Hits of the Season?

It’s that time again! Fall premiers all over the televisions and with so many touting themselves as being the “hit of the season” it’s hard to know which ones will really hit and which ones will, well, miss. But as the first episodes run, it’s quickly becoming clear which shows are worth watching and which ones will probably just fade away.

Dirty Sexy Money
Dallas for the twenty-first century! The Darling family is fabulously wealthy and has more than enough troubles to go with that wonderful money. The family is completely dysfunctional and this season will contain plenty of scandals, scheming women (and men), a potential murder, a bad cover-up and one guy trying to clean up all the messes.

Finally a show that makes Geeks hot! Chuck makes $12 an hour fixing computers at the local computer retailer. But he also just happens to have all of the government’s secrets in his head. He’s swept into a life of action and mystery along with operatives and spies. It’s action-packed, it’s funny, and it makes you smile.

Gossip Girl
We all get to attend an exclusive private school in New York this season. The school houses the rich and soon-to-be-famous that could give Paris a run for her money. There is drama. There is angst. And there is one gossip girl who blogs about the comings and goings of her rather sexy classmates.

Bionic Woman
The seventies hit is back again, but this time with a deeper plot and a more believable personality in the main character. The story is dark and the bionic woman must learn to use her new abilities to battle a worthy adversary. This time around, the bionic woman’s foe is another bionic woman – the first who was scorned and now has a bone to pick.

Pushing Daisies
Thanks to great chemistry and attractive scenes, Pushing Daisies is the most attractive show this season. It’s quirky and fun. The show is a rather macabre sort of fairy tale with interesting characters and a whole new twist to television. It’s arresting and simply a joy to watch.

Ones to Skip
Every season there are shows that just don’t make the cut. This season you would do well to avoid:

Big Shots. It’s heavy and just off. A wife and girlfriend don’t become friends – especially not when they are supposedly competing for a rich CEO. And an entire plot focused on a transvestite hooker is best left to a bad talk show.

Cavemen. For a show based on commercials, it came out as well as could be expected, but trying to make it a show about race relations and everyone getting along makes it drag. There are too many good shows out there to worry about this one. Watch the commercials – they’re shorter.

Viva Laughlin. Televised karaoke never looked so bad. Characters sing along with old classic rock and new wave hits. And to top it off the murder mystery is just plain unoriginal. Move on.

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