Having Fun When Searching for Products Online

Product searchDo you know that you don’t have to settle for traditional boring search when searching for products online? New technologies have brought with them new, exciting ways to search for anything and this has naturally affected the ecommerce sector.

So let’s have fun when searching for products online – this will allow for more gift ideas, inspiration and enjoyment:

Search Products by Color

Etsy, an online shop of handmade products, has developed color search for their own product database.

In fact, it offers two color search engines: one allows to pick colors randomly by browsing your mouse across the screen, the other one enables you to search by color and filter the search by a keyword:

Etsy - color search

Etsy - color search

Search Products by Similarity

Like.com is a visual product search engine that finds similar products by:

  • color;
  • shape;
  • pattern;
  • details.

Search results can be further refined by color, brand, style, and material.

Like.com visual search

PicitUp is another fun visual search engine that can return results based on:

  • Visual similarity;
  • Color;
  • Shape.

The search results can be also filtered by size, store, and price range. Unlike Like.com it appears to return fewer results:

picitup visual product search

Shopping Social Search

There are a number of social shopping tools out there, my favorite being Thisnext. It shows users’ ratings and also has quite a handy feature to “See more like this” – this means the tool will offer you to search more items like the one you liked based on the combination of tags and categories:

Thisnext Social Product Search

Post image by orangeacid

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