Hot Trends for Fall

It’s September and that means that fall is officially here. It may still be sweltering outside, but stores are moving out summer merchandise to make room for the trends and collections suitable for autumn. Coincidently, now is the best time to go swimsuit shopping – you’re already tan and the suits are on sale. I can’t say the same for next April or May.

But swimwear aside, fall is about new fashion trends and accessories. Ever since our school days, the fall was the time to prepare for a new year. Designers release their latest drawings and trends are set. This year, fashion seems to be focused on comfortable style with a bit of flair.

Shoes are as hot as ever, but this season, the flat is still going strong. Flats are available in every color and style under the sun, and go well with almost any outfit. The Mary Jane – a variation on the flat or available in a heel is also trendy. Ankle boots have returned, and skinny jeans must be tucked into something, so tall boots are still going strong.

Casual shoes are easily distinguished from athletic shoes, although many lace up. Sneakers have taken a backseat to dock shoes or slide on varieties of rubber soled comfort. Distressed or colorful fabrics are a must-have. And we can’t forget high heels. The taller the heel, the better this year – and they had better be stiletto.

Clothing styles are beginning to pick up the animal prints, metallics and angles of years past. Leggings or skinny jeans are worn under angular tunics which can also be worn as a mini-dress. Wide leg jeans and tops that flow away from the midsection are in every store. Animal prints are tasteful and decorative. Jackets and bags especially are using the prints, but you’ll see the patterns on shirts and some pants as well.

The same can be said for metallics. Gold, silver and platinum appear in various places in the modern ensemble. While always suitable for evenings, the metallic materials are used in small or layering pieces with daywear as well. Metallic shoes compliment many outfits and a short tunic with metallic stilettos is essential club gear.

Other trends shown on runways and stores are chic menswear, femme fatale dresses and suiting and grey dresses.

Accessories have been essential to fashion for all time. This season, the ultimate accessory is a giant tote bag. Or, if the tote is too much, you can opt for a tiny clutch. Apparently purses should only come in two sizes this year – tiny or huge. Anything in-between is blasé.

And don’t forget your hat. Hats and headgear are popular this fall. Most of the headgear shown, however, is seasonless. It could be suitable for spring, fall or winter. In fact, seasonless dressing is one of the overall themes of the fall trends. Why bulk up for winter, when you can pull together pieces suitable year-round?

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