

 What, your bike didn’t come with a giant eye?

Photo By: mr. nightshade


Burning Man 2005 057

Uh, you name it


Photo By: Stuart Updagrave


 Art in any form

This is how they get cable out there.


Photo By: Hans Speijer


 Burning Man 2005 208

This guy’s a little tied up at the moment


Photo By Stuart Updegrave


 If normal life is just a little to normal for you, your heart just may be burning for a little Burning Man





































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