Gift Health This New Year!

As the New Year approaches most of us are caught up with buying gifts for loved ones and people who matter. Gifting is certainly not as easy as it seems. Finding appropriate gifts for a husband, wife, boss and friends is a huge task by itself, as it should be something the other person will actually use.

How about gifting them something that provides an inspiration to keep healthy?

What can be more motivating than cool tech exercise devices? They help people keep track of their progress and burn more calories. Just as with anything else, exercise depends on setting goals and tracking progress. Keeping tabs on the workout is very important.

Instead of giving sweets and chocolates that add to their weight and are bad for heath, the following devices will be great in helping your loved ones get a better workout and meet their fitness goals. They make wonderful and unusual gifts for the New Year.

Projie Training Companion

This 3.5 inch LCD device can be taken to the gym and used when working out. It has videos that show the perfect form for any sort of exercise. Even better, it works as a music player too. It has a receiver to read a heart rate strap wirelessly. If you are willing to make it a better gift, then you can splurge on a Wi-Fi, where workouts can be downloaded at anytime. This will make the perfect gift for people who keep traveling and frequent hotel gyms. It costs $299 for 512MB and $399 for 1GB with Wi-Fi.

Suunto t3

This is a watch that gives the user a real-time reading of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). The first one of its kind, this watch consists of a 5-point scale that uses the body’s vital signs to tell the person if the body is being over-exerted or under-exerted. If the reading shows 1, time to step up the treadmill speed. If it is 5, time to slow down. It tells the heart rate as well as the number of calories burned. This is wonderful because it is lighter than a normal Timex watch. It is priced at a very reasonable $199.

The Entertainer

Serious exercisers who are TV addicts understand how watching TV while exercising can be bad for exercise. But not anymore! The Entertainer uses this vice to fuel a workout. This device can be hanged from any cardio machine and a wireless chest strap beams the heart rate. If the user slows down too much, it acts as a remote control and decreases the volume of the TV. If the user gets lazy, it completely stops, making sure the TV addiction does not get the better of anyone.

Sharper Image Talking Pedometer

You will not have to worry about a drill sergeant berating the flabby love handles. This talking pedometer is quite polite to the user and simply voices the number of steps taken by the user as well as giving the distance. There is an in-built clock and alarm that has whacky tones. This is a lightweight device and weighs just 1 ounce and can be clipped to the waistband or shirt. It makes a beautiful but inexpensive gift at $19.95.

Cat Eye Micro Wireless CC-MC100W Bike Computer

If you know someone who is a cyclist, then this affordable device will make a wonderful and unique gift that they will surely love. This is a cyclometer that can be mounted to any bike frame easily. It is wireless and has a lot of features, such as an odometer, sleep mode, dual tire-size memory, auto-power save, auto as well as manual start and stop along with a bright backlight. This cyclometer measures the distance, speed and cycling cadence. It comes with a clock and alarm too. The cost is just $55.

Garmin Forerunner 305

A high-sensitive GPS sensor is crammed into this small device that is strapped over the inner part of the wrist that faces the sky when people go jogging. There is a chest strap that reads the heart rate, pace, speed, distance as well as calories burned. It may not come cheap at $376, but you certainly would want to gift something expensive to your boss or even to the love of your life.

If you are a regular gym person, do not assume that others are too. A survey shows that about 46 percent of Americans get little exercise. Exercise is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prevent obesity and other chronic diseases. These devices will help motivate people you love or are close to, to start exercising and start taking care of their health this New Year.

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