How to Reach the Huge Audience on Instagram

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With Internet users now spending more time using video and photo sharing apps than on any other activity including listening to music (according to a Flurry research study), it is essential that anyone wishing to reach the largest audience learn how to use Instagram.

Sharing videos and photos is the fastest growing App category
with 89% growth between July 2011 and March 2012.

Of all the video sharing apps, Instagram will be the clear leader because they were acquired by Facebook and have since hit 100 million users.

Instagram is a FREE Photo Sharing App

Both Google Android and Apple OS offer the free Instagram app: Google through their Google Play Store (formerly known as the Android Market) and Apple through their App Store.

Instagram’s best known feature is the ability to add filters to
make the photos you take with your smart phone unique.

Users join the Instragram community and share and interact as they might on any social network.  Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Foursquare all connect to Instagram.

Instagram Statigram Stats

Find out which of your photos are most popular and what the Instagram community lies best by using their own Statigram stats that allows you to manage your Instagram account on your PC.

How to Use Instagram

In this Future of Engagement video, Murray offers tips on how to effectively use Instagram:

Video Highlights:

  • Share photos you believe will interest the people you want to reach
  • Be sure to use tags on ALL of your photos so they can be found by subject
  • Adding a location to your photo tags can increase interest – and if you have a locally based business that is essential to connecting with your potential market.

None of us has time to waste, so if you’re serious about Instagram consider using Social Media Monitoring to set alerts and graph your activities so you can see what is worth spending more time on and what may not be working.

Alertis offers a  free Social Media Monitoring trial account and you can extend the usual 30 day trial to a full 90 days by entering the bonus code alertivideo when you sign up.

Between all the time your audience is spending sharing photos and the huge growth of smart phones – estimated to hit 2 billion users by 2015 – it is obvious this will be a huge audience you will want to reach.


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