Eerie Shopping Trends – Painless Death In A Bottle!

Most people dream of having an epithet that reads, “slipped away peacefully and gracefully.” This does show the human need for a peaceful death. Studies show that it is the suffering most dying people fear and not death itself.

There is a sudden increase in elderly euthanasia foreign tourists visiting Mexican pet shops.

Euthanasia means ending one’s life voluntarily and it is illegal in many countries. This is a controversial subject with many moral dilemmas associated with it. There are euthanasia supporters that say it is a merciful method of death and the opponents say that this is sinful.

Now euthanasia tourists visit Mexican pet shops not to shop for pets, but to get hold of a drug that is used for pets. This drug is used by veterinarians to put dogs and cats to sleep. It may seem sad but it is true that these elderly and not so elderly people are buying this drug for themselves.

Right to die advocates say that tourists from far away countries, such as Australia visit Mexico to buy liquid pentobarbital, which causes a painless death in humans in less than an hour.

Many people from other countries bring photos of the bottled drug to avoid any language problems. They also come with maps drawn by euthanasia activists to be able to locate the streets where the pet shops and the veterinary supply stores are located near the U.S. border. There they can buy a bottle of death that costs anywhere between $35 to $50 for one person and they are not asked any questions.

Many terminally ill people who want to die are too weak to try to die and do not have the means to end their lives themselves, and their loved ones just cannot get themselves to help. Bron Norman, a normal and healthy 65-year-old Australian woman who had flown to Mexico by spending $2800, to get pentobarbital says, “We have a moral right to a peaceful death. I don’t want to die with a total loss of dignity, incontinent, barely able to see and stand up, suffering as my mother did.”

Pentobarbital, also known by the brand name of Nembutal, which is used legally throughout the world to anesthetize and euthanize farm animals and pets, is restricted to the use of veterinarians. But Mexico has lax regulations and it is very easy to get that drug there.

It is being hailed as “the Mexico option” by euthanasia supporters and they say that they are willing to travel as far as Mexico, because pentobarbital is one of the very few drugs that give a reliable and tranquil death by getting the person to sleep before cutting off the breathing.

Australian doctor, Philip Nitschke, who has set up a pro-euthanasia group called Exit International, says, “There are few countries in the world where the drug is as readily available as in Mexico.”

Exit International has helped 250 people from Europe, Australia, New Zealand and United States to get pentobarbital in Mexico over the past few years.

People make this trip to Mexico to get insurance cover and usually people in good health get the drug, so that if they become terminally ill, they are well prepared and this will guarantee a peaceful and quicker exit.

Elderly people in rich nations have started a global debate about the legality of euthanasia and the right of terminally ill people to bring upon their own deaths. These people consider this sort of death to be morally unacceptable and treat euthanasia as a type of murder and voluntary euthanasia as a suicide.

As eerie as all this may sound for people who have not heard of this, there are places like Oregon that are making it legal to be practiced by physicians when necessary.

It is certainly difficult to enter into a debate on whether this is correct or wrong, but living is all about hope and for people to be able to do this to themselves should convey a lot about their inability to go on with their lives.

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  • Folks,

    As sad as this article is, I do understand. Over decade ago, I suffered a spinal chord injury. After going to a respected hospital pain management center, I eventually ended up on narcotic analgesics to try to diminish the intensity of the suffering.

    Due to financial set-backs, that modicum of comfort ended late 2008. I now ‘make it’ day to day on will-power alone. I do understand why some of these folks want to end the suffering. And I look forward to the day when the rest of you can stretch your imaginations far enough to imagine pain beyond pain, that level 8 on the 0 to 10 hospital pain scale.

    Maybe then the rest of you will ‘grow souls’, and begin to have some compassion for the few who truly, medically, need this option.

  • have not been without pain every waking moment since 1977,and I am at the stage where I am looking for a painless way out to have on standby for the day it all becomes too much.It would be so much easier if it was legal.

  • I had a malignant tumor seven years ago that caused spinal cord damage. I am in pain everyday all day. My nerves are damaged so that I feel no pleasure as well. Life has become a prison for me. Each day is a trial of will that I am losing. I am only 53 and may live many years of life forced upon me. The cancer, untreated, would have killed me within a year. I wish I would not have opted for treatment. Some days seem like they will never end. I am also not sleeping well. Having an option like this available would be a relief for my suffering that has no end in sight. What valid reason is there for not offering such a hope for those of us with debilitated lives? No one is offering to help me improve my life. Why can’t I make a decision for a peaceful end to my painful life? I have no joy in life anymore…….

  • My heart goes out to the people posting here. I simply can’t understand how humans can deny other humans the right to an exit a the time and in the way of their choosing.

    I recently put my Mother in a nursing home and I am watching as her spirit and will to live dissapate. She has had it, its obvious, but we will keep her alive because…because why?

    I’m sure in 50 or 100 years there will be reasonable systems for “death with dignity”. I’m sorry to those who are not able to have those systems today.

  • This should be available the world over it’s a persons right to choose when they die. I also hate it when medicine and science some how get disregarded because of religion, “It’s murder” “It’s suicide” boo hoo I’m an athiest, give me the f***ing shot.

  • from one that has lived with a loved one that ended his life. You have no idea how much ache and suffering you leave behind. Your pain is not gone- it is left 10 fold on those that loved you…that pain doesn’t end- we carry it every day- all day. find a way to live with dignity and we should be putting our research in to ways to ease pain, not east a way out. I am sorry for everyone of you and your pain… I truly am.

  • I’m healthy and relatively young, but I wouldn’t refuse if I could quick and painless quit my life. I consider our existence as misery regardless conditions. I just don’t get all that eternal life fetishism. I would consider those who adore long time existence as disillusioned. Life is nothing else than process of decay. Therefore as long as I can move and think clearly I wish I could commit euthanasia legally.
    Look around – the world is overpopulated. We don’t need to kill each other in violent wars. Let those which don’t want to live pass away on their conditions to begin with… There are lots of losers like me that has no lust to strive everyday with so called reality. Life sucks! I want to kill myself in a painless way. Is it to much?

  • CM,
    If you loved them and gave everything while they were alive you wouldn’t have any pain. People cry at funerals not for the person that died but for themselves. You do not carry the pain of the one who died. The pain you carry is solely yours. You just don’t want to admit it and it’s easier to blame it on the one whose gone!

  • For those looking for a painless exit – there is a very simple way using one readily-available ingredient. Absolutely painless and quite fast.

    I’m talking about nitrogen asphixiation. Unlike other gases, there is absolutely no feeling of “choking” or suffociation – people who’ve been accidently exposed to nitrogen leaks report slipping into unconsciousness without even knowing there was a problem.

    Nitrogen is quite easy to obtain and in fact the easiest/best way is to get a few gallons of liquid nitrogen from a hospital or industrial supplier. One simply then gets into a small closed space and spills out the nitrogen. Even a small amount of liquid becomes an enormous amount of gas, which displaces all the oxygen in the room and renders you smoothly unconscious in seconds. As soon as someone opens a door, or over time, oxygen re-enters, leaving no trace and no danger. There is no toxic residue etc. for your loved ones to worry about.

    Look it up.

  • I have a spinal condition I’ve had my whole life. After multiple surgeries and an addiction to pain pills my new husband has decided to take control of my norco. The pain has become too much to bear and I’m an embarrassment to him and my 13 yo daughter. I don’t want to leave her but I cannot function anymore. I’m only 45 yo but can’t fathom another day laying on icepacks and missing all my babygirls activities. I’m DONE. I just want to go to heaven and be with my dad…. PAIN FREE!

  • im a 15 yr old girl suffering from depression weak immune system and often have extreme pain and im slowly loseing my hearing. my parents completely are forgetting me and i want to leave i have told cps but they just send me to counciling i wish this drug was avalible to every one so to thoes who are suffering like many people are from cancers they cant get rid of and to other things. i just wish i could get ahold of it so i can end everything. my family dosent love me thye all act like thye care but they dont. i just wish i could go to a place where im happy and not constantly in pain

  • What I can’t understand is that if the animal rights activists don’t squawk about putting pets to sleep ( because that squawk about everything else that is done to an animal ), then the religious activists can keep quiet about people putting themselves to sleep. We can have compassion enough to end our pet’s suffering, but we can’t have the same compassion for our fellow man? Now that doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • a painless comfortable end can also be had with a bag of charcoal and a small grill like a habachi–once the charcoal is burning clean it is giving off pure carbon monoxide–which accumulates and displaces oxygen–without the shortness of breath sensation–you go to sleep and die–period-no need for a trip outside the country leave a cautionary note for your discoverers and important papers bye bye–

  • again–people need to get the govt. out of regulating every aspect of their lives–if life has become unbearable–you have a RIGHT–indeed a DUTY to end it–before letting the medical industrial complex drain your estate and leave your loved ones in debt–nitrogen–carbon monoxide -pentabarbatol –all these plus many others are available–but if you FAIL with some disparate act–you have committed a CRIME-and added to your problems and enriched the vultures & lawyers who will gather around to feast on your paltry savings