10 Simply Awesome FireFox Addons for Better Amazon Shopping Experience!

FireFox addons for Amazon shoppingAmazon is the shopper maven. It has everything: low prices, huge variety of products types and manufactures, discounts and sales.

Therefore in preparation for the huge shopping season it may be a wise idea to learn to make the most of Amazon: find best tools to be able to brainstorm awesome gift ideas as well as save time and money.

Here are the 10 most useful Amazon addons for FireFox – if you are aware of any more, please comment!

1. Official Amazon Addon

The obvious way to start the list of Amazon FireFox addons is to list the official one. Add to Amazon Wish List is a nice tool that allows you to:

  • Quickly add any item from any website to your Amazon Wish List (it pre-fills the product details like name and pricing);
  • Easily access the search feature to look for Amazon customer reviews and discussions, products, Wish Lists and registries, and more

Amazon official addon

2. Amazon Search + Suggestions

This addon is one of the most usable and clutter-free out there: it installs a nice search field in your browser toolbar and enhances Amazon search with suggestions:

Amazon search

Besides, it provides a quick and easy way to change the target country you search in!

3. Track Prices

Do you want to buy something but waiting for the possible price drop? Price Drop is a shopping companion for Amazon: it adds a link to each product on Amazon offering you to track its price. If you enable tracking, you’ll get a notification if its price drops.

Addon Features:

  • Track Amazon products with one click of a mouse.
  • Check out your tracked product list you are tracking: click the drop icon, or the Tools->PriceDrop menu.

Amazon shopping addon

4. eBay Spy

eBay Spy is the fastest way and the most fun way to compare Amazon and eBay prices. Just launch it any time you on any product page at Amazon and see the related deals at eBay!

eBay Spy

5. The Camelizer

The Camelizer provides graphs of price changes over time of Amazon products. The chart loads when you view a product, appears on top of the page and is toggle-able (so it doesn’t get in your way).

The Camelizer also places a Track Product button on the product pages so that you can create a price watch on our site. These are used to receive alerts when prices drop on products you want, and you can receive these alerts via email, Twitter, and/or RSS feed.

Amazon price history charts

6. Amazon Button

This can be the great Amazon navigation assistant! The Amazon Button lets you:

  • Easily navigate popular amazon destinations (Sign in, My Cart, My Account)
  • Visually Browse best sellers/most gifted items (Best sellers, Most Gifted Items, Shakers and Movers)
  • Customize Menu Items (User can add up to three custom menu items)
  • Search Amazon using context menu (In the browser, highlight any text, right click, and choose “Search Amazon for ….”)
  • Custom Button Destination (User can customize the destination of the “main button” itself)

Amazon button

7. Amazon Sidebar Discount Search

This addon is by far the most fun way to find discounts in any category. Not sure what exactly you want to buy but feel like shopping today? Just choose the category and specify the discount amount. Optionally you can specify:

  • Keywords,
  • Min / Max price;
  • Shipping options and promos;
  • Sorting options:

Amazon discount search

8. Does Amazon Ship to …?

Does Amazon Ship to …? – this simply awesome addon lets you quickly check if the item can be shipped to your country or region.

Does Amazon Ship to ...?

9. PictureFox

PictureFox is Amazon product image gallery enhancer. It makes accessing and viewing high-resolution images easier and more fun:

  • High resolution pictures: no more “Zoom-Viewer” with ridiculous small viewing window. View high definition pictures (up to 6 Mega-Pixels) on many products without viewing restrictions!
  • All customer pictures in one fast gallery. No endless click-throughs!
  • Display of a larger preview image while hovering a product link / image.

Amazon image viewer

10. Amazon Assist

AmazonAssist is another official amazon addon that follows you around the web and connects you to Amazon whereever you are. It searches Amazon.com as you search the web and delivers product information to your browser when you need it. With it you can access product details, ratings and latest prices from anywhere on the web.

It displays the related results at the bottom of your browser. Hover over any of them to see the product details. For “Dell” search, for example, we get the list of Dell laptops with the price details:

Anything else to add to the list? Let’s make the collection better!

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  • This is an old article, but I thought it might help others if they were aware they no longer had to limit themselves to extensions that only have price history across one or two sites. Without the ability to comparison shop, you can’t be sure you’re getting a good deal. All you’ll be able to tell, is if you’re getting a good deal at the current store you’re looking at.

    PriceZombie resolves that issue and in addition to giving you price history charts across dozens of stores, it combines the items, so you can tell at a glance what the item sells for across many stores.