Child Health

Children are the apple of any parents’ eyes. A small scratch or a tiny bruise, a small accident or an ignorable fall sends either their mommies or daddies running to the child‘s rescue. If a child falls ill, then the mom or dad has sleepless and restless nights near the child’s bedside. Children are not very careful, especially as toddlers. As children, their immune system is not well developed and hence, they are more prone to catching a cold or getting a viral infection. In such a circumstance, it becomes even more of a responsibility and a priority to take care of the children’s health by their parents or guardians.

As the famous phrase goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure;’ to ensure that the child is not easily susceptible to any kind of illnesses, it would be a wise decision to get the child vaccinated at the right age as and when prescribed by the pediatrician. Try not to miss any vaccinations and even if you happen to do so, confirm with the doc when you can make up for the same. Start the child with a healthy diet right from the beginning making sure that the child consumes the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. These are just few of the things that are in your hands.

When the child is out playing with the other children; accidents, falls, scratches, and bruises are bound to occur, which are all a part of growing up. Most of the times these incidents are not very serious and the child will be perfectly all right after any such incidents. However, after a fall if you feel that your child is not his usual self, then take him to the pediatrician, just in case. If in case a bruise is deep and it won’t stop bleeding, then again rush him/her to the nearest hospital to have it checked right away.

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