How to Get More Value for Your Money

We all want to get more value for our money but seldom have we thought about the best way to achieve that. Oliver’s Travels has made this easier for us by drawing an infographic which gives us a comparison between what we buy and what we could buy for a certain amount of money.

According to the infographic, we spend $46 on 1 week of subway meal deals which we can otherwise use to enjoy caviar at Olma caviar bar. Similarly, if we skip 3.5 months of Sky TV subscription, we can use that money to enjoy a champagne afternoon tea at Riltz Carlton Central Park. If you are a basketball fan, you can avoid 7 large domino’s pizzas which cost you $164 and buy 1 ticket for the NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden. If you fancy spending your time in a 5-Star Hotel in New York, all you have to do is avoid 50 Pints of lager.

And that’s not all! There is so much more into it.  Check the infographic for more details.

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