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Can You Build a Real Business Online?

by Hasan

Most people think that creating a business online is a fantasy. They feel that one would eventually be overtaken by competition and go out of business. This is not true. It is certainly possible to build a successful business online and the numerous successful businesses online is proof.

A “real” business is a business that earns you plenty of money and can be run by one person without having to work 40 hours a week, and even provides the luxury of taking off for long periods of time, but all the while bringing in the money.

If you are one of those that want to earn a living on the internet, it is understandable that you would be LOST in the beginning. You sit there with your computer screen staring at you and the first thing that comes to mind is, “Where do I start?”

Begin with YOU. To build a profitable business online, you need to understand yourself first. Why do you really want a business of your own? What do you consider a successful business? Are you looking at passive income so that you can do other activities in life?

Having a vision is extremely important and lays the foundation for a good business. Identify the route you wish to go. Do you want to build software, flip websites or write E-books? What are you good at? What is your passion? The crucial fact that most people do not bother about is – understanding their passions and interests. Going the path of another successful marketer will only lead to downfall. Each person’s success depends on their own capabilities and not on someone else’s success.

You need to create a business that you love and enjoy working on. Your enjoyment in your work will reflect on your customers. Imagine me creating a website on “Guitar,” when I have no clue how to play the guitar or even how many strings the guitar has. It will not be long before people see through the facade and leave without a whisper. It is essential at all times, to provide valuable information that people are always looking for. Look at your customer as someone deserving only the best and you have it made. See, what I mean by passion?

Once you have a clear vision, you need to work on your goal to accomplish that vision, and this becomes the road map, that is essential in building a successful online business. If you can do this and plan out everything perfectly, you will be ahead of thousands of people struggling to make it online.

Start working on your project with the goal in front of you. Start with creating a name for your business (every business needs a name, even online) and address (a website.) If it is software that you want to create, do some research and see if there is demand for that software. Remember, a real business is built on a demand that exists.
Research sums up almost every aspect of internet marketing. Knowing what is going on around you helps you in ensuring that your product is better than your competitor’s product.

There are a lot of things you need to be clear about, including how to market the product or service, how payments are made, and how the goods are delivered to the customer. Get an idea on how to find less competitive niches with keyword research. Armed with all this knowledge, you can promote anything to the masses and make a killing.

If you have been in the internet marketing arena for any amount of time, you would have come across the term “guru.” Those grand masters ready to “gift” you all their knowledge, as long as you are willing to empty your pocket.

Want me to share a secret with you?
Most of these so-called gurus have no “real” businesses. They may be making money selling their wares to people who fall for their mesmerizing gimmicks and false promises, but how long do you think this will last?
There are several businesses online that are here today and gone tomorrow. All the fly-by-night websites make a little money for a while and then kick the bucket. These are certainly not real businesses. They are just short-sighted opportunities that are a total waste of time.

Stay focused. Stop spinning your wheels and stop looking for the next best opportunity that is out there. Do not consider your business a hobby.

Real long-term businesses are just like any brick-and-mortar business and need all the perfection required in setting it up. It is easier in a way because you are not dealing directly with people and there is no hassle of expenditure included in an off-line business. Reaching great heights with an online business is possible with the right attitude coupled with hard work and persistence along with long-term goals.

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