Why you should have your business logo professionally designed

Have you ever had that moment where upon seeing a logo, you already knew what brand or company it is? And what product does it offer? I bet we all had ours and that only shows that a company’s logo is serving its purpose.

A logo is an element, symbol or trademark that represents a product or an organization. It plays a vital role in building a successful business brand and intends to be the face of a company.  A logo is also an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy. It’s better to have a logo first before you start designing letterhead and print business cards.

Do you really need a logo?

Do you want people to care? Of course you do! So a logo is a must for any business. 

The logo will be the piece that makes a memorable part of your business in the customer’s mind once they start associating your company with the logo. Potential customers are also more likely to do business with you because of the trust they have built with your company and its logo.

Why should you have your business logo professionally designed?

  1. The Pros know what they’re doing – Most professional logo designs are made by people who does it for a living. They have a great idea on what looks good and what doesn’t.  Their eyes are well-trained and they aim to help you and your business to look the best that it can.  You should keep in mind that they want your logo to look good too because no designer wants to add a poor design to their portfolio.
  2. Your logo creates your first impression – It appears on your product, business card, website and letterhead. It represents your business and your product. If your customer thinks that your logo looks tacky, they might also think that your product would be too.
  3. Your logo helps shape your brand – The brand plays a huge part in appealing to your prospective customers. Your logo should appear to be professional. Your target market should always put into consideration during the designing process. Remember, customers, are the most valuable resource in shaping your business.
  4. You want to be taken seriously in your field – Unfortunately, some consumers do judge the book by its cover. By having a clean and professional looking logo and consistent branding is a great way to set your business apart from the amateurs. Your logo must be memorable and recognizable. A clean and strong design is easy to remember.  In fact, sometimes it could be unforgettable. This will be priceless for a business. When your logo deemed to be unforgettable, it promotes your business without even trying.
  5. A logo that’s done by a trustworthy professional will reduce design integrity issues –  A professional logo designer will spend hours or days in researching, experimenting and designing. The concept and idea would be original. If your logo isn’t done in a professional process and found to be like someone’s work, it might result in a hefty lawsuit.
  6. A good logo gives customers an expectation of your business and products – It sets a mood! The feeling of “Hmm, something feels a little off.” is what you don’t want your costumers to have. Set the mood for what you feel is most helpful to your business.
  7. A professional logo is for long-term – Brand once and brand strong – This might cost you a little more to have the work done by professionals but it is an advantage for you and your customer than to re-brand every year or two.

Some things in life are worth to pay for. You can’t expect a cheap shampoo do its job as fine as the expensive and branded one. Do not skimp on your logo.

Do yourself a favour and pay for a professional logo designer not only to establish a great and appealing logo design but also to secure you and your business from having the risk of trademark infringement. A business is an investment that you have to put a lot into and that includes effort, time and money.

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